Bra. Breastfeeding clothes

The word bra comes from the German language, literally it means “supporting breast”. This underwear helps women to protect this part of the body, to keep the shape and move more actively.

Surprisingly, this seemingly simple thing, in the history of mankind, was invented several times. Even in antiquity, women wore bandages that supported the chest.

But bras as such were patented for the first time in France in 1889 by Ermini Cadol, then in 1891 and 1895 in Germany and finally in 1914 in the USA. For all time of existence bras have undergone many changes, recognized to improve their capabilities.

These devices went through a wave of emancipation, when they were simply burned, considering it to be the main attribute of gender inequality. Today, bras take an important place in the life of a modern woman.

There are several types of such a subject, there are constantly published some studies on the benefits of it or harm. We’ll figure it out with some myths about bras.

Perfection and breast health depends on the bra.

Many people make mistakes when they think that the beautiful breasts given by nature will always be of perfect form. Weight loss or age completeness, breastfeeding and hormonal changes affect the shape and size of the breast. In the life of every woman there comes a period when the breasts, even of small size, lose their former attractiveness. This is due to the age physiology, when the muscles of the body and chest have become not so strong and elastic. Not the least role is played by the laws of physics – the law of universal gravitation, because all living things aspire to the earth. With age, the breast can hang and take an unattractive shape. To cope with this problem and slow down this process and help properly selected bra.

The shape of the breast depends on the bra.

An incorrectly selected bra can provoke a sagging of the breast, even if it had an initially good shape. During exercise (fitness), the female breast is subjected to severe testing and this can lead to sagging and stretching. Therefore, women need a special sports bra for training, which does not just support, but even compresses the chest a little. Such a bra fixes it well, preventing jiggling when running and jumping. An alternative is sports t-shirts with extra breast support. In France, a group of scientists conducted a study – women involved in sports and fitness, it was suggested not to wear special bras for training. For this study, a group of 250 people was selected. All women made full measurements of breast parameters. A year later, repeated measurements were made, which showed that in most women after exercising, the muscles of the chest became more taut and looked younger. So every woman can act on her own.

All girls need to have bras of several sizes.

A bra of a certain size and design, the stiffness of the cups will sit differently on each girl. It depends on the shape of her breasts. The size of the bra can vary depending on its model. It is known that the parameters of the breast for each woman are cyclically changed. Every month in the premenstrual period and its course, the breast is poured and becomes more sensitive, so the constricting underwear causes discomfort. The size of the breast is affected by contraceptives. If you refuse to take oral contraceptives, your breasts may become smaller, and the bra will become large.

There are “invisible” bras.

Some women are not shy and like to flaunt their underwear. And in some cases there is a need to hide its presence. Designers of lingerie developed various versions of “invisible” or less noticeable bras. For women who have not too fluffy shapes, fit bustier bra bra.Bustier – a bra on bones with removable shoulder straps or without them, combined with a short corset (slightly short of a waist) from a dense fabric, stitched for stiffness with durable “bones”. Its purpose is to shape not only the chest, but also the entire upper part of the trunk. If the continuation of the bra does not fit tightly, it is no longer a bustier, but a bra combination. The cups of the bodice reveal the breast halfway to put on over the dress with a deep neckline opening the back.

The “second skin” model (second skin – English) is made of soft elastic fabric of corporal color, which gives the effect of the absence of a bra.

It is recommended to wear under translucent blouses and whether fitting blouses. “Delta bust” is not visible on the body, even in frank attire due to the fact that it is made of transparent thin viscose. At the same time, it keeps the breast well. The last word in the technology of production of underwear are seamless bras, providing the necessary support. Such bras are unusually convenient, because they are able to take the shape of the body under the influence of body temperature, creating the effect of a “second skin”. In many models of bras there is a change of straps for thinner, different shades or even silicone ones – which are transparent and barely visible on the background of the skin.

The bra can warm in the cold.

