Many adore flea markets, where in the middle of a pile of rubbish you can find a real treasure. And anyway, who does not like to buy useful, unusual and inexpensive items? With the development of the Internet, trade predictably began to move to the World Wide Web. In 1995 the American company eBay was founded. This is a system of online auctions, stores and instant payments.

eBay has its own payment system – PayPal. Today the company employs more than 15 thousand employees, the annual turnover is 9 billion dollars, while the company’s net profit is more than 2.4 billion dollars. Today, the company has branches all over the world, eBay itself does not limit itself to only trade.

For example, one of the company’s assets is Skype, bought for several billion dollars. Talking about eBay can be a long time, the only listing of unusual lots will take a lot of time. Plunge into the world of this huge auction store, the beginner inevitably encounters some myths, which we will try to dispel.


When we buy something on eBay, we buy it from eBay.

Thinking about eBay should be likened to the next section of thematic ads in the local newspaper. The newspaper itself does not sell the goods referred to in the article. So eBay does not sell all those goods that can be found on it. Sellers pay the auction commission for placing goods there and their descriptions. That’s why it’s so important to get acquainted with the terms of lot sale and guarantees for it when buying on eBay. After all, sellers are different, someone can be trusted, but someone is not. The rating of the seller will help in this, eBay gives an opportunity to estimate the number of successful transactions. The auction itself is essentially no liability for the product, its quality and performance is not.

The warranty for the goods is provided by eBay itself.

This is not true, because the auction itself does not sell anything, as it was mentioned above. Accordingly, there are no guarantees not only of the reliability of the goods, but even the accuracy of its description. Therefore, any buyer on eBay should be as alert as possible. Although eBay offers several types of money back, they usually only apply to items that were not at all what they wrote or were not sent. At the same time, the whole process takes such a long time and in the end it may not be allowed even in favor of the buyer. Therefore, the best protection for a beginner is the rejection of risky auctions and deals with sellers with low ratings.

100% protection of PayPal from unauthorized transactions means that the buyer is protected from loss along the way to the goods to him or the arrival is not what was expected.

In fact, 100% protection of PayPal applies only to unauthorized transactions. This restriction is directed to hide the security hole in the PayPal system, which makes it possible to fraudulently use a bank card. Transactions in which the seller misrepresents the description or does not deliver the goods at all, under such a guarantee do not fall.

Protecting buyers from PayPal gives all the security that is required.

In fact, the Buyer Protection system has more restrictions than the one offered with credit cards. This program was initiated by the payment system itself to encourage its users to make purchases through it, using their bank account. Such a system brings eBay companies more profit. In order to best protect your transactions, you should always use your credit card as a payment method for all transactions in PayPal.


If the seller has a positive rating of more than 98%, then he is trustworthy.

In fact, the rating system and its level is not an accurate indicator of the seller’s reliability on eBay. It is necessary to take into account many other factors. This is the number of unique positive and negative reviews, the number of neutral ratings, as well as the rating trends.Perhaps the seller received several consecutive negative feedback from their customers. In this case, its overall high rating is already not so significant, and it is worth to refuse cooperation with it.

If the eBay user has received a negative review, then he in turn will certainly leave the same opinion.

Indeed, there is a feedback technique in the system. In it there is a rather high probability that the one who received a negative evaluation will put the same in response. This phenomenon was called “negative feedback”. Those users who leave negative reviews have a risk of getting them back, even if they do not deserve it. That is why polite and trusted sellers have such a large percentage of positive feedback. They just prefer not to be stubborn, but to settle peacefully problems.

Neutral feedback does not matter, you only need to take into account positive or negative opinions.

The fact is that in accordance with the aforementioned effect, many buyers and sellers are simply reinsured and leave a neutral response. They are afraid to get a negative evaluation in return. This practice is quite common, so eBay itself recommends buyers to treat neutral reviews as if they were negative. Therefore, one should be cautious, leaving a neutral review for a successful transaction. If the purchase has brought satisfaction, it is better to leave a positive response.

eBay aggressively removes fraudulent or deceptive lots from its pages.

