Common misconceptions of women

Women invented a lot of myths about a strong field, for example: “men should not cry,” “all men are womanizers (egoists, liars, scoundrels … – it’s necessary to emphasize),” and so on. Do not believe such statements! These are nothing more than stereotypes that engender a lot of misunderstandings between a man and a woman.

Common misconceptions of women

The way to the heart of a man lies through the stomach.

Perhaps, it was once relevant. But now only an absolutely hungry bachelor, interrupted by sausages, dumplings and fast food, will first of all fall into the culinary abilities of the lady. The rest are not so scrambled for borscht and dumplings, cooked with a caring female hand. No, of course, any man will be pleased if you make for him a sumptuous dinner or dinner. But all the same it is more important for him not a varied diet, but your attention. And even if it’s a simple scrambled eggs cooked with love, and not fried cuttlefish under an outlandish sauce, I assure you: he will still be happy. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend the whole day in the kitchen, trying to invent another culinary masterpiece, and then to fall into bed in bed because of total impotence. It is better to cook something less “energy intensive,” and reserve strength for something else. Suddenly to the heart of a man there will be found another way, besides the stomach?

Initiative should always come from a man.

Very controversial opinion. In those cases that relate to the relationship of a man and a woman, the first often are too timid and not always dare to make that very first step. Psychologists explain this by the fact that many men still have children’s complexes and fears. Remember how the boys we once liked in school, instead of confessing to us in their feelings, dragged us by braids or poured water, That’s why many men, despite their solid tummy, beard and elegant costume, remain in the shower the same notorious boys. Of course, they will not pull by the hair, but stutter, blush – pale and silent in the presence of the object of love – easily. What to do, you’ll have to become a little bit more daring. Just do not overreact the stick: excessive pressure from your side will throw it into a state of stupor, and then, it is possible, it will have to be poured with water to bring it to life.

Men do not know how to love. Only sex is important to them.

Of course, this is not so. According to psychologists, men even more often idealize love than ladies: almost 90% of men are sure that this magic feeling can last a lifetime. Women in this issue were great skeptics – only 75-80% believe in eternal love. And the man’s love of separation warms up, but female, on the contrary, it chills. So it turns out, a stronger sex is much more romantic than you and me! The women’s opinion that “men have only sex in their heads” is explained by the fact that the love experiences of men and women are different. Women often have love – friendship: a calm, warm and reliable feeling towards their chosen one (except for those hysterical persons whose love has become obsessive mania, obsession), men have love-passion, unthinkable without the physical possession of the object of love. Well, what can you do if we are differently arranged! But that’s why we are together …

Men appreciate in ladies, first of all external beauty, and only then everything else.

Do not drink water from the face, our ancestors believed and were right. Of course, men like pretty women, but it’s not necessary that they have a Greek profile, the figure of Venus and Artemis’s footsteps. According to sociological surveys, female beauty in the men’s priority list stands somewhere in the third place, giving way to sex appeal and charisma.So, dear ladies, instead of running to a cosmetician with a barely defined wrinkle, it’s better to try to become relaxed and direct (not to be confused with cheekiness), playful and mischievous (not to be confused with vulgarity and “confusion” in childhood), playful and ironic (not to be confused with sarcasm and malice). Then your chosen one will not change you for anyone!

A man likes when a woman is open and sincere.

And yes, and no. Openness is really appreciated by men, but everything is good in moderation. Those ladies who fling open before the man completely, talking about their “former” in detail, or complaining about the recent thrush, the strong sex does not really like. Or rather, runs away from them broken legs! After all, such “attacks” of excessive frankness will scare anyone. Therefore, remember the golden rule: it is better not to talk less than to talk! First, the superfluous will not blurt out, offending the partner. Secondly, you will remain for him, at least in part an unsolved mystery. And mystery is always intriguing.

The worse for men, the better they treat us.

The truth is there: the less a man we love, the more we like him. However, again, everything is fine in moderation! After all, not all men will like it if their chosen one constantly harasses them with their coldness, moods, jeers, arrogance, etc. According to experts, this behavior will appeal only to outspoken masochists or gentlemen who have extremely low self-esteem (the latter, considering in depth souls that do not deserve love are always drawn to the bitch, who harp on their nerves with or without reason). But there are a lot of such men who respect themselves and obviously do not suffer from masochism. And they just will not let the chosen one behave in a boorish way. So be careful: every member of the stronger sex needs his own approach!

In bed, men are “fixated” only on their own orgasm.

