Biologically active additives. Myths about dietary supplements

Biologically active additives (BAA) – compositions of natural or biologically active substances identical to natural substances, intended for direct intake from food or introduction into food products, for the purpose of enriching the diet with individual food or biologically active substances and their complexes.

In our daily life, along with new, revolutionary medicines, methods of eradicating diseases included dietary supplements, or biologically active supplements. I must say that they immediately formed a mixed opinion, around the dietary supplements there are many rumors, rumors and rumors.

As a result, some people perceive dietary supplements and take them intensely, and some experience complete rejection. Like any myth, most of the opinions about additives have nothing to do with the actual effect of them on the human body. What, in fact, are dietary supplements – evil or salvation? Let’s consider the basic myths about them.

BAD is a medicine.

Many people ask themselves, what are dietary supplements – a medicine or a normal supplement to food, albeit active? From the point of view of the legislation in Russia, as in most other countries, dietary supplements belong to food. Additives are not used for the treatment of diseases and their diagnosis, in contrast to drugs, the main goal of dietary supplements is the maintenance of the necessary balance of substances in the body. For the most part, people refer to these remedies as “easy” drugs, as to non-traditional medicine. But this perception of dietary supplements is completely wrong, because they do not cure, but only help the body resist diseases and unfavorable factors. In themselves, supplements do not have a therapeutic effect, in this their fundamental differences. If dietary supplements have passed state registration, the regulatory authorities clearly determine the scope of its application. Usually it is defined as a source of substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Supplements are suitable for everyone, there are no contraindications to their use.

dietary supplements are an integral part of the diet, which is made taking into account the characteristics of the body, the well-being of a person. There are a number of food products that can have an adverse effect on the body, it can be observed in pregnancy, allergies, chronic diseases … Therefore, as in the planning of nutrition, the intake of dietary supplements should be taken also carefully. If the product is of high quality and the manufacturer assumes responsibility for its use, then on the label there should be warnings about contraindications for use. In Russia, during the state registration of the drug, contraindications and the safety of the use of such supplements are checked. Usually, doctors recommend that before applying BAA, you can still seek advice from specialists for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

If you take dietary supplements, then no disease will take.

In fact, the effect of dietary supplements on the body’s immune system is as effective as the right balanced diet with fresh quality foods. Both options help the body resist harmful influences. Whole classes of biologically active components are studied fairly well by the science of nutrition, no one denies their role for health. Only here, not everyone has the opportunity to include in the diet all the necessary components, experiencing an additional need for their reception. With the help of a daily 1-2 single intake of supplements, a person can make up for a deficiency of minerals, trace elements, polyunsaturated acids and other substances that provide protection for the body. However, we can not evaluate dietary supplements as an analogue of fortified vitamin preparations, since in those concentrations of vitamins exceed the body’s needs in dozens of times. The effect of vitamin treatment, as well as contraindications, requires clinical confirmation, but for BADs, the concentration of components is within reasonable limits.

Supplements can be prescribed only by doctors.

The choice of active additives lies in the competence of the person himself, unlike medicines, which require a prescription and appointment of a doctor. When choosing a product, one can be guided by the advice of specialists, including doctors, choosing trusted bona fide producers. It is recommended when buying to pay attention to the nature and purpose of unknown components, a decent seller or producer will always explain and give the necessary information.

dietary supplements are generally useless.

As a food supplement, dietary supplements help to balance the diet and enrich it with the necessary trace elements, minerals and vitamins. If the body is weakened, then from such supplements there will be an invaluable help in recovery from mental and physical exertion. Do not expect immediate effects from BAA, in order to feel the effect, a long and regular intake is necessary. Only after going through a multi-day course, it is possible to assess how much the organism has strengthened, then it is possible and to evaluate whether the dietary supplement has been “to taste”.

Taking dietary supplements can not eat anything else at all.

By definition, dietary supplements are not substitutes for food, but only additives to it. Nothing can replace that unique set of nutrients that nature has brought into its food. Modern technologies tend to maximize the composition of dietary supplements to the components of natural products, but their replacement is not the goal of the production of additives. For manufacturers, it is very important now to develop unique combinations of dietary supplements with a pronounced beneficial effect, which strengthen the food ration and cover the deficit caused by various negative factors.

dietary supplements contribute to weight loss, or vice versa – you can gain weight by using them.

Often dietary supplements are recommended as a means to normalize weight, but of the whole variety of additives, some of them intended for persons with weight fluctuations should be placed in a separate category. Today, the appointment of such products in the community has developed an ambiguous interpretation. Everywhere you can hear about the miraculous tablets, which help overnight to lose tens of kilograms of weight. But while patients are being led to such magical means, there are also charlatans. Naturally there are no drugs that allow you to suddenly lose weight or gain it without adverse reactions or disorders in the body due to a sharp violation of natural metabolism. Consequently, the “miracle” will quickly turn into negative consequences for the body, which can outweigh the weight of the dropped kilograms. This weight correction is a complex program, which must include diet, and dietary supplements and a complex of physical education. The choice of methods is also individual, depends on the characteristics of the body, health, psychological ultimately nuances. Any diet is for the body a kind of stress, in any such program, dietary supplements are designed to increase the number of necessary nutrients. Another group of dietary supplements helps to improve metabolism in the body, and the third group normalizes the work of the intestine. In any case, dietary supplements are considered only as part of the overall program for weight correction, and not as an independent tool.

Harmful to the body for dietary supplements.

Many are afraid of getting used to food additives, but not all is so scary. The ingredients used are approved by government agencies with the participation of industry institutions on the basis of international experience. Only products that are not dangerous to humans, including those that do not cause addiction, fall into the authorized list. Therefore, BAA, which complies with all regulations and has the relevant documents, can not be addictive to any of its components. High-quality dietary supplements can be used in the whole family, bringing only benefits.

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