Care of car

The car has long ceased to be a luxury. This is a thing that many of us use every day. But in this mode it is easy to “drive” the car. And it’s not just the run, but also the non-coastal circulation. The car requires quality care, then it will last longer. Our simple but effective advice will help extend its service life.

Care of car

Periodicity of service.

This advice is very simple, but important. It is necessary to follow the periodicity, which is specified in the instruction manual of the car. This document also talks about the required volume of maintenance work on the car. It is important to conduct timely and quality service. It is relatively inexpensive and will take a little time, but can ultimately significantly extend the life of the car.

Engine oil for old cars.

For older cars, you should use a special motor oil, which is intended for cars with a solid mileage. Such a product has a higher viscosity, which makes it possible to compensate for gaps increased due to wear. There are additives that can normalize the work of the age engine.

Smooth driving.

Behind the wheel of a modern, and even a powerful car, you want to polyhachit. But you should drive as smoothly as possible, without sharp jerks, braking and turning. All these spectacular external actions shorten the built-in constructive resource of the units and aggregates of the machine. The car is yours, not someone’s, and the driving style directly affects its physical condition.


It is important to choose the right tires and use them correctly. This issue is relevant not only to safety, but also to the life of the suspension. The pressure in the wheels should be checked regularly, and the rubber should match the current season.

Term of repair work.

Do not tighten with the necessary repairs. Today the car is a complex and balanced car. One incorrectly working detail can pull a whole chain of far more serious problems.

Care of car


In idle mode, the engine will not work for a long time. Not only will it be trivial to waste motor life, so in itself the mode of the engine is harmful. At idle, the engine is not operating in the optimal mode. Modern machines often encounter a turbine engine. Then immediately after stopping the engine it is not worth jamming, but to give the turbine a couple of minutes to cool down.

Load on the motor.

If the engine is not warmed up and is not completely ready for full operation, it should not be loaded with speed or torque. Modern engines do not require warming up at idle, but you should not try to squeeze a maximum out of it until the operating temperature is reached. To drive the tachometer arrow from zero directly to the red zone is clearly not what the motor needs for a long life.

Type and grade of fuel.

The fuel for the machine must be taken as specified in the operating instructions. If it is a question of gasoline, then it is necessary to adhere to the recommended octane number. The machine will damage both low-octane fuel and fuel with high anti-knock properties. Refueling the same diesel car, you should pay attention to the seasonality of the diesel fuel. And the simplest and most general advice is not to refuel the car in dubious places that sell fuel of incomprehensible quality.


About magic additives and miraculous devices that improve engine performance, it is better to forget immediately. Such unscientific means will help unless to break the car ahead of time. The best option, if they do not work at all. But money for such money is spent.


The instructions clearly indicate the maximum permissible load weight. More of this should not be transported. If the saloon and trunk doors could close, this does not mean that the car can carry such gravity.A few hundred kilos, taken aboard above the norm, will quickly have an undesirable effect on the suspension, body and transmission. The engine will suffer less, but he will certainly not be systematically overloaded with health.

Care of car

Change of seasons.

To the onset of the new season, you must prepare the car in advance. And it’s not just in seasonal service in the form of replacing the necessary liquids. Some motorists prefer to cover the body with special protective compounds.

Storage location.

The machine must remain stationary in a dry, ventilated area where there is no direct access to the sun’s rays. If often operated car in the winter will be kept in a heated garage, this will significantly increase the risk of corrosion.

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