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Bali is part of the Malay Archipelago as part of Indonesia. From the south it is washed by the Indian Ocean, and from the north by the Bali Sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean. The area of ​​the island is 5.6 thousand square kilometers, the length is 150 km from west to east and 80 from south to north.

There are about 3.3 million people on the island. The island became a tourist Mecca in times of hippies that flocked here from all over the world. However, then conditions for quality rest were few.

In the 1970s, Indonesia, together with the World Bank, began to promote the island of Bali as a major tourist center. After all, the island in addition to the bright equatorial nature, and had an interesting culture. Since then, Bali began to build mass objects for recreation, hotels, received development and luxury tourism.

However, the island is so far from us that rest on it is considered something bright, unforgettable. In fact, most of the information about Bali is just the myths of travel agencies attracting people.

Bali is a real paradise.

Such a statement is a provocation. First of all, it should be noted that everyone has their own paradise. However, there is an average scale. Usually paradise is a secluded place with a small beach and its own house, nearby are a lush jungle and a small affable village. Usually tourists expect this from Bali. Actually, it’s completely different. Bali appears as a large island, on which tourists and natives are teeming, something like an anthill. The locals are rather obtrusive and ugly. The terrain beyond the borders of residence is usually dirty and ugly. Many are literally shocked by the fact that there is so much rubbish, it seems even that it is not being taken out at all. As a result, there are so many flies that it’s rather uncomfortable to eat outside. Island Malaysia is like paradise much more. The most pleasant in Bali is Ubud, however, there is no sea. Purely and in Nusa Dua, but there are very high prices, and the place itself is boring and unnatural.

In Bali, a great sea.

Indeed, Bali, like an island, is surrounded on all sides by water. But swimming there is quite problematic. For example, in Chang, giant waves, which even do not recommend entering. Such people may like only fans of extreme sports, ordinary vacationers risk being smeared with a wave on the sand. In Kut, the waves are the same, in addition this place was chosen by surfers who do not give a quiet swim. The beaches themselves are full of numerous traders and beggars, which simply will not let them relax. So it is possible to swim fully only in the pool, where the water is not sea water, but chlorinated water. In Lovina and Candidasa, it will not be possible to swim with pleasure either – there the water is dirty and muddy, and the bottom is stony. The best beaches, perhaps, still in Nusa Dua, but there are strong tides. On the sand after them there are sea urchins and other inhabitants of the sea, so that water can not be passed without special footwear. Yes, and you can still get out alone in your own room. Also, the water is littered with debris and algae. The unwillingness of the islanders to equip their beaches can be understood, knowing that according to their beliefs in the ocean live evil spirits. So Bali is a place for divers and surfers, not for beach lovers who like to swim. Swim better go to Turkey or Phuket.

In Bali, you can get a good tan.

Many forget that the equator is close here. Therefore, more than half an hour in the sun, even with the most powerful sunscreen, is not recommended. Otherwise, the rest of the vacation will turn into torture from the red body. Therefore, to sunbathe and do not even try, giving this except that time from 8 to 10 am and from 16 to 18 pm. The sun rises here at 6, and the sunset is already at 18. Remember, burns here can be obtained, even being in the shade!

In Bali, everywhere there is an impeccable kitchen.

Experienced tourists recommend to try fish soup tom-yam, but it is best cooked in Ubud, where the sea is not. This dish almost reaches the culinary heights of Bangkok in Thai restaurants.In other cases, the quality of tom-yama is rather low, in Moscow they are better prepared. Fish and seafood are better prepared in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Changgu and Jimbaran. Very good in Bali tuna, octopus and shrimp. But oysters are extremely rare here. Meat is better prepared in Ubud, Candidasa and the mountainous areas of the island. Beef in its composition somewhat resembles the Australian, but a little tougher. As a result, while dining with the company, there will always be someone who is not satisfied with the dish. So it can be summed up – the kitchen of Bali is not something special, however it is not bad. At the same time, the steepness and prices of the restaurant do not always guarantee high-quality food. It often turns out that the cheapest and tasty dishes can be tasted in local eateries. However, there will have to face a cheap and neglected environment.

In Bali everything is cheap.

