Of all the liquors, this one is called number one. A great drink with a creamy taste does not need additional recommendations. And created a wonderful drink of fresh cream and Irish whiskey, it is characterized by a delicate aroma and amazing tenderness. This drink with its softness and harmony won recognition throughout the world.


The world’s first creamy liqueur Baileys Irish Cream was created on November 26, 1974 near Dublin. And he appeared due to hard work and chance. Back in 1970, several talented romantics from Gilbey’s Wine and Spirits, along with their managing director David Dand, decided to create a new and unusual alcoholic beverage. It should not be very strong, tasty and certainly natural.

Irishman by origin, David Dund logically turned to those products that he loved in his homeland – Irish cream and Irish whiskey. David himself already had experience in creating and promoting alcoholic beverages, and the company had even small but own production facilities.

Together with colleagues, Dand began experimenting on the empty premises of his plant on Naas Road. At first, enthusiasts simply mixed two ingredients using a conventional mixer. It turned out delicious, but only the received liquid was not constant. And the cream quickly folded. The search for the necessary technology stretched for four years. It began to seem that this problem was simply not to be solved. Suddenly David was visited by an idea, after the finalization the necessary process was found. He was immediately patented.

So the testers were able to protect the unique whiskey mix with the cream. To taste was truly magical, they were also added chocolate, caramel, vanilla and sugar. David Dund has registered the company R @ A Bailey @ Co, which introduced a new Irish liquor to the whole world. The name of the drink also appeared by chance. They say that the so-called bar, where employees liked to go. Yes, and the very word “Bailey” was successfully associated with Ireland, it was simple and easy to remember.


The presentation was held in Dublin, in the Taylors Hall. Although the public came a lot, accustomed to strong drinks, the Irish quite coolly met a new drink with a creamy taste. But Dand did not stop it, and he began to promote his product on Irish pubs and shops. The drink did not like immediately, in the first year, 72 thousand bottles of the drink were sold. Only in 1978, presentations and tastings produced a result – the sales curve went up actively.

The way to create a liqueur is not enough that it is patented, so it is kept in the strictest secrecy. But thanks to the uniqueness of the recipe, the use of the newest equipment and strict quality control, the very best result is born. The production of Baileys is carried out using exclusively natural ingredients. This is the freshest cream, selected local whiskey, pure alcohol and natural flavors.

In the production of the drink it was possible to abandon the preservatives, however, the liqueur is stored longer than all the cream analogues – a year and a half. Baileys not only was born first, but it remained the most-most. Today, 80% of the market of creamy liqueurs belongs to Beiliss, the brand occupies a solid 12 place in sales of all alcoholic beverages in the world. It is said that 50 million of this creamy liqueur is sold annually.

And in 2005 the Baileys family was replenished with two new members – a liqueur with mint-chocolate flavor and creamy caramel appeared. This proposal was to the liking of fans of the classic version. That’s why Baileys is sold in more than 170 countries. Thanks to natural ingredients, the liqueur turned out to be very gentle, “warm” and sweet. It can be used either on its own, with ice or as a component for cocktails.

Baileys perfectly matches with coffee – the liquor not only replaces cream and sugar, but also gives the drink a rich flavor.Although they say that the drink is in bad harmony with tonic and citrus juices, this can be argued. In cocktails along with Baileys, also add vodka or rum, diluted with milk, cream, adding fruit. This liqueur is a part of the classic cocktail B-52, along with Kahlua and Cointreau.


I found myself a liquor and in cooking – it is added to ice cream, desserts with yogurt, used as flavors for pastries and cookies, sprinkle fruit salads with prunes and nuts. And let the doses used here are minimal, the memorable notes of Bailey will show themselves and turn their heads. The divine drink combines a creamy taste that recalls home warmth, and strong whiskey will tease, appeal to secret feelings.

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