Bachelorhood. Myths about bachelors

In the male environment there is a special layer – bachelors. For some, they are heroes, for others – losers, and for women – potential elected. In the meantime, in their status, they restrain natural natural instincts, which require living creatures to create a couple, their family. And public opinion, despite the millennial tradition, is also directed against these men.

Bachelorhood. Myths about bachelors

It’s hard to say what methods they use to preserve their status. Only a woman can enter into a secret, and even that, by marriage. However, this will inevitably lead to the death of the experimental. True, a new subject will be born – a married man. Like any other anomalous phenomenon, the life of bachelors is subject to discussion, covered with a lot of myths and legends.

Any unmarried man can be considered a bachelor.

The status of a bachelor is not the absence of a stamp in the passport, but a life credo. Therefore, for enrolling in a chosen cohort, it’s not enough to be just unmarried. Bachelors – this is a special group among the unmarried, the most distant from marriage and family. What do they stand out? The main thing for these men is a touching attitude towards their own way of life, with their own established habits, hobbies, attachments. Any mention of marriage for them is inappropriate and unpleasant. However, this is what attracts many women. Therefore, next to even the most hardened bachelor is usually pretenders, trying to involve the same man in the abyss of family life.

In society, bachelors have a low social rating.

Psychologists of women’s magazines and sites adore analyzing the behavior of this type of men, calling them socially immature. If we consider that marriage is the highest stage of relations, then the bachelors are truly inadequate. But usually, just acquiring a family, a person is deprived of the opportunity to fully engage in themselves. All his impulses and dreams are buried under a heap of family problems. Equality of spouses is often an invention and then one of them has to yield, trampling on their interests, sacrificing, in fact, part of their lives. For society, a man is a bachelor – a complex and irresolute subject. In general, the brake on the harmonious development of society. It would seem that life would blossom, if there were no such men! But this is not so! It is to male bachelors that a great many discoveries and social transformations belong. A weighty part of the world literature describes the adventures of single men and the misadventures of married men.

Bachelors in every possible way avoid women.

In addition to fear of women, bachelors are even credited with hatred of the beautiful sex. It seems that this myth was launched by the ladies themselves, who could not get a promising candidate. Probably, their desire was too obvious and intrusive. Such bachelor hunters really get around at a distance. Usually, bachelors communicate with women without any barriers. Without thinking about them as potential spouses, bachelors respect, above all, the personal qualities of women, without forgetting to give back to their beauty. But is it always possible for a legitimate spouse to demonstrate such a worthy attitude? The accusation of misogyny must also be treated with caution. This property is of a nature, not of a family status. Many of the sex maniacs were just in the life of faithful and caring husbands, of whom, and no one could think of anything bad.

Bachelors have problems with employment.

This myth was introduced not without the help of the state, to which lonely people were unprofitable. At one time in the USSR there was even a tax on childlessness. Propaganda presented the image of a man building a bright future, a wonderful family man, walking every morning with his wife to his native enterprise. The bachelor was considered to be poorly controlled, therefore representing a certain danger to the state. Today, such an opinion remained only with the long-standing personnel officers in state structures. Employers perfectly understand all the advantages of a bachelor – he can go immediately on a business trip or stay overtime.Yes, and the ladies of the “right” structures will build eyes on him. A family man of such advantages practically is deprived.

Bachelorhood. Myths about bachelors

Bachelors have a bunch of household problems.

Only in anecdotes does a bachelor appear unshaven, half-starved, eating canned food. His refrigerator is empty, and he himself walks around the house in his pajamas. In public, they are dented and untidy. Today, the image of a bachelor means his decent appearance. Developed household appliances easily allows him to organize household chores, he is even pleased that he is coping without outside help. A secured bachelor can afford and a servant cleaning his apartment. Although from wishing to help girlfriends (naturally with far-sighted plans) there is usually no release. The legend of poor nutrition just died under the weight of shelves with food in supermarkets. Nothing prevents a man from having lunch in a cafe or restaurant. If you want a homemade meal, then you can go on a visit, at least to some of the friends who have long dreamed of calling a bachelor guest.

A bachelor is deprived of a sexual life.

But this myth is cultivated by married men, in order to show their superiority. They think that bachelors can not make love when they want. In fact – just jealous. The situation is exactly the opposite. This married man is waiting for the moment of intimacy, when the wife will cease to hurt his head or when the children are out of the house. A normal bachelor usually has reserve options. Probability theory does not imply a simultaneous headache in all candidates from the notebook, and one of them and her husband for sure on a business trip. By the way, Ivan Ivanovich does not need to call his passions in this book to a bachelor. A married man, sometimes, makes love and without his own desire. But the bachelor can easily fend off the transparent hints of her friend, without fear of labels “impotent” or “bastards.”

The longevity of bachelors is shorter.

The bias of counting gave rise to this myth, because the bachelors include young people who simply did not have time to marry, which reduces the age index. Many researchers divorced men are also referred to as bachelors, but who will guarantee that their health is not undermined by family life and its stresses. How many years of their life did they take away the divorce? On the Internet, even a study appeared that proved that bachelors have a higher mortality rate than married ones. Although the logic suggests that mortality in both cases is the same – one hundred percent.

Bachelorhood. Myths about bachelors

Dying bachelor and to serve a glass of water there will be nobody.

This argument remains the last in a series of debunked myths. But is it worth it all the time to bear the cross of family life, against one’s will, for the sake of a single glass of ordinary water? By the way, doctors say that at these moments you just do not want to drink.

Any bachelor thinks about family. And this is just the truth. Despite the established image and established way of life, there are minutes when it’s cold outside and nobody’s home. And all friends celebrate something with family and children. And the bachelor will run a crazy idea – change everything. And he is very vulnerable at this moment.

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