Perhaps not all men are sexually altruistic, but you will agree that such egoists are still a minority! Simply men usually “finish” before, leaving the partner extremely annoyed. But the reason for this is not male malignity, but the difference in physiology: by the time the man is at the peak of excitement, the lady is just getting into the taste. And to wait, when she “catches up” with him, he already often does not have the strength and patience. But if you wish, this annoying mistake of nature can be eliminated by increasing the time allotted for the prelude. So the opinion about male egoism in bed is clearly exaggerated!

Strong, self-assured men never complain about life and even more so – do not cry.

It is now difficult to say who invented this myth: men or women. But many members of the stronger sex took it too seriously, that’s why they are trying hard to match, creating the image of such a steep superman who never whines or gets upset. And about the fact that from his eyes rolled out an avaricious man’s tear, and there can be no talk! And very vain – doctors believe that the constant suppression of negative emotions is extremely harmful. From this, by the way, and heart attacks with strokes happen. And psychologists insist that moments of weakness are even necessary – it is critical situations that strengthen the inner strength of a person, help him to better understand himself. It is no coincidence that the sages say: “In weakness – our strength.” Therefore, if the partner wants to pour out his soul to you, do not blame him for weakness. In the end, sometimes you can act as a waistcoat or “try on” the role of the mother. If this is not repeated often, your relationship will only benefit from this.

A real man always knows exactly what he wants. Only the “nonsense” now and then rushes in confusion from side to side.

This is not true. A man is not a robot, living according to a clearly defined program, but a person. And for any person it is peculiar from time to time to doubt the correctness of how he acts.And according to psychologists, this is completely normal! And therefore, do not blame your chosen one for the fact that he is “timid mumbler, not a man”. Let him think carefully, weighing all the pros and cons, and only then he will make a decision. And if he asks, give him some wise advice. Suddenly useful?

Men are insensitive “biscuits”, not capable of deep experiences.

If you meet a couple of three egoists and ladies, do not need the rest of the stronger sex to fit one size. Perhaps, men do often look like “biscuits”, but inside they can be ravaged by a hurricane of emotions! It’s just that they carefully disguise it. After all, they taught him from childhood that he should show restraint and composure in any situation. So he lives, poor, in captivity of his own stereotypes. But in fact, men are sensitive and vulnerable. And conflict situations associated with betrayals, quarrels, are much harder than women. And instead of hanging labels on your chosen one, it’s better to try to find the key to his soul, so that all his “thick-skinnedness” collapses and he finally ventured to expose his feelings to you.

An agitated man can not control himself and is inclined to seek sex with violence.

Such justifications serve as the everyday justification for violence against women: what did you want, he was blinded by desire … In fact, they can control their excitement, let alone direct their behavior. True, interrupt excitement before reaching a natural discharge is not very desirable, but this is not the reason for violence. Sometimes a woman specifically provokes a partner for sexual activities, but suddenly stops him literally at the last moment before intercourse. Therefore, a woman should think: if you are not tuned for more, why did you bring the man to excessive excitement?

If a man’s sexual arousal does not end with ejaculation, he experiences pain in the genitals.

Not necessary. Everything depends on the strength and duration of the stimulation. In young and strong men, this condition can be after intimate obyaty in the entrance, and in the elderly, experienced, not too excitable, may never occur. In any case – this is a problem primarily men. Do not give up on the argument that your intransigence will lead to his illness. On the other hand, here the question arises: whether it was worth bringing a man to unpleasant sensations, if there was no intention to relax him?

Men need sex more than women.

No, it’s not. Indeed, for most men, sex is more important than for most women, but any options for combining the sexual needs of partners are possible. In addition, in many women, sexuality depends on the period of the menstrual cycle, and in men it is more constant.

A normal man is able to experience an orgasm with a partner even without her activity in bed.

Do not confuse orgasm and ejaculation! Yes, most men can get to physiological relaxation when communicating with a passive partner. But this will not be an emotional connection between a man and a woman and can lead to a break in relations. Sometimes a woman says: “What did he miss? I never refused. I lay myself and lay until he was satisfied.” And imagine that you are preparing food for the husband, and he will not take a look, and he will not praise – he will eat and silently leave from the table. How long will your patience last?

A man is impotent if he does not have a sufficient erection or accelerated ejaculation, or he can not bring his partner to orgasm.

What nonsense! Everyone has his own ups and downs, and even in bed – even more so. After all, the arousal of a man largely depends on the behavior of a woman. Her excitement, desire, help in intimate moments stimulate potency. And coldness and indifference discourage the most temperamental.On the contrary, if a man does not succeed in something, you need to support him, help him get excited, or look for other forms of intimate communication with him, which bring satisfaction to both of you.

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