(from the Greek kosmetike – the art of decorating) – the teaching about the means and methods for improving the appearance of a person. Cosmetic funds began to be used in ancient times. At first it was associated with cult rites, with the help of cosmetics, a warrior, a leader, was singled out. The prototype of modern cosmetics are creams or ointments, which were made from animal fat. The preparation of cosmetics was mainly done by the priests, whose recipes were kept in deep secrecy.

Cosmetics can be divided into hygienic, medical and decorative. The basic means of medical and hygienic cosmetics are various kinds of physiotherapy (massage, water, thermal procedures). They serve to protect the skin from the adverse effects of climatic factors. And in the medical are used medicines (hormones, vitamins). To means of decorative cosmetics it is possible to carry a powder, lipstick, ink, blush, shadows, varnishes and for hair. Cosmetic means must be checked in laboratories and clinics without fail, and only after permission of the relevant authorities can they fall on the shelves of specialized stores.

All women want to look great. To do this, they use cosmetics, which, in their opinion, can preserve the youth of the face and body longer. Myths about the use of cosmetics and their miraculous actions arose a very long time. Today we see a large amount of advertising, which promises to make the incredible with your appearance, when buying a product that is advertised. Let’s try to figure out which of the presented myths correspond to reality.

One of the most effective ways to treat acne is “pinpoint” treatment.

The time for the formation of the eel under the skin is about a week. While you will “pinpoint” treat pimples that are visible on the skin, you do not pay attention to those that appear in a few weeks. In order to prevent the appearance of blackheads or acne, doctors recommend to go through a comprehensive treatment that will help stop their further appearance.

Cosmetics stop the aging process.

To date, there are no tools that can completely rid yourself of wrinkles. Over time, the bones of the face become more dense, the amount of subcutaneous fat decreases, as a result of these changes the skin becomes more flabby. The use of a cream can not suspend these processes. The World Health Organization prohibits the inclusion of drugs in the composition of creams that really can at least somehow change the structure of the skin. In order to restore youth, it is not enough for you to use only cream, as they are not able to pull up the skin, and only surgical or cosmetic procedures can help you.

To preserve the youthfulness of the skin, you should start using wrinkle cream as soon as possible.

It is very fashionable to struggle with aging lately. So, according to analysts’ observations, not only women with mature skin, but also very young girls, use cosmetics to protect the skin from aging. Although cosmetologists believe that before the appearance of the first wrinkles, normal moisturizers with a UV filter are quite suitable. Means that are designed to fight aging skin, when applied to a young surface, are likely to cause irritation and allergies. This cosmetics stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in the body, for young skin this is fraught with the fact that it, under the influence of these external stimulants, can stop the independent production of these necessary substances.

In time, you will look like your mother.

There is an opinion that with age your skin will age like your mother’s skin. Certainly, genetics significantly affects the structure, type and color of the skin. But in the process of modifying your skin, not only genes play a role, but also how you care for it.Ultraviolet rays have the greatest influence on the skin, alcohol, unbalanced nutrition, smoking, insomnia also have a negative effect. The combined effect of the above factors leads to the appearance of new wrinkles, acne, changes in the structure of the skin, the appearance of pigmented spots.

Moisturizers should be used daily.

In fact, if you do not feel dryness and tightness of the facial skin, then apply a moisturizer is not necessary. It has not yet been proved that when using moisturizing cream, the skin remains young for longer and does not lose its shape. It is best to moisturize the skin not with the help of creams, but from nutria. To do this, you need to drink the amount of liquid necessary for the body. If your kidneys function normally, it is better to drink more water, the less. Creams and tonics only support the level of moisturizing, which already has skin.

It is advisable to use only time-tested funds.

Over time, your skin changes in texture and tone. And what helped your skin before, may just not work. With the regular use of one and the same remedy, the skin gets used to the ingredients that are contained in it, although it may not have quite the other ingredients.

It is advisable to choose all cosmetics from one manufacturer.

Any manufacturer willy-nilly pushes us to the idea that the maximum effect for solving various problems can be achieved only with the interaction of one line. But there are certain types of skin for which all products of one company may not be suitable. Therefore, any qualified cosmetician will say that there is nothing terrible in combining different cosmetics of different manufacturers. If only there was a positive effect!

