Child cold

A cold is a common human disease. Everybody knows how to fight it and do not fear it. But for a child, a cold is much more dangerous. First of all, because the young organism fights disease worse. Yes, and parents begin to panic in search of new folk remedies, to try medicine. In this situation, myths about a child’s cold are born.

Child cold

All colds come from drafts, so in cooler weather it’s better to open the ventilator less often.

Viruses that cause colds, feel great in warm air, also stale. So in those rooms where there are a lot of people, and the window is closed, for them the most expanse. The simplest preventive tool in such cases is regular airing. Ideally, in general, the situation is considered when the child’s window is ajar all year round and 24 hours a day.

In order not to catch a cold, you have to keep your feet warm.

To effectively protect a child from colds, one has only to teach him to walk barefoot at home. The fact is that in the foot there are reflex zones, which are connected with the pharyngeal ring. Just for this very reason, the extreme hypothermia of the feet in damp or frosty weather can weaken the immunity and cause a cold. To walk a child, it is better not to wear many socks. After a violation of blood circulation will lead to the fact that the body is even more supercooled. If the baby’s feet are frozen or even wet on a walk, then they should be warmed in warm water. Then, rub it with a special warming balm and wear woolen socks. So that they do not prick, under them you can get thin ordinary socks.

All colds come from an increase in glands and adenoids.

They should be removed, then the child will stop being sick. Doctors say that palatine and pharyngeal tonsils play an important role in the human immune system. These organs protect the body from falling into various infections. If they are removed without obvious need, then the child not only will not get rid of colds, but also will become sick more seriously. In place of the common cold comes bronchitis, tonsillitis and sinusitis. That is why today tonsillitis is done only in the most acute cases.

For the prevention of colds, the baby needs to give a lot of fruit with vitamin C.

In fact, to protect the body from viruses, the child would have to eat several kilograms of citrus immediately. But such a bias in nutrition will lead to other problems. Much easier and more effective include in the diet infusion of dog rose, compote of green apples, fruit juice from cranberries or cowberries, legumes.

Child cold

To the baby does not breathe in cold air, we must close his mouth and nose with a scarf.

When air passes through the nasal cavity, it heats up to the required temperature. But wet and warm wool is an ideal environment for various viruses and bacteria. They need to take the last easy step to get into the nasopharynx.

When a child has a cold, you must make him blow his nose as often as possible.

Children usually have short passages between the nasopharynx and the ear. If you start intensively blowing your nose, it can lead to otitis. But that this does not happen, you need to regularly suck off the mucus with a special aspirator. Children’s same spout should be washed with a nasal spray based on thermal water.

It’s easy to get rid of a cold with the help of folk remedies.

Nobody denies the use of onions and garlic. But these funds are good only in the initial stages of the common cold. Do not forget also that this is besides allergens, which should be taken with caution. For children up to three years old, they are generally contraindicated in raw form. When babies are treated for ARVI, special medicines are used, which are allowed by age. These can be antiviral or homeopathic remedies. To avoid complications in the form of pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis and sinusitis, it is usually recommended to use nasal drops or vasoconstrictive sprays.

For colds, antibiotics should be given immediately to avoid complications.

The causative agents of the common cold are viruses, against which antibiotics are simply powerless. But a useful microflora such drugs will be destroyed, although it is precisely designed to withstand the infection. Antibiotics are also suitable for diseases that are caused by bacteria.

You can not swim a cold baby.

When a child is sick, toxins are released through his skin. If the baby does not bathe for a long time, then these harmful substances will be absorbed back, poisoning the body. This will only exacerbate the disease. So you can not only bathe a child, but you also need to. It is better to make a bath with sea salt, and a yarrow broth.

It’s better not to walk during illness.

It is worth knowing that in the fresh air breathing is activated, the blood circulates better and the lungs are ventilated. So if a baby feels relatively comfortable and does not have a temperature, then a walk is not only necessary, but even desirable. In the wheelchair, you can go for a walk up to a body temperature of 37.5 degrees. It is best for this exercise to choose a forest park zone, coniferous plantations. But from visiting children’s playgrounds it is better to refuse, so as not to infect other kids.

To cure a cold, you need a lot of heat.

In fact, during hypothermia, hypothermia is dangerous. However, overheating in this case is not needed. It is necessary to periodically ventilate the room and moisten it.

Child cold

If you catch a cold, you should drink hot drinks.

In fact, the benefits are dubious. After all, the hot liquid will irritate the already inflamed mucous membrane, worsening its condition. So that the sick child should drink warm drinks. Cowberry or cranberry divorced morses, broth of dogrose and children’s herbal teas will suit.

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