Car Filters

Automotive filters are needed to remove contaminants from process fluids and air. This allows you to extend the life of these units and assemblies. There are several types of filters in each machine. But they differ among themselves, including the price. Leaders in the production of such products are the companies MANN and Mahle (Knecht). They constantly conduct seminars, trying to debunk the basic myths about their products.

Car Filters

You can buy a cheap filter, because the paper manufacturers are the same.

It seems that the paper everywhere is the same, so why overpay? But after all, the same manufacturer produces different types of products. One paper is suitable for a toilet, and the other is as dense as cardboard. So why should there be a different situation in the case of filters? There are a really limited number of companies that manufacture materials for filters. But every large filter manufacturer has its own unique type of paper, which he orders. The wood, type and amount of synthetic fibers, chemical resin recipe, temperature and drying time, and so on are taken into account. It is generally agreed that the paper manufacturer does not have the right to supply this product to other competing filter manufacturers. At a fraction of cheap filters remain obsolete basic types of paper, which have to be used in all models. Such products are also offered for cars, where the initial requirements for the quality of filtration are increased.

It is better to purchase not German filters, but Polish, Korean or Chinese.

There is an opinion that the filters of the same company MANN-FILTER are unjustifiably expensive. In other countries, the labor force is much cheaper than in Germany, which causes a lower cost with comparable quality. In Europe, wages are indeed higher than in Asia. But the level of automation on the MANN-FILTERS conveyors is higher. Therefore, the cost of production is high not because of salaries of employees. They are almost out of production. One of MANN’s largest plants in Germany produces 520,000 filters per day. But Korean production in Russia, producing 70 thousand units of production, has twice the staff. The level of wages is clearly not 14 times higher. So the specific part of labor costs in the cost of the German filter is even smaller. A high cost of the product is achieved only through materials. In the MANN filter, more than 80% of the price falls on quality sources – steel, seals, filtered paper. Cheaper products are obtained through the use of poor-quality materials and old assembly technologies.

The oil filter should be selected the most qualitative, and the air filter – the easiest.

It is believed that all air filters are not particularly different between themselves and do not affect the operation of the car. The oil filter does play an important role, but in recent decades the value of the air filter has also grown. Now it was he who became the chief in the car. Machines are becoming more powerful, while the working volume of the engine is reduced. The engine depends on the air that gets into it. The air consumption depends on the engine power. Today, through an air filter is twice as large as 15-20 years ago. And the engine compartment itself was oversaturated with new elements and condensed, which markedly changed the location of the filter. Previously, he was in the depth of the motor and was led to a long pipeline, which additionally filtered the dust and moisture. In modern realities, the filter housing immediately takes over the entire flow of contaminants without preliminary cleaning. This turns out to be a heavy load. And the technology itself has gone ahead. The engine began to actively use aluminum alloys and silicon deposition. If air filters are not sufficiently effective, this will result in abrasion of the surface layer of the cylinder mirror. Repair of the cylinder block in modern design is impossible – it changes completely. All this eloquently speaks about the importance of using a quality air filter.

Car Filters

There is no point in purchasing an expensive air filter if the car is purchased for a year.

In this case, the purchase of a cheap filter carries an illusory profit. For the optimal combustion of fuel meets, among others, a mass flow sensor. It is designed initially to use a high-quality air filter, which will ensure the cleanliness of the device. A cheap analog will miss dirt particles that will be deposited on all elements of the air system. Heat transfer will be different, and the control unit will receive incorrect signals about the amount of incoming air. Experimental data indicate that fuel consumption will increase by 3-7%. If you take the average mileage of a car for a year of 20 thousand kilometers and a fuel consumption of 10 liters per 100 kilometers, then taking into account a deviation of only 3% will result in an overrun of 60 liters. Would not it be more profitable to buy a quality filter for 300-500 rubles?

It is not necessary to change the air filter during maintenance.

Many motorists prefer to blow the filter with compressed air by means of a compressor, believing that the product characteristics are restored in this way. But with such a blow, only large particles from the surface will be removed. Modern products also provide for deep filtration. In other words, most of the dirt is in the depth of the filter. There it binds with special resins, and no compressor can blow them out any more. The purge of the filter can only turn out to be visible purity, but the throughput will be low. This will affect the engine efficiency and fuel consumption.

The interior filter can be simply brushed or washed.

Similar ideas about savings apply to the salon filter. The modern machine is a closed space with a constant temperature inside. Thanks to the conditioner, in the same place moisture is collected – the best environment for the development of microorganisms. So the modern salon filter does not just purify the air of dust falling inside. This device provides the highest degree of filtration, here particles with a size of already 0.5 microns are retained, which is thinner than a hair 140 times. This allows you to delay viruses, pollen of plants. To achieve this level of filtration, electrostatics is used. Also in the cabin filters there is antibacterial impregnation, which prevents mold from appearing. The interior filter is made exclusively of synthetics, so as not to absorb moisture and not cause fogging. Over time, the salon filter loses its protective properties, so it is worth changing this element once a year, regardless of how much the car passed. Cheap products are usually deprived of impregnation and electrostatics, which determines their price. A washing of a good filter removes its dignity. Then at first the device itself, and then the salon will be covered with fungi, mold and microorganisms. A musty smell when turning on ventilation is an eloquent signal that the system is completely contaminated and must be cleaned completely with special chemical compounds.

You can achieve a good effect by replacing cheap filters frequently.

This is only partly true. You have to be sure that a cheap filter works just as quickly as it is expensive, but it just loses its properties faster. Usually the economical variant initially performs its work less qualitatively. Such filters can pass large particles, which leads to rapid wear and tear on the equipment or harms health. In other words, if every month to change the domestic car, it will not become a foreign car.

Car Filters

Reliable operation of the air filter is achieved due to its impregnation with oil.

There are manufacturers of original filters that use “wet” technology. But is there any sense in this if better filtration is achieved with the help of technology and so? Impregnation will help surface filtration. Even the smallest particles stick to the surface of the filter. It forms a continuous crust, but in the depths there will be nothing.Such filters work effectively under certain conditions. And even the “dry” filters in the depth of the layers use resins to bind the smallest particles. So oil impregnation is another technology, definitely not the best.

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