Aquarium. Myths about the aquarium

Until recently there was a time when most of the people could only observe the inhabitants of the sea depths with the help of a television set. The very idea of ​​keeping a home aquarium seemed fabulous.

Aquarium. Myths about the aquarium

However, in the 20th century not only did science and technology jump, but the possibility of keeping aquariums at home. Today, anyone can equip the aquarium at home, filling it up to their taste and desire. However, many are deterred by numerous myths about the contents of the aquarium, which represent this occupation extremely difficult. So let’s try to figure out where the truth is, and where – the lie.

Aquarium is an expensive treat.

Many people would like to have an aquarium at home, which will be a part of nature in the city interior, and would be willing to spend between 100-200 dollars. However, often people are deterred by the fact that the aquarium should regularly burn light, usually for 10-12 hours a day, and filters and a heater should generally work around the clock. Immediately there is a frightening thought of a large expenditure on electricity. In fact, spending is not so terrible. Lighting usually uses economical fluorescent lamps with a power of 15-20 watts, and the power of all equipment serving the aquarium usually does not exceed 200 watts. This figure is much less than the power of a home computer. So the average cost of electricity is usually up to $ 5 per month.

The aquarium is a difficult exercise.

Another myth that deter people from buying an aquarium is the complexity of its maintenance. It is believed that the aquarium needs constant painstaking care – change the water, unload plants and fish, wash the glass, then load everything back … In fact, the aquarium can be considered an established biosystem. The main thing is to run it, so that the equilibrium necessary for a living environment is established. Usually the subsequent care consists in feeding the fish, and, as practice shows, this activity is extremely interesting, therefore, usually overfeeding of fish is observed, rather than their underfeeding. Another measure of care will be a periodic change of water to a regular tap – usually 10 to 30% of the fluid changes once a week. To the contents of the aquarium should be prepared in advance, after reading a good book on aquarium, following all the recommendations. Following them, you quickly make sure that creating a beautiful corner of the underwater world is not difficult.

First you need to buy a small aquarium.

Often you can hear advice that you can learn aquarium art by the example of a small aquarium, since caring for it is much easier. Having learned the necessary actions, you can already acquire an aquarium more. In fact, a small amount of water leads to significant fluctuations in its parameters, which is critical for the inhabitants of the aquarium, which can die from changes. In practice, it has been studied that a stable biobalance occurs in designs with a volume of 100 liters. Of course, an aquarium with a volume of more than 200 liters requires much greater care efforts, so with certainty it can be said that for a home aquarium the best choice will be a volume of 100-200 liters. And do not be afraid of big numbers, because the size of 70 * 40 * 40cm is already 112 liters. Any table or curbstone will take up more space, so it is usually easy to place a small aquarium.

In order to make the first start of the marine aquarium it is necessary to wait about six weeks, since the biological filter must enter the operating mode.

Today’s methods of launching new aquariums allow the formation of microflora within a week. This time is enough to grow, for example, the culture of unitobacteria.

To reduce the amount of nitrate in the aquarium, you need to replace water. This is the only option.

In fact, there are several such methods, some of them are aimed not only at reducing the concentration of nitrates in water, but also hinder their further appearance. All these actions can be carried out without changing the water.

Aquarium. Myths about the aquarium

In the reef basin, the ideal temperature is 25 degrees.

In the reef basin, corals are used, which were brought from the warm waters of the ocean, the usual ambient temperature for them is 25 to 29 degrees. So do not limit the temperature threshold for such a pool.

Increasing the level of nitrates in water has an extremely negative effect on fish-surgeons who are sensitive to such changes.

In fact, surgeons have the same sensitivity to nitrates as other coral fish. Therefore, they are not afraid of prolonged repeated violations in the level of nitrates in the water.

If an attempt to reduce the content of nitrates dramatically change the chemical composition of the aquatic environment, the inhabitants of the aquarium will be adversely affected.

The fact is that the composition of water, its salt content, its pH, temperature and density never occur abruptly. But reducing the level of nitrates will have a positive effect on the inhabitants of the aquarium, as well as improve the positive qualities of the aquatic environment.

In a reef aquarium, in no case is it possible to colonize shrimp, since they can kill fish.

The main function of shrimp in a reef aquