Care for jeans

Jeans are for millions of people the most beloved and popular casual wear. One of its advantages is strength. Jeans serve for years, but care for them is still required. Otherwise, your favorite pair can lose its appearance earlier than planned. Councils for the care of jeans, we will share in this article.

Care for jeans

When and how to wash jeans.

Some people know that jeans do not have to be washed every time after socks, but for others it’s a revelation. These trousers are quite strong and fabric, which, in fact, formed the basis for the popularity of such clothes all over the world. A wash jeans can only after 4-5 times socks. In fact, you can do this even less often, replacing washing with other cleaning methods. Those who do not like the change in shape and the fading of jeans after washing, you can advise a different strategy. A small contamination can be removed with a damp ordinary sponge, and do this every day. And before going to the shower near you can hang up and jeans, so that they steam out. General washing is better to arrange every six months, and to wash your pants is better not even in the washing machine, but the bathroom. This advice is slightly shocking, but real connoisseurs of such clothes use it, but vary the maximum operating time. When you wash your jeans in the bathroom you need water at room temperature and a mild detergent. In the case of dark pants, you can add a little white vinegar to the water. He will protect jeans from fading.

The washing process.

There are some general tips for doing this. First, you should read the label about the washing conditions. Jeans before this procedure should be turned inside out. For washing it is better to choose soft means. Water is needed cold or in the case of a soft room temperature, but this is for machine wash cases. It is best to wash the jeans in the bathroom, as mentioned above. If the jeans are dark, then an alternative may be dry cleaning. But you can not soak your pants, they also counter the water temperature above 40 degrees. After the end of washing, you can not squeeze the jeans. Do not repeat the washing procedure after the first wearing. Jeans calmly serve 4-5 sock, or even more.

Drying the jeans.

These pants are best dried in a horizontal position. You can do this by hanging your jeans with your feet up. If the dryer is used for these purposes, then the temperature should be set at a minimum. But this tool in the case of jeans is better not to use at all.

Ironing of jeans.

After finishing the drying, you do not need to turn out the jeans, you can iron on the inside. It’s best if the pants are slightly damp. On the iron it will be necessary to set a low temperature, you can also turn on the steaming mode. And some devices even have special modes especially for ironing jeans.

Care for jeans

The frost of jeans.

Some tips for caring for jeans can even shock, but these recommendations work, what is most important! Washing such pants can be avoided. After all, this gradually worsens their appearance. An excellent alternative in this case is the freezing of pants in the freezer.


Jeans serve their masters for several years. During this time a person’s figure can change, usually in the direction of increase. The mismatch between clothes and body jeans can be solved with the help of their stretching. Belt pants need to be wet and fill the volume with different items, gradually putting more and more new things in there.

Reducing the size.

Sometimes it happens that the size of jeans should, on the contrary, reduce. And there are even two ways to achieve the desired result. A washing machine or a hot tub can help. In the first case, you need to throw your pants into the stylalko and make it work at low speed and with cold water. Washing powder or other means for washing is not necessary. Then the device must be switched to the spin mode and dried pants. And in this situation, the drying machine will be already useful.And you can fill the tub with hot water and lie down there, right in your jeans! It is necessary to stay in this position until the water cools. But it is better to do this procedure carefully, it is important not to overdo it with temperature.

Search for the required outdated model.

Many people get used to a certain model of jeans, what a disappointment when it disappears from the sale. The manufacturer introduces new models to the market, removing old ones. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to buy a favorite product. It is necessary to read information and models of jeans on the inner label. Then you can find them online and purchase online. Stockpiles will be saved for a long time.

Zawned lightning.

There are some tips for the case of a lightning bolt. The usual graphite pencil will help in this case. They need to be carried along the zippers of the lightning. If this does not help, then it is worth trying lubricants: drip oil, soap, hygienic lipstick.

Lightning is not fixed from above and does not fasten to the end.

This problem is common and can lead to an awkward situation with unfastened fly. If you want to solve everything right here and now, without changing the lightning, then temporarily you can use the ring from the keys or key fob. The ring can be attached at one end to the tongue of the lightning, and the second to the upper button. The shirring will no longer be unbuttoned at the most unnecessary moment. But this option is, of course, temporary.

Care for jeans

Damage to lightning.

It happens that due to missing teeth, lightning can not be buttoned. It is better to change it if there is no tooth at the top. But if it is absent in the lower third, then complicated repairs can be avoided. The slider should be closed so that it is located above the site of damage. Then with a thread in the needle, you need to make a few stitches just above the damaged area. Another option is to remove a neatly damaged zipper and make a checked and simple button fastener instead.

Tear-off tongue.

The tongue can come off unnoticed, complicating the task of closing the zipper. In this case, it is better to resort to a temporary solution. The tab function can make a clip or all the same ring from the keys.

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