What the manufacturers of underwear do not invent to surprise us: they experiment with shapes and materials, flowers and compositions, supply underwear with all kinds of accessories, bulbs, gps-sensors and other high-tech gadgets and so on and so forth. In this fashion, the German company “WarmX” joined the “modernization”, which introduced a line of underwear with electric heating. It runs on batteries for two to five hours. Such underwear, capable of warming the cold winter evenings, is intended for both women and men. The company in the future is promised to produce other items of clothing, to which electricity will be supplied. The latest developments of designers are brassieres sewn from ecological fur, with a helium filler: it is placed for a few seconds in a microwave oven so that you can not be afraid of cold weather. So, probably, soon when buying clothes from you will require knowledge of electrical safety, and before changing it will need to be grounded.

“Clever” linen “tells” when you can have sex.

Industry every day offers us more and more models and forms of bras and moves in the direction of “smart”, if not talking clothes. There was a bra, changing color at the time of ovulation, thanks to the invention of the chemical industry, the fabric reacts to the composition of the sweat of the female body. This is a signal to action – attention, you can conceive a child! Another group of engineers developed a “smart” bra, equipped with heat-sensitive sensors that detect changes in body temperature with the slightest sexual arousal. In doing so, he automatically raises his chest, which looks even more seductive. As soon as the love heat falls, the breast regains its former shape.

Special bra for alcohol.

Flight fantasy for inventors is not limited. For fans of football matches in the United States, where the use of strong drinks in a public place is punishable by law, they came up with an “alkolifchik”. A favorite drink is poured into the calyx cavity to raise the mood. You can drink the drink through a tube removed from the armpit. The breast volume in such a bra is doubled, due to the capacity of a whole bottle of wine. So the benefits of this invention are double.

For a small chest a balconet is suitable.

Its name was given to this bra, due to the peculiarities of its design in the form of a practically flat, horizontal strip. In this bra, the breast is half immersed in cups, shaped like balconies.They are provided with bones, which allows them to support the breast well. These bras are usually combined with a deep neckline of the bodice of the dress, opening the chest and exposing the shoulders, like a decollete. This is facilitated by removable shoulder straps. If the dress has thin straps, then you can wear a bra with straps, but then they should be transparent. This bra has only one drawback – this linen really suits only the owners of a small bust, as it does not support a heavy chest.

Bra for men.

Japanese online store Washroom Washroom offered buyers a novelty – a male bra! And for two weeks from the beginning of sales it was sold about 300 copies of a bra at the price of 2900 yen (about 30 dollars). Externally, the bra looks like a woman’s zero size – with straps and a lock on her back and almost invisible under the clothes. There are three colors – white, black and pink. The appearance of such a “male” underwear caused a lot of controversy in Japan. According to the sellers, they receive letters from many men who say that they have long been waiting for the appearance of such “linen.” The other side of this invention is to help people suffering from gynecomastia. This disease manifests itself in a sudden and unprovoked increase in mammary glands in men. The inconveniences are purely aesthetic, which affect the male self-esteem. A bra for such men will help to hide this annoying lack of figure.

You can wear a bra no more than 12 hours.

Doctors of mammology recommend women not to abuse wearing a bra even if it is comfortable and well-sized. The mammary glands and the tender skin that surrounds them should rest. After a long day’s work, before going to bed, do a light breast massage.

When breastfeeding, you need a change of bras.

The amount of necessary linen is determined by your financial ability, but it is desirable to have a minimum of two. Especially in the first months of feeding, when the probability of pouring milk underwear is large. And staying in dirty and cola standing clothes will cause discomfort and not hygienic to the same. At the same time, after the end of breastfeeding your breasts will take the same size, and the need for this linen will disappear.

The perfect bra for a pregnant and lactating woman.

The ideal bra for a pregnant woman is a soft hygroscopic material (cotton or microfiber), it has good supporting ability and size regulation (between 3 and 5 and between 6 and 9 months, the breast increases by about 2 sizes). If you can not find a special bodice for expectant mothers, choose a model with wide doubled straps made of slightly stretchable fabric. For feeding, there are several options for unfastening designs: on straps (buttons), in front (hooks), on cups (zippers). If you buy this bra in advance, between the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy, take it at a larger size than you need at this moment. If you do not use a special bra during feeding your baby with a breast that supports the breast full of milk, then it is possible that it will hang and then you will not be able to return the shape of the breast without the help of a plastic surgeon after the birth. So do not miss this important moment, when you leave the maternity hospital and start caring for the baby – wear a bra all the time.

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