Births. Myths about childbirth

Birth – a complex physiological process, the final pregnancy, accompanied by passage through the natural birth canal and separation from the mother’s body of the fetus, placenta and membranes.

You can learn about the beginning of childbirth by periodically recurring fights, which eventually increase and increase, thereby “pushing” the baby out.

Births. Myths about childbirth

Births are divided into three periods, each of which is responsible for a certain process. The first period is the longest, the cervical dilatation begins. The second period is the main one, here the baby is born directly. The third period is not as painful as the first two, and is characterized by the birth of the afterbirth.

The birth itself, if a woman gives birth for the first time, lasts, usually, from eight to eighteen hours. And further – reduced to five or six hours.

The birth is very painful.

Everything depends on the sensitivity threshold of each woman. For some women, the process of delivery does indeed go quite painfully, but there are also those who give birth easily and without much pain. In most cases, of course, childbirth is a painful process, but if you prepare yourself beforehand, this pain will become tolerable and will be forgotten as soon as a woman takes the baby in her arms. Very often pregnant women begin to “wind up” after listening to stories from friends that childbirth is painful, scary and terrible. And this psychological load greatly influences the subconsciousness, and as a result, the woman herself also intensifies the painful sensations. If you keep calm and sober thoughts (as far as possible in this situation), as well as learn in advance the basic methods of proper breathing during childbirth, everything will pass without unnecessary painful sensations.

Births start suddenly.

As a rule, two weeks before the birth of the pregnant woman, signs appear that precede the birth: abdominal pain, frequent urination, lower back pain, and even false bouts. However, the birth itself begins with fights, which gradually “gain momentum” and become stronger and longer. Many may lose their water – this is the surest sign that the birth has begun. But after this, do not rush headlong into the hospital, there is still time to pick up the bag and go quietly to the hospital, the first birth does not usually end quickly. If the waters have passed away from the woman giving birth to the second time, here it is necessary to hurry, the second birth for many pass swiftly.

After giving birth, the woman becomes even more attractive.

This is not a true statement. Of course, after giving birth, a woman tries to “catch up” – dresses in the clothes she wants, walks on high heels, changes her hair color every month … In general, she does what she could not do during pregnancy. However, this medal also has a second, not very attractive side, after birth there may appear stretch marks on the abdomen and chest, the stomach slips, and many begin to climb hair. Yes, and more. Having given birth, some women in general cease to follow their appearance, and this is understandable – the kid requires a lot of attention and therefore there is not much time for my mother. However, if desired, you can allocate at least half an hour to, for example, to put in order their marigolds or do gymnastics. Thanks to this, the woman will really look great, plus everything in her gait will be added to the grace, and in the eyes you can read “I’m Mom, and I’m Proud!”.

Births. Myths about childbirth

After birth, you can greatly recover.

Usually, during pregnancy a woman types from seven to fourteen kilograms. In the first month after childbirth, a protruding abdomen can still be seen, but soon everything falls into place. In addition, after delivery, it is recommended to wear a bandage, with the help of which the woman quickly acquires the old forms. But there are also women who, in the postpartum period, recover by several kilograms. This is explained by the fact that they cease to monitor their food and do not know the restrictions in food.In the first year after childbirth, it is advisable not to abuse products such as: sweets, buns, fatty foods, etc. Moreover, you should pay more attention to the menu in cases when a woman feeds a baby with a breast – after all, a child, in the first months of life, needs only healthy and vitamin-rich food.

Many women who have given birth have stretch marks on their stomachs.

To sozheleniem, it is. But it all depends on the woman herself, if you try to watch for yourself (for example, use special means from the appearance of stretch marks), then they may not be. By the way, stretch marks appear due to the fact that the weight increases dramatically and, accordingly, the skin is greatly stretched. Therefore, during pregnancy, you should not lose sight of your weight, you should make sure that the weight increases gradually.

Birth helps a woman to “renew” the body.

Controversial utterance. On the one hand, yes, the body is rebuilt, many notice that the skin looks better, the stomach does not hurt during “critical days”, etc. However, along with this, there are such unpleasant consequences as: hemorrhoids, uterine erosion, lack of calcium, back pain, and much more. Therefore, a woman after childbirth should, with double zeal, monitor her health.

You can die during childbirth.

This is a rare occurrence. Typically, deaths occur in cases where pregnancy was difficult or during the birth next to a woman there was no doctor.

In the process of childbirth, ruptures of the perineum may occur.

Yes, this trouble is very common. However, if you obey the midwife and pull yourself right, tears can be avoided. And sometimes doctors, so that a woman “does not tear”, themselves make a cut of the perineum, but this forced measure is applied only in exceptional cases.

Births begin exactly at the time set by the doctors.

Doctors can only determine the date of birth. Although, ultrasound is sometimes put and the right time. Here everything depends on how correctly the future mother will determine her first day of last menstruation, preceding pregnancy. Here from this number in the calculation and repulse. As a rule, there may be a plus or minus a couple of days from the prescribed term of the proposed delivery.

Births. Myths about childbirth

During the birth, the presence of the husband is allowed.

In the old days, a man was not allowed to give birth to his wife, since it was believed that he should not see his wife in such an “awkward” position. Now everything has changed, the husband can be present at the birth of the baby, in addition, the woman at this crucial moment is in great need of support. Therefore, nowadays it is very often heard from many married couples: “We gave birth together!”.

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