Book of Judgments.Mifs about the Book of Judgments

The Book of Fates is a collection of texts consisting of several chapters divided into questions and answers to them. From time immemorial this folio was used for fortune-telling. The authors of the Book of Judgments, according to legends, are the Sumerians – the people who settled in the 4th-3rd centuries. BC. e. Southern Mesopotamia, more precisely – the interfluve of the Tigris and the Euphrates (the south of modern Iraq). It is they who are credited with the invention of a wheel, a burnt brick, one of the most ancient writing systems – cuneiform, etc. Records made by the Sumerians on clay tablets, tried to understand and interpret the mystics, philosophers and scientists of different peoples who lived at different times.

Book of Judgments.Mifs about the Book of Judgments

Modern researchers claim that they not only deciphered the information stored in the Book of Fates, but also adapted the knowledge acquired to the modern calendar, as well as the sound of European and Asian names (in ancient times it was believed that in order to obtain an exhaustive and the exact answer, should have informed the Book of its full name and date of birth). Nowadays this method of divination, which is most often available in the online version, is very popular.

If the Answer of the Book of Judgments does not suit you – you should be persistent and ask the same question again.

Wrong opinion. In this (as well as in any other) form of fortune telling and not showing perseverance. The best solution is to go back to the Book of Fates after a while (preferably within a few days). Also, do not reject the answer that you do not like, or it gives birth to negative emotions (fear, anger, etc.). It is simply necessary to analyze the situation and develop an action plan taking into account the information received.

You can ask multiple questions in a single session in a single session.

Yes, it is. However, it should be noted that there must be different questions. The book is divided into 4 chapters:
– questions about love affairs;
– questions about enemies and friends;
– questions about the past, present and future;
– questions about the knowledge of oneself and the world.
For fortune telling to be successful, it is best to choose questions from different chapters of the Book.

One and the same question can be repeated only after 1-2 days.

This is not quite true. The ancient Sumerians believed that the fate of a person changes every 4 days. Our contemporaries, who were guessing with the Book of Fates, also assert that the answers to the same question are identical for 4 days. Therefore, the same question should not be repeated more than once in 4 days to ask the Book.

If the question you are interested in is not in the Book of Fates, you should refer to another kind of divination.

Not necessary. You can simply try to change the wording of the asked question and look for the most suitable one among the variants suggested in the Book.

For each question in the Book of Fate, a huge number of various answers have been prepared.

There are not so many options for answering questions – there are only 3990 answers in the Book of Forests (ie, for 21 variants of answers to each of 190 questions). And, for example, in the online version of this fortune-telling, 7 statements of answers to each question are programmed, of which the program randomly chooses one, and provides the user.

Using the Book of Foreclosures, you can learn how to act in a specific situation.

No, this kind of divination can only help a person to determine their attitude to this situation and its participants, point out some peculiarities of the circumstances, and recommend optimal life guidelines for a given period of time. But a specific answer to the question “what to do now?” from the Book of Fates to wait is not necessary.

This kind of divination allows you to learn only about the present state of things – the events of the past and the future will not be clarified.

This is not true. Answers of the Book of Judgments can help to realize the mistakes of the past, correctly formulate a strategy of behavior in the present, and also to predict the consequences of an action in the future. In this case there is no need to seek help from fortunetellers and sorcerers, among whom there are many charlatans.

There are several ways of guessing according to the Book of Destinies.

In ancient times, when the Book of Fates was a printed publication, it was really possible to use different ways of obtaining information. First, to find among the set of questions the most suitable in this situation and spontaneously choose one of the answers. Secondly – to ask your own question, and, at random opening the page of the book, read the first answer. In addition, in some cases, coins or pebbles were used to determine the number of the desired page or answer. However, nowadays, when the Book of Judgments is available to the overwhelming majority of people in the online version, they often use the first of the mentioned ways of guessing on it.

Fortune-telling by the Book of Fates is one of the simplest, therefore it does not matter what kind of knowledge a person has, and in what mood he is when he asks a question.

Awareness of a person is not really a prerequisite for a successful session, but the inner mood is sometimes crucial, as in all kinds of divination. Therefore, before turning to the Book of Destinies, it is first necessary to clear thoughts and calm feelings and emotions, and secondly – internally tune into the process of divination (skeptical people rarely benefit from turning to this method of fortune telling, however, like to any other), read a prayer (if you know). It is also necessary to properly prepare a place for divination: whenever possible ask the question alone, in a ventilated room. Well, if instead of incandescent lamps the room will be lit by the fire of candles or a fireplace, supplemented with aroma lamp or lit cigarettes (sandalwood, incense, myrrh, rose).

“The Book of Destinies” and “The Book of the Fates of Men and Angels” are one and the same.

No, these kinds of fortune telling have only one common feature: their invention is attributed to the Sumerians. But otherwise they are very different. In the first case we are talking about a book in which questions and answers to them are posted. A “Book of the Fates of Men and Angels” (originally known as the “Religion of the Stars” or “Matrix of Destiny”) refers to a completely different method of divination, deciphered and first applied in ancient Egypt, later found in Europe and preserved to this day by the efforts of secret magical orders of the West .

Guessing on the “Book of the Fates of Men and Angels” and conducted through the use of a deck of cards. They are arranged in a certain order (in the first row there are 3 maps, the so-called “sun charts” governing the world of people, in the next 7 rows there are 7 more cards), according to “people’s matrix” (for each date of birth there is an own matrix, and every year the human birth map changes its location, moving to another cell) and “angel matrices” (corresponding to the date of death of a person). And for the interpretation of the information received, the guesser must have deep knowledge in astrology, astronomy, physics, numerology and be able to correctly interpret the language of symbols. It is believed that a person who has studied the “Book of the Fates of Men and Angels” is able to comprehend the past, the present and the future, to make decisions correctly at crucial moments in life (in the most difficult cases, seeking advice and help to those who have already left this world), becomes the master space and time, etc.

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