Computer and vision

When working on a computer, we get most of the information visually. Therefore, the main burden falls on our eyes. It is thanks to them that we receive new information, review photos, read texts, watch videos. Of course, with prolonged work our eyes get tired. Because there were many myths about how to reduce eye fatigue from working with the computer and in general, the impact of computers on our eyesight. What is true, and what is fiction – we will understand.

If you buy a good LCD monitor, you do not have to worry about seeing.

This is partly true. LCD monitors really work in a more gentle for our eyes mode. But flicker is present on them. And this means that even if you can afford to buy a very expensive and high-quality LCD monitor, it is still necessary to take breaks in work every 5-7 minutes every hour. At this time, you can do exercises for the eyes: to lead them from side to side, in a circle, look alternately at a nearby object, and then – to a remote one. Such exercises will provide your eyes with a long life without glasses. If you already wear glasses, charging for the eyes will at least suspend further deterioration of vision. Well, if it’s hard for you to get yourself into this kind of exercise, just move forward, talk to your colleagues, give your eyes a breather.

If the screen is widescreen – the eyes will quickly become tired.

This is a myth. In fact, the visible horizontal zone for a person is more vertical, so the eyes get tired the same as when working with a conventional screen.

It’s better to work with a computer with a fluorescent lamp.

This is a common opinion. Most often, next to computers, we see the fluorescent tubes. But this is a mistake. In fact, the optimal “when working with a computer will be the usual” Ilyich’s light bulb. ” And it is best to arrange it on the ceiling.

The lamp should stand next to the computer.

This is partly true. But not just next to him, but to his left. With this arrangement of the lamp, the shadow from your hands will not fall on the keyboard. The location of the light source behind the monitor is also not allowed. In this case, the rays of light will strike directly into your eyes, and this is also harmful to our vision. In the event that the lamp can not be moved at all, try at least to make it shine up – this will at least somehow reduce the harm to your eyes.

It does not matter where to put the monitor.

Wrong. For example, if your monitor is located in front of a window, its surface will reflect reflections. Namely, they cause great harm to your eyes. Therefore, it is very important that the window (or other light source) is located to the left of your monitor. If this is not possible, the solution to the problem may be the purchase of an anti-glare screen. Also, you should not choose for the monitor “exotic” places – to bully him under the ceiling or hide under the table. Optimal position the monitor so that the eyes are in line with its center. But the distance to the monitor should be at least 50 cm (the length of the outstretched arm). If there are no problems with vision, the distance can be increased to 70 cm.

Nothing terrible will happen if you work a little at a computer in the dark.

This is also a myth. If you remember, even the school desks in Soviet times were painted in light green or light blue in color. This was done in order not to rub out the eyes with a sharp contrast between the white sheet of the notebook and the color of the desk. The same happens when working on a computer in complete darkness. The contrast between the bright light of the monitor screen and the darkness in the room causes our eyes to strain again and again. Eyes are looking at the dark keyboard, then on the bright screen, again on the keyboard. Such sharp transitions from light and shadow are capable of undermining the best vision, unless you have learned to print in a blind way. Surprising is another. New York scientists say that if you decide to watch a movie on a computer or read a book in the dark, it does not make your view worse.Your eyes will only feel tired after a while due to the excessive tension of the eye muscles. But this does not affect the sight.

Pregnant work on the computer can not.

This is an exaggeration. Computers of the last generation, indeed, were more harmful to pregnant women. But not for the reason that poorly affect the vision of future mothers, but because they had more radiation. Modern monitors have a little more radiation than a pocket calculator, and then only on the reverse side of the screen. Therefore, for today the danger from working with a computer for pregnant women consists only in the tension caused by the finding for a long time in a forced posture, and they have the same effect on the eyesight as for the rest of the people.

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