The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is located on the western coast of the Pacific Ocean, in Central and East Asia.
It occupies the fourth place on the territorial basis after Russia, Canada and the USA, that is, the area of ​​the entire territory of the PRC is 9561 thousand square meters. km.


China ranks first among other countries in terms of population. There live over 1.3 billion people, most of whom are indigenous Chinese.

The capital of China is Beijing, the state language is Chinese, the monetary unit is yuan. Religious trends are mainly Co-fed and Buddhism, but there are also Muslims with Christians. Here is the highest mountain in the world – Everest (Jomolungma).

In China, there is an edible paper made from rice.

Paper is too strong. It will be more correct to say – rice noodles, which are rolled out with a thin sheet. In preparation, for example, small envelopes for minced meat are used.

When you make tea, try not to bring water to a boil, as the boiling water becomes spoiled for tea.

China is famous for its ancient tea traditions, and the Chinese are very proud of it. It is believed that in the boiling water are formed harmful to health chemical elements, so the ideal for tea is water, which only just appear small bubbles, and it is not boiling at full speed.

In each Chinese menu you can find a dish made from different animals (cats, dogs, birds, snakes, etc.).

Dogs are especially Chinese “do not indulge.” And then, not the Chinese, but the Koreans, since for Koreans, dishes from dogs are national dishes. In food, basically, they use puppies. And they explain this by saying that this food is very useful. At the expense of other animals – they can actually cook food from any living creature, and so skillfully that it will be difficult to distinguish between snake meat, for example, from chicken meat.


China is a poor country.

Controversial statement. With its giant skyscrapers and ultra-modern architectural design, skillfully combined with ancient buildings, China is not inferior to many “advanced” European countries.

случаи It is not uncommon for tourists to be robbed in China.

They have a law according to which for theft they can deprive a finger first, then – a brush, and then the whole hand. Therefore, it is unlikely that the Chinese will take such a risk.

All Chinese people have yellow skin and low growth.

This is an erroneous opinion. The skin color of the local population of China is not yellow at all, but tanned. And as for the growth, the average height of men there is 175 cm, and for women – 170 cm. With such indicators, it is difficult to call them short.

All Chinese have one person.

The same thing they can say, for example, about Russians or Japanese. In fact, every Chinese resident has his own individual appearance, you just need to take a closer look.

The Chinese are allowed to have only one child.

As sad as it may sound, this is a harsh truth. There is a law according to which at the birth of the second child, his parents will have to pay a huge penalty to the state, and they can be fired from their jobs. In addition, there will be problems with the arrangement of the baby in kindergarten and in school. If, nevertheless, the second child is born, in most cases it is given for adoption to foreigners.

In China, do not use forks.

A fork there is a rarity. Basically, they eat with special chopsticks, but they have to learn how to use them – it’s not an easy task. For those who are not able to do it, restaurants can still provide a fork.

Chinese women do not shine with beauty.

Well, why, there are also written beauties among this people! By the way, the appearance of any person of European appearance (“white”) from the Chinese causes laughter.


The Great Wall of China is located not only on land, but also goes into the ocean.

Or rather, not into the ocean, but in Bay Hai (the Gulf of the Yellow Sea).This unique structure in this place has been completely restored, but the main feature is that you can admire the view of the Wall, which was before the restoration.

The Great Wall of China is the only man-made object visible from outer space.

There are various variations of this statement, but they are all equally false. Astronauts can see from a low orbit a lot of objects created by man. For example, the Egyptian pyramids, or even the runways of major airports. In fact, to see the Chinese wall, not knowing exactly where it is, is much more difficult than many other objects. And it’s impossible to see the wall from the Moon.

If a Chinese is tired, he can easily lie down on the lawn grass or on the sidewalk to sleep.

As they say, naturally … They have a “quiet time” in the daytime, when everyone sleeps anywhere, in offices, in cafes, in fields. But after such a rest they work with great zeal and double energy.

The Chinese are terribly untidy people, they spit everywhere.

This is a nation that does not hold anything superfluous in itself. Therefore, even in a public place, they are considered in the order of things to spit, blow their nose, scratch the “indecent place” or even, sorry, release the gases. And they are absolutely not shy of their age and occupation, which do not correspond to this age index. For example, if an elderly Chinese man wants to launch a snake into the sky, he will certainly carry out this venture, and no one will say that he is crazy.


China is the most dangerous country in the world.

This state takes the sad first place in the number of deaths on the roads. For every 10,000 cars, there are 5 deaths, almost 2.5 times more than the world average.

From the Chinese, the figure “four” translates as “death.”

Quite right. Therefore, they do not like this number, and if it, for example, occurs in a phone number, then it costs less. They consider a lucky number to be the number “eight”. According to them, this figure brings good luck and success, and therefore the Chinese try to have the eight meeting them as often as possible (in the room of the car, at home, in the apartment).

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