Let’s be frank, eBay itself earns money when the seller places his goods at the auction and especially when he is still being sold. This suggests that the marketplace has little incentive to remove the dubious goods from the list. After spending a lot of time searching eBay, a person will start to see those goods that are clearly falsified. In this case, search engines will help, which will prompt the true characteristics of the proposed lot and its approximate cost.

A seller with a zero rating or a beginner does not buy anything.

By and large this statement is true. However, this rule does not always work. For example, if an action is carried out and the PR of the sale is on the Internet or in the press, then few will look at the rating. On the other hand, an inexpensive, but rare, item, for example, can attract attention. Then the bets will be made, regardless of the zero in the reviews. It is worth noting that the lack of feedback at first will result in a low price for the product. This is a payment for risk. Similar lots from other verified sellers will cost more.


eBay is an American auction, delivering it to Russia will not work.

First of all, it should be noted that there are many national branches of eBay, where people from the same country are traded. For Germany this is ebay.de, but for Italy – ebay.it. Many sellers agree to send goods to other countries, indicating the price of it. In case even the parcel is only in the US, you can try to negotiate with the seller about sending to another country. Perhaps he will make concessions. And nobody canceled intermediaries, who can send a parcel to another country for a small fee. There is also a site global.ebay.com, on it you can find those goods that are available for sale and delivery in the specified country.

You can not pay for a lot from Russia or Ukraine.

PayPal does have a number of restrictions on working with clients from Russia or Ukraine. However, you can pay from our countries, you just need to register your payment card in the eBay payment system. Money for the purchase will be withdrawn and transferred to the seller’s account almost instantly.

The highest bid wins at the auction.

Often people make their maximum bid, and at the end of the auction they learn that a lot was won by someone who put out exactly the same amount.The system of trades is such that people, when making a bet, do not know the maximum size of it in others. Putting $ 100 for a lot you like, it may end up being the same amount that someone else put in earlier. The system will give him the preference in the end.

Sunday night is the best time for shopping.

Many believe that once in a while most auctions are closed, so it’s time to bargain. In fact, this is a mistake. The fact is that at this time there is a special excitement. As a result, you can buy an item more than it could be done on a typical day. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the growing traffic at this time, which slows down the servers. You can simply not make the right bid on time. Yes, and for sellers this time is not the best – because at the same time many competitive auctions are closed, the buyer may simply not have time to pay attention to this lot.

It is better for sales to have several different accounts.

Many create different accounts to work in different areas. From one are sold badges, on the other – technology, and from the third – underwear. This approach is erroneous. First of all, it should be noted that few people, viewing the pages of the auction, will carefully study what else the seller is trading. By the same trading from one account, there is an opportunity to quickly build a rating, bypassing highly specialized competitors.

Selling common items, posting their photos is optional.

Often sellers sin that they install in the description not real photos of their goods, but template ones. They believe that widespread goods do not need additional demonstration. In fact, this is not so. Pictures give the buyer confidence that they are buying, what kind of kit and the state of the goods. Practice shows that lots with detailed photos are sold much better and go at a higher price.


There are many more auctions on eBay than fixed lists.

eBay was founded more than 15 years ago for people and organizations wishing to sell their goods. In the early years, everyone realized that the most interesting and exciting way for all sales are auctions. For a long time, sellers gave their lots to those who offered the highest price. However eBay developed, and sellers more and more began to address to work with the fixed prices. Today, according to the company’s reports, about 60% of all goods are sold at a constant price. However, auctions should not disappear, because this format is very popular, it is loved by both sides of the trade.

eBay – a place where people sell each other every old rubbish.

Perhaps it was about 10 years ago. Today, eBay is the largest e-commerce market with sales of 62 billion dollars. There sells 25 million sellers, selling about 200 million goods a year. Thus it turns out that the “average” seller sells about 8 lots worth $ 2,000 per year. But in fact, many sell only 1 or 2 lots per year. So it turns out that today many transactions are carried out by professional online stores. Today eBay is a tasty place for multinational brands. There are less and less relations between consumers and more and more between business and the buyer.

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