Barcelona.Mifa about Barcelona

Barcelona is a real European pearl. This Spanish city is one of the main industrial and trade centers of the country. The population of Barcelona is about two million people, with tourists coming here more than seven million a year.

Barcelona.Mifa about Barcelona

People are attracted here by the unique spirit of the southern city, someone dreams to see where their great creations of Gaudi, Picasso, and Dalí created. In addition, one of the greatest football teams of the planet is based here. But the numerous visitors of the city expect from him sometimes not what he is able to show. Tourists live in myths about Barcelona, ​​which we will try to debunk.

In Barcelona you can see the true flamenco.

On the one hand, it really is. In the center of the old town there are several clubs where women in tight-fitting leotards perform fiery dances with the participation of musicians. But only flamenco is not part of the Catalan culture. It’s like trying to find in Seattle the best cheesecake in the world. In order to touch the real flamenco, you must go to the south – to Granada and Seville. Those who are looking for this show in Barcelona, ​​you should advise the institution Jazz Si, in the district of Raval. There are weekly shows there. Also in Barcelona there is a whole festival of flamenco De Cajon, where you can also see the true flamenco. In the search for something truly Catalan is worth paying attention to local music. Rumba Catalan or Catalan rock’n’roll in the club Sala Apolo will not leave anyone indifferent.

All the food here is sharp.

People think that the Catalan food and the Spanish have something in common – sharpness and spices. In fact, these kitchens are universal and certainly not worth comparing them with the Mexican. In addition to garlic, onion and pepper, other spices are rarely used. About Tabasco sauce and chili pepper in most dishes and speeches can not be. Red pepper replaces here Mexican sharp jalapenos. Spaniards often prepare red tomato bread. But only it is not as sharp as the Mexican analogue.

Barcelona is a beach city, and here everyone goes to a bikini.

One thing that good beaches in Barcelona do not involve walking around in bathing suits. For local residents it is even insulting to see tourists appearing in bars, restaurants and shops without shoes, shirts and even trousers. Especially often this happens in the area of ​​Barceloneta, as well as other places close to the sea. Spaniards can be quite lenient towards clothes and lifestyle, but the procedure for food intake is sacred. On the beach, many things are allowed, there are no nudists or nudes bothering anyone, but after leaving the beach it’s better to get dressed. You can also give good advice: go in sandals. It seems a good idea to come to the coastal hotel after a morning walk through the sand. But there is always the danger of stepping on the dog’s excrement, cigarette butt, trash, the remains of food. The sidewalk can look visually clean, but the soles of the feet will then tell the whole truth.

In Barcelona, ​​all are benevolent.

Local residents are not particularly inclined to contact random people in the subway, shops or even bars. People try to communicate in an already established circle of acquaintances. Nevertheless, do not be afraid to start a conversation with the townspeople. The fact that they do not initiate it does not mean that they are not open to a conversation with you. Do not wait for special friendliness in restaurants, waiters are not used to smiling at everyone. Service in Barcelona even earned a bad reputation for its quarrelsome, and sometimes even rudeness in customer service. It is worth remembering that even the left tip is not a significant part of the waiter’s income, so there is no need to wait for zeal. Barcelona is a big city, which leaves its imprint. Beyond its limits, in small towns, maintenance is generally better, and smiles are greater. On the other hand, here work until the last visitor, and no one will rush to leave the institution.

Barcelona.Mifa about Barcelona

Barcelona is part of Spain.

This is a moot point. Technically, it really is, Barcelona is officially a Spanish city.But do not look here national flags of this country. But everywhere here fluttered Catalan flags. This Spanish region has its own government and is struggling to separate from the rest of Iberia. Barcelona proudly consider themselves to be Catalans, not Spaniards. There is even a football team, composed mainly of players from local clubs and conducting so far only informal matches.

Everyone in Barcelona wants independence of Catalonia.

The media is constantly talking about the struggle of Catalonia for independence. In fact, this is a rather complicated and ambiguous question. The same referendum in Scotland in 2014 cooled the separatist movements in Europe. It turned out that not all ordinary citizens are ready to vote for the independence of their small homeland. Most people see independence as an opportunity to better control local taxes and, more importantly, to organize jobs. Today Spain has a high unemployment rate. Separatists are active not only in Catalonia, but also in the Basque Country, Galicia and even in Andalusia. And after the choice in 2011 of the Prime Minister of the Conservative, Mariano Rajoy, the question became even more urgent. By the way, this is a very good opportunity to talk with local people. We just need to ask them about their attitude to independence, and a heated conversation will begin. To this question, of course, no one is indifferent.

Barcelona is very expensive.

This is a very ambiguous question. Compared to the south of Spain, the city is really shocked by its prices, but here about Northern Europe everything here is inexpensive. Relative to Madrid, parity is maintained. Olive oil, wine and cheese are inexpensive, they are of excellent quality and in abundance. If you stick to local small restaurants, then the food certainly will not devastate the purse. And the food markets surprise with their fairy variety of goods at reasonable prices. In Barcelona, ​​there are many attractions where you need to buy a ticket. But is it to feel the spirit of the city to visit all the houses of Gaudi? Everything is relative and with prices in hotels. It is easy to spend more than $ 100 a night in a hotel in the city center. But there are many places around the city where prices for a room are not more than $ 70 per day.

In Barcelona, ​​everyone eats paella and drinks sangria.

On the famous street of La Rambla you can see many people who eat brightly yellow paella and drink it with sangria from a jug. But only they, certainly, are not popular. It is necessary to avoid such a tourist tradition. Sami people usually do not drink sangria. But the paella they prefer to enjoy in proven local restaurants, where the dish will be fresh, not frozen material that is prepared in tourist places. And it will be better not to order banal sangria, but to ask for a glass of wine in a local bar. Spain is famous for its white and red varieties of this delicious drink. It is worth trying and local sparkling wine, which is available and produced nearby, in Penedes.

In Barcelona, ​​a tourist has to pay for everything.

It turns out that you can comprehend this wonderful city and still save it. For example, in almost every bar, customers are offered tapas – free snacks. In Barcelona, ​​with the help of an invitation from promoters, you can get to any nightclub. Many museums have days when tourists are allowed free of charge, why not plan a trip with this in mind? On the beaches of Barcelona recently became a fashionable service for the free provision of books and sports equipment for rent. For the entrance to the parks and botanical gardens of the city will also not take money, and on Wednesday a free entrance to the famous Orte Maze. Free you can admire the singing fountains, art galleries, and the top of Mount Montjuic will be an excellent alternative to any paid viewing platform.

Barcelona.Mifa about Barcelona

You can call the city abbreviated as Barca.

The city itself is firmly associated with the eponymous football club, which is also called Barca. But for a settlement such a name is not applicable.Barcelona is Barcelona, ​​the abbreviated name simply does not exist.

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