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The topic of car theft rises in the press often. The disappearance of machines is discussed so often that one can not do without a whole series of myths and rumors.

Avtougony.Mifs about avtougonah

Naturally, most of them have nothing to do with reality. But the growth of such statements, which are meaningless, create a reduction in the number of real experts and experts in this matter. That’s why we need to debunk the most popular myths about auto racing.

To protect yourself from theft, it is enough to decorate your car with aerography.

This myth is firmly entrenched in the heads of our domestic motorists. It seems to them that if you just repaint the car for some exotic animal or put an image on it, it will automatically stop the criminals. People believe that airbrushing on the wing or hood itself sets the car on the background of other cars, which scares off the thief. In this case, it is enough to recall the well-known case when the Jaguar was stolen in Moscow, which had a very striking feature – aerography with Baba Yaga. This kidnapping seemed unusual, because it was believed that the coloring would stop the hijackers. Considering this case, it is worth noting that Baba Yaga turned out to be a bad talisman. She did not scare off the thieves, in spite of their dark origin in Russian fairy tales. Experts say that skilled hands can take off airbrushing all in a couple of hours. At the same time, there are no traces left. That is, there are no special external signs by which it will be possible to distinguish a car among similar ones. Therefore, you can not entertain yourself with the hope that aerography on the car will frighten the hijacker. It is notable to note that if this measure were effective, insurance companies would have already started to make discounts for the presence of such unusual drawings.

Cars are hijacked mostly at night.

Many drivers are calm for their personal transport, believing that in the afternoon no one will steal a car. In fact, this is a delusion. Recently, the number of daytime hijackings was almost equal to nighttime hijackings. The most common crimes occur in places of large traffic congestion, it is a question of parking near large shopping centers and offices. There is always a fuss that is an ideal situation for intruders. After all, in the crowd, it is easiest for them to remain unnoticed and to observe at the same time for potential prey. Often, car thieves have also helpers – pickpockets. In a large cluster of people, they easily get the car keys out of the pocket of the relaxed host. Then they are transferred to the hijacker and the deed is done!

To find a stolen car it is enough to hide a mobile phone in a secluded place.

Motorists believe that such a measure is both inexpensive and efficient. Why spend on sophisticated anti-theft systems, if you can hide inside the machine a simple mobile terminal that takes power in the on-board network. In the case of theft with the help of a mobile operator, you can determine where the machine is located. The signals of the base stations will help in this, it is enough just to contact the operator and quickly get an answer about the location of that phone. First of all, we must understand that the definition of coordinates using LBS, that is, base stations, has a much greater error than satellite navigation. Speaking about the declared, and not the actual parameters, it should be understood that they differ by at least an order of magnitude. It is much easier to search for a hidden car in a 10-meter radius than in 100. And after all, the distance between the towers of mobile communications is increasing in the city. This will further reduce the accuracy of the readings. As a result, the search for the coordinates of LBS simply loses its meaning. If you analyze the design features of such a solution, then there will be some serious moments. The fact is that conventional cell phones are designed to work in a very narrow range of temperature and humidity.The owner hardly prudently gets a highly specialized module of the Automotive or Military standard for solving the problems of machine safety. As a result, the device, being constantly under the influence of vibration and sense, will work in non-standard mode. Circuitry it will fail much earlier. Yes, and the battery itself in this mode will die much earlier than expected. After all, it is harmful for the unstable periods of discharge and the constant supply of charging current. In this mode, the battery life will be short-lived, and its failure will lead to unstable operation of the device itself. But he must always be “on the alert”. Thus, the choice of such a security system imposes on the motorist additional functions to maintain it in working order and constant verification.

Avtougony.Mifs about avtougonah

To fully protect yourself, it is better to resort to the services of several and necessarily expensive systems.

