This doll is the most famous in the last century. It continues to win the hearts of children in the present century. Barbie often changes, but the essence of her remains unchanged. It was always a beautiful doll, which not only does not lag behind fashion, but even in some ways it overtakes.

The toy is meanwhile rather ambiguous. Opponents Barbie reason about her wrong and unnatural proportions, that play with her is harmful. Numerous fans are happy to play with the doll, rejoicing and inspiring. And there are a lot of collectors of the famous brand products.


The “mother” of the famous brand was the American Ruth Handler. She, along with her husband Elliot in the mid-1940s, opened the firm “Mattel”. It was supposed that she would create frames for paintings. And the idea to create a doll in the form of an adult girl appeared in Ruth, when she noticed an interesting fact. It turned out that her daughter Barbara and her friends more like adult dolls than dolls-children. Who said that children like to play only in their mother’s daughters? It is so interesting to plunge into adulthood, putting yourself in the place of a beautiful and stylish woman who achieves success.

And those who call “Barbie” a childless toy are right. It really was created after the model of a doll designed for adults. Resting in Switzerland in the late 1950s, Ruth bought the rights to a doll, which became the prototype for Barbie. She became the comic book hero for adults, Lilly. The blonde girl had very curvy shapes. In America, Lilly’s design has been redesigned to make it more popular with children. In 1959, a new doll “Barbie” was introduced, which Ruth named after her daughter Barbara.

This toy appeared with dark hair, on the head the girl had a “ponytail”. In the ears of the doll there were pearl earrings, and on her feet were open sandals with a heel. Barbie was dressed in a black and striped swimsuit. With the help of television advertising, “Mattel” told the whole country about the new doll. Suddenly, there was a real boom in Barbie. Applications to the manufacturer received so much that they simply did not have time to satisfy. Little girls started to go crazy about Barbie. But many parents took the doll quite cool, there was an opinion that games with it can badly affect the child’s psyche.

The popularity of the doll grew at an unprecedented pace. In 1961, she had a boyfriend, Ken. He was named after his son Ruth Handler. And two years later, Barbie had a friend – Midge, in 1964, her sister – Skipper. Now in the world of Barbie is not one dozen friends and relatives. When it was announced the parting of the beauty and Ken, this caused a shock to all fans of the toy. By 1961, Barbie had become a real bestseller, becoming the main fashion doll of all time. She appeared at the right time, because it was during these years that the social role of women began to be reconsidered, people began to think about high fashion, falling in love with it.


I must say that the exterior of the doll did not remain unchanged. Designers constantly experimented with the length of the hair, their color. A very successful option was Barbie with hair to the heels – because girls are so fond of doing their dolls hairstyles. Gradually, the doll could make it more mobile. Her body parts have learned to bend and turn. This gave the opportunity to release Barbie, a bicyclist, sportswoman and dancer.

The manufacturer even let out a doll in height hardly in meter, as a result girls could try on even clothes from the toy. In 1964, the light saw a model that could open and close eyes. It is interesting that only in 1971 Barbie began to look before herself. Before that, she was flirting a little sideways, like her prototype, Lilly. Since 1959, the appearance of Barbie has changed dramatically only a few times, and in the late 90’s, the designers still gave the body and face of the doll natural proportions.

However, the history of the brand has not been without scandals.So, in 1993, the Barbie doll “Teen Talk” appeared on sale. She pronounced such controversial phrases as “Mathematics is very difficult”, “I like shopping”, “Will we have enough clothes?” And “Let’s have a pizza party”. Needless to say, the reaction of buyers was sharply negative. After all, the doll formed the image of a stupid empty girl, giving bad lessons of life values ​​playing with her.

Yes, and “pregnant Barbie” in some countries received bad reviews. Previously, the doll was accused of being only obsessed with clothes and entertainment, and now it was associated with puppet births. This process looks so soulless and mechanically that dulls that feeling of a miracle that is present in real life.

Despite all these difficulties, the brand “Barbie” has become recognizable all over the world. In the wake of the popularity of the manufacturer, the company “Mattel” produced its best doll in folk costumes, attached national features and even taught to speak different languages. Over the past 45 years of her life, the doll has been able to master many specialties – she visited a doctor and stewardess, a rock singer and business lady, a pilot, a teacher and even a politician! But most of all the children loved those Barbie, who repeated the appearance of superstars – Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor. Today, new idols are in fashion, that’s why the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings trilogy spawned a new collection of dolls series, representing the heroes of the fantasy epic Tolkien.

Today, Barbie is under the scrutiny of famous fashion houses. Since the mid-1980s, they have started producing collectible series of models of the famous doll, dressing it in the most luxurious toilets. In 1985, even an international exhibition took place, in which Barbie dressed in costumes from Pierre Cradin, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves-Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. Even today, the doll participates in the shows of famous couturiers – Bob Mackey, Blass, Zhivanshi. Fashion designers enjoy the glory of Barbie, even making it part of the accessories of their collections.


You can safely say that Barbie has become for several generations not just a toy, but a real symbol. Its meaning can be unraveled, knowing the attitude to the doll of her mistress. For someone, Barbie remains a cold sexual toy that does not inspire love, someone sees in her a thirst for consumption. Thousands of accessories and types of clothes for the doll are talking about this. A lot of those who adore this doll, considering it a model of beauty, inspiration for creativity.

However, there are those for whom the brand “Barbie” – an empty sound. But since the doll has been around for almost half a century, does it mean there is something unusual in it? Moreover, there are very real girls who even change their appearance, including with the help of plastic surgeons, just to be like their idol. Today the story of Barbie continues. Despite the fact that it constantly has strong competitors in world markets, hardly any other brand will be able to become such a legend.

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