Chupa Chups

In the middle of the last century in Barcelona, ​​the Spaniard Enrique Bernat inherited. Grandfather, a large entrepreneur, left him the company Granha Asturias. As soon as Enrique entered the course of the matter and led the enterprise to prosperity, he took an unexpected and fateful decision.

At that time the company produced about two hundred kinds of sweet products, it was decided to give them all in favor of just one – caramel. Such a difficult step was the result of purposeful research. It turned out that at that time no one at all produced caramel specifically for children.

Chupa Chups

The sweetness offered to Enrique was different from its competitors in that it could be eaten. Usually, after eating caramel, children get sticky hands. What did the kids do? Wiped palms on clothes. And the caramel, which was developed by Enrique, was placed on a stick. She could be sucked, as if holding a fork.

In this case, clothes would not get dirty. Initially, the wand was wooden, but then it began to make plastic. In addition, if you usually had caramel in the store for the seller, the new product was placed right in front of the cash register, where children could take it.

The new caramel was called “Chups” (from the word chupar – “suck”), it initially had only seven flavors: orange, strawberry, chocolate, mint, lemon, coffee with cream and strawberry with cream. With the growth of popularity, not only the volume of output was depleted, but new tastes also appeared. Caramel could no longer be sold in the previous modest wrapper, it took something original. After all, the product had to become recognizable.

Chupa Chups

For assistance, a resident of Barcelona applied in 1961 to his most famous compatriot, artist Salvador Dali. He did not think long over the request to paint something memorable. In just an hour, a sketch of a picture of chamomile Chupa Chups was created. In a slightly modified form, it is today the recognizable face of the brand. The new logo is just located not on the side of the candy, but on top. The first slogan of the product was “It’s round and long.”

By the time the bulk of the Chupa Chups sold was in Spain itself – 90%. However very soon the figure has seriously changed. As soon as Enrique realized that he had attacked the gold mine and his product was guaranteed success, the company Granha Asturias was renamed Chupa Chups. And in the late 1960s “Chupa Chups” came to a neighboring country, to France. There appeared the first foreign branch of the company together with the opening of the second factory in the Motherland.

In twenty years I already knew about the candy on my wand. Sweets were sold in America and Britain, Denmark, Japan and Portugal. In several countries there were offices and factories. It was “Chupa Chups” that became the first candy that visited the cosmos – in 1995 it was on the space station “Mir”.

Chupa Chups

And in 1991, caramel came to Russia. The first office was opened in St. Petersburg. Initially, it was planned to create only a representation of the company, but the popularity of the product was so great that in a couple of years a factory for the production of Chupa Chups appeared in the city on the Neva.

Today, the company produces no longer 7, but fifty flavors. The factories of the company employs more than two thousand employees, while caramel itself is available in 170 countries. The sales volume of sweet caramel is more than 400 million dollars.

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