If your skin is very sensitive to a new cosmetic remedy, then do not use it anymore.

If you react to one of the ingredients in one cosmetic composition, this does not mean that it will also react to another cosmetic formula. Many of the beneficial substances can cause irritation on the face. If you still decide to use a cream that contains substances that irritate your skin, apply it gradually so that the skin gets used to it. Apply the cream in small amounts and after three to four days.

Only dry skin needs moisturizing.

This is not true, and the reason for this myth is that people do not distinguish between terms. Dehydrated and dry skin are two different concepts. In water, you may need both dry and oily skin. And to the surprise, oily skin needs more water. When we clean the greasy skin from gloss, we simultaneously erase the protective layer, which helps maintain a normal moisture level. It is worth remembering that water and fat do not replace each other and, regardless of what type of skin you have, it needs moistening.

The easiest way to moisturize your skin is to rub it and sprinkle it with water.

It would seem that it can be easier? But in fact, sometimes this leads to the opposite result, since any water we use for washing has in its composition a large number of salts that settle on the surface of the skin. Help you can only “dermatological water”, which is produced in sprays, it moistens your skin, without any bad consequences for it.

There is nothing better to scrub the contaminated skin.

According to experts, it’s just the opposite. Nobody denies the benefits of using scrub, but it is recommended not to use it more than twice a week. This agent aggressively affects the skin, damaging the stratum corneum. Many women, trying to get rid of acne and fat, as well as improve the complexion, use a scrub daily, eventually achieving the wrong effect, which counted.With this effect, the skin, reacting to unnatural influence, tries to protect itself, producing even more corneous particles, which will lead to both a color disorder and uneven skin. Excessively cleaned pores face, deciding that the skin begins to drain, will begin to actively produce sebum, while constantly being in the expanded and clogged state. The safer use of scrub is to use it in special beauty salons, where, after the procedure, its use will be soothed and protected by special means. In this case, its protective layer will be restored. However, such skin cleansing is not recommended to be performed more than once a month.

Only using water can effectively cleanse the skin.

With a lightly irritating and sensitive skin, it is advisable to avoid the use of piped water, or to minimize it. But an alternative to water can always be found, especially since the modern cosmetics market offers a wide range of lotions and tonics that can be used by owners of very sensitive skin.

It is not allowed to carry out a mechanical cleaning of the face.

The main barrier to cleaning a person is the lack of necessary tools and equipment. In a specialized salon, the fight against pimples and skin contamination will be much more professional and effective. However, today the complex of professional cosmetics is freely sold including means for preparation, cleaning, decontamination and restoration of the skin, using them, it is possible to effectively clean the skin and at home. But the mere purchase of high-quality cosmetics does not mean success in this endeavor, if you are in doubt, you should turn to professionals.

From the facial massage stretches the skin, and wrinkles appear.

In order to really stretch the skin to anyone, even a high-quality masseur will have to exert maximum effort, violating the integrity of the tissues. Therefore, usually the actions of masseurs are aimed at tightening the skin, smoothing wrinkles and general improvement of blood circulation. Of course, you can fall into the hands of a bad specialist, therefore, after feeling the irritation or some unpleasant sensations, it is better to change the massage therapist.

Protein ice cubes are useful for the face.

One can not categorically disagree with this myth, but there are some disadvantages. Such procedures help to improve the condition of the skin, tone and soothe it. But you need to know the extent, when instead of pleasant sensations, you will feel the numbness of the skin, it means that you overdo it. Another disadvantage is that not all these procedures are useful. If you have erythrocarine or weak blood vessels, you should stop using ice to flush your face.

Solving any skin problem will help sea salt.

Some people think that a bath with the addition of sea salt can replace a so popular SPA procedure. The most effective way to deliver your skin pleasure is to go to the sea and dip into sea salt. To achieve a good effect at home, you must follow certain rules. The time of taking a bath with sea salt should not exceed 15 minutes, and the water temperature should match the temperature of your body. Recommended after taking such a bath, rinse under clean water, which will wash off the salt residue. Do not forget to moisturize the skin with a special cream or lotion.

Natural cosmetics are good for your skin.

