Charnock’s grandfather’s law.

You really start to swear only after you learn how to drive.

Vail’s law.

Your car consumes more gasoline and oil than any other.

The Phyllis Law.

Riding on four wheels – means more often to get stuck in inaccessible places.

The law of renting a car.

In any airport where there are several car rental agencies, other agencies will give customers cars earlier than yours.

Jeff’s law for cars rented.

When buying gasoline for a rental car, at the gas station, you will nine times out of ten approach the petrol pump with the wrong side where the gun is inserted.

Law of Lorentz for repair.

After your hands are covered with thick grease, your nose will start to itch unbearably.

The rule of Firmage for car repairs.

The fact that it is attached with just two bolts, is definitely located right behind what is fastened by eight.

Cusack’s observations.

On the driver’s side, the janitor always scratches the windshield more.


Most of the glass is worn at eye level.

Randall’s automobile law.

To ruin a tire as a result of driving with a broken wheel – this happens only the day after a cheap tire sale.

Rob’s mourning.

Once you find out in your city all the shortest car routes and secluded parking spaces, you will be transferred to another city.

Benedict’s law for high-speed bands.

As soon as you are going to change to the high-speed lane, the cars on the adjacent lanes add speed.

Horrible’s frightening thought.

Eighty percent of all people consider themselves to be above average drivers.

Wexford’s Law.

In a family where there are two cars, the wife always drives the smaller of the cars.

The exception of Berries.

If the husband took it into his head to acquire a giant SUV, he would have to travel to his wife for the whole week.

Rennie’s law for public transport.

If you decide to go on foot, the bus will come at a time when you are exactly halfway between stops.

Rule of Rita.

That one time, when you do not throw money into a counter installed in a paid parking lot, will coincide in time with the only one-day visit of this counter by a female supervisor.

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