You can say that everything here is inexpensive, but not cheap at all. Of course, you can save by moving “bemo” on the local bus, but if you are ready to go, crouched in three deaths and inhaling aromas Aboriginal? Cheap holidays mean limited travel, accommodation in cheap rooms and poor food with unsanitary conditions. Worthy rest means spending at least $ 100-1500 a day for a couple. Local beer here is average, but costs about 2-2.5 dollars per bottle. Only to eat decently will already cost 10-15 dollars. In Thailand, food is cheaper – there you can dine for two for 6-10 dollars. And the cuisine there is more delicious and appetizing than in Bali. The most expensive meal here in the resort of Nusa Dua. You can eat outside the hotel, where he eats a whole block with restaurants. On average, a dinner for two will cost $ 70 minimum. Yes, and goods with souvenirs are quite expensive, although you can not bargain, but bring down the price 2-3 times, as in Turkey it does not work. And the vouchers at the height of the season are quite high.

The fruit of durian is popular in Bali.

It is said about him that his taste is simply divine, despite the unbearable smell. In addition, durian has the glory of an aphrodisiac. In fact, these statements are only partially incorrect. When a durian is torn fresh, he practically does not smell. But to try it there is no sense – just lick or chew, but spit it out. After all, the fruit has uninteresting taste, and the pulp is fibrous. Only after spending half a day in the sun, durian smell strongly begins, so little any sensible person comes into my head to try such a strange fruit. If to abstract from the unpleasant smell, then the taste is still not very pleasant, something similar to a custard. In addition, it has an unpleasant aftertaste that can last up to 5 hours.

It is in Bali that the best coffee in the world grows-loaq.

Exotica gives this beverage mind the fact that the forest walks animal civet, a cross between a fox and a cat, and eats Arabica berries. After that, local peasants collect coffee in the feces of the animal, wash, fry and sell to gourmets. In Bali, a cup of coffee costs about 25 dollars. But in the mountainous areas, where loach is produced, prices are ten times lower. However, coffee drinkers claim that such a high price is due not excellent taste (of which there are simply no), and the original technique of collecting grains that seduces travelers.

The people of Bali are friendly and pleasant.

Any tourist wants to be greeted with a smile and surrounded with love. In Bali, this is not entirely true. First of all, the streets have a lot of bad guys, unlike Thailand, where it is customary to monitor the purity of the body. And hard-working Aborigines call it hard. Most of them live poorly, spending time for chatter. Residents of Bali love holidays, dreaming of getting rich overnight. In their failures, it is customary to blame the government, the weather, China, and anyone else, but it’s difficult for them to get away from their home for them. However, among those. who work with tourists, the situation is somewhat different.

In Bali, beautiful hotels.

Sometimes there are reviews that housing in Bali is cheaper and more comfortable than in Thailand.And to book a hotel is better right on the spot. However, practice shows that more or less clean decent rooms are rented at a price of $ 40, and comfort, including the Internet, will cost twice as much. Decent numbers are better to book ahead of time, it will not be possible to bargain on the spot. Most of the hotels and gestos here are reminiscent of Soviet furniture, local furniture does not require much light. Pools are cleaned poorly, often limited to a handful of bleach. The rooms are usually cleaned by men, making it substandard. Towels are changed irregularly, while the situation is unable to change even the tip. In an expensive hotel situation is not much better – the same towels can be ragged and dirty. So a clean comfortable room with excellent service will cost at least $ 200.

There are many temples in Bali.

And this is the truth. One of the names of the island even sounds like “Island of ten thousand temples”. In each quarter or village there is a temple dedicated to this or that deity. Local residents make offerings to their gods three times a day, not only in the temples. Basket with gifts can be seen on the beach, near the entrance to the store, at the turn of the road. True, lazy residents do not bother cleaning up their gifts – all this “fragrant”, frightening tourists.

There are many Russians in Bali.

In fact, among tourists, Russians make up only a small part. Many here are Australians and Americans who like to ride the waves on a surfer. Bali is also a popular holiday destination among Indonesians themselves. Secured residents can afford to relax in the domestic resort.

The underwater world of Bali is poor.

If this were true, then the island would not attract so many divers. And corals, as is known, grow where the maximum number of sunlight and the warmest water. As a result – the richest underwater world, for familiarity with which is not always necessary and scuba.

In Bali, only passive rest is possible.

It is often mentioned that this resort is boring. However, Bali is interesting for a variety of reasons. Here is a very beautiful nature. It is strongly recommended to visit the Botanical Garden, located in the crater of the volcano, the temples of Oolun Danu and Tanah Lot, the interest is also presented by the volcano Batur. There are many tours around the island, which allow the traveler to get acquainted with the bright and original culture of Bali. Acquaintance with the animal world can be done with the help of excursions to the crocodile farm, the bird park and the monkey forest.

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