This myth is aimed at that category of people who do not perceive any last scientific achievements. They prefer natural cosmetics and aspire to the forest. They believe that the less scientific achievements are used to grow this or that kind of plant, the better. But such people can be deceived with the help of advertising, which assures us of the naturalness and naturalness of the product.After all, under all beautiful names and contents it is nothing more than chemical nomenclature formulas, simply written in an accessible language.

Vaseline and castor oil are used to strengthen and grow eyelashes.

In fact, in vaseline and castor oil there are no ingredients that help to strengthen and grow eyelashes. The only useful effect that can give the above listed oils is so softness and shine. To achieve the effect of voluminous eyelashes, it is better to use specially designed for this quality mascara.

Using decorative cosmetics is harmful to your skin.

Applying makeup does not affect your skin condition, if you use high-quality, unexpired cosmetics. Healthy skin is not afraid of cosmetics, but how much the skin looks good in many respects depends on the hereditary factor, ecology, and, of course, age.

Eyebrows and eyelashes can be painted with the same color as hair.

Do not use paint that is used for dyeing hair, like eyebrows or eyelashes. There is a high probability of blindness, since hair dyes, unlike mascara and eyebrow pencils, do not test for safety for the eyes.

If the product we buy is written “tested by dermatologists” this means that the product can not cause allergic reactions or irritation.

This is not true, since anyone can be sure that when they created this product, the dermatologist was at the factory and followed this process. Be attentive to the products that you buy to care for your body.

If the tool says “not tested on animals,” it means that the product and its elements have not been tested on animals.

It’s possible that the product has not really been tested on animals, but its components have been tested. On the bottle can be written “not one animal has not suffered”, since the company did not test this tool on animals recently, but in the distant past they could be conducted.

Do not apply night cream, allow the skin to breathe freely during sleep.

Recently, it has been proven that the most effective results for the regenerative processes in the skin occur at night, which proves the need for a night cream. Before applying a night cream, you need to get rid of the accumulated all day on the face of dust, dirt and cosmetics. Especially your skin needs a night cream during the winter, when central heating batteries work in the room, which dry out the skin, and it needs additional moisturizing.

Any products that contain alcohol dry your skin.

Many who see in the composition of any cosmetic means of alcohol, believe that the product will dry the skin. But in fact, alcohol has a large number of areas where it can be applied. Hardly anyone knew that vitamins A and E belong to alcohol elements. Alcohol can have the functions of a solvent, an antioxidant.

Tonics for the face are completely unnecessary.

But it’s not, use a tonic preferably every day. They are suitable for everyone, regardless of skin type and should be applied after each face cleansing. It serves as the final element in the purification process. Tonic has such properties: it moisturizes, softens, tones up, soothes the skin, reduces the effect of hard water, restores the necessary pH balance. Do not forget to use a tonic not only for the face, but for the neck.

There are special creams that are able to get rid of cellulite forever.

But, unfortunately, for most women who suffer from this disease, such creams have not yet been invented. It is important to determine the stage of the disease. All anti-cellulite creams have only superficial effects and can only improve the skin condition. In modern beauty salons or in specialized clinics, weight reduction programs are now available.And they are really more effective than anti-cellulite creams. At the time of carrying out such a program, toxins, excess fluid, slags, and the structure of the skin are eliminated from the body. Unfortunately, there will be only one such procedure for the complete disappearance of unwanted kilograms.

The tonal cream dehydrates your skin.

Of course, this is not the case, because the fats that go into the foundation of tonal creams protect the skin from drying out. Also included in the composition of silicone and lipids protect the skin from external adverse factors.

There are no night and day creams – it’s just a clever trick of advertisers and marketers.

Night and daytime creams differ, above all, by the principles of impact, not just the color of the box. Daytime funds seek to protect the skin from external factors, the effect of night creams is more aimed at restoring and nourishing the skin when a person sleeps. At the same time, there is no weighty emphasis on skin protection, for example, from UV rays.

Skin quickly gets used to cosmetics, so for efficiency, you should periodically change the set of products.

This myth is only fair in part and only for creams with a hormonal basis, which, incidentally, are banned for use in Russia. Speaking about certified products, cosmetologists, on the contrary, follow the adherence to once chosen cream, in case its application is effective. The longer it takes to use it, the more weighty the effect will be.

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