By equipping your car with anti-theft systems it is easy to slip into different extremes. Someone believes that the car in the day can not be protected at all, but someone believes that equipping it with several means will make the probability of hijacking zero. In fact, it is worth considering that many anti-theft systems use basically the same principles. And there are not many places in modern machines where you can connect such devices. So it turns out that there is simply no sense in installing duplicate devices. After all, this does not improve the overall protection of the whole complex. Speaking of the optimal version at the moment, it is necessary to include in the protection such functional blocks:

– burglar alarm, controlling the perimeter and external influences;

– anti-theft system, which is well hidden and protected from deception blocking. It should have reliable and decryptable control elements.

– the use of mechanical means of protection, acting in conjunction with electronic devices and complementing them;

– use of means for remote notification of a violation or subsequent search. They should be chosen taking into account the most possible type of danger – robbery, vandalism, theft or robbery.

And it is not so important whether this complex will be built on the basis of all systems of the same manufacturer or different. It is necessary that all the functional units work without conflicting with each other. Their interaction should only strengthen the protective properties of the entire system. And in this case the price of creating the complex will not be shocking at all, because the principle of reasonable sufficiency is observed.

In order to protect the car from theft, it is necessary to put it in the parking lot or in the garage.

Many believe that the garage with its hidden from extraneous contents, not only the house for the car from the weather, but also a means of hijacking. Another alternative can be a guarded parking lot. In fact, the garage does not stop the hijackers. Moreover, it can even contribute to the attacker. After all, in an enclosed space, a thief can quietly open a car and fight with protective equipment, without fear that someone will find it. And even parking with security can not give a 100% guarantee against theft. Practice says that such an obstacle by hijackers is quite easy. And often the administration of the parking lot is not responsible for theft.

There are some brands and models of machines that can not be hijacked in principle.

Many car owners are proud of themselves, seeing that their car is not in the ranking of the most stolen. If the car is not of Japanese manufacture (which is now popular among hijackers), this does not mean that it does not need an anti-theft system. It is likely that one day she will attract the attention of the thief, including her defenselessness. In their reports, the police often find quite unexpected hijacked models. Demand in the shadow market is absolutely for all brands and models. The statistics say that there are no unmounted machines at all. Simply, there are those who are more or less at risk of suffering from a thief.Do not forget about the human factor – any modern protection can be bypassed or disabled, if the owner himself is inattentive to compliance with safety rules.

If the car has a rusty body, it will not be stolen.

In fact, it is a mistake to think that hijackers pay attention only to new cars in perfect condition. After all, not always theft is carried out with the purpose of the subsequent resale of the whole car. Often, she is kidnapped in order to be disassembled for spare parts. This happens if the market, for example, there is a shortage of original spare parts. For example, the tragedy in Japan led to a sharp shortage of spare parts for cars of their production. The answer to this was the growth in the number of stolen, including old cars. The hijacker does not even look at the appearance of the car, it is much more important that there are valuable details inside. If they are in working order, then they can be used for another machine.

A panacea against hijackers will increase the sentence for their deeds.

Many believe that it is necessary to toughen the punishment of hijackers. But this initiative is not new, it has been discussed for several decades. Proposals to increase prison terms for theft or theft of vehicles are constantly appearing from car owners. But the fact is that the law does not have the ability to operate with conventions, half measures and alternatives. If you accept it, then as a result, behind the bars for a long time there will be a lot of people, including ordinary hooligans. And since the work of law enforcement bodies is far from perfect, real criminals will live on freedom.

There is some kind of superstructure, which gives a hundred percent guarantee against theft.

Today, no modern anti-theft device can absolutely guarantee the protection of your car. In Russia, hijackers are already so highly qualified that even the daily development and improvement of security systems leads to a slight lead over the criminals.

Avtougony.Mifs about avtougonah

If someone wants to steal a car, then nothing will stop it.

Although the previous myth seems to deprive hope of a perfect system, to give up and rely solely on luck is not worth it. Any machine needs not only a standard, but also an additional anti-theft system. And do not nod at the cost, age, condition or size of the vehicle. Each of them requires an individual solution that will take into account both the level of risk, and the conditions of operation, storage, and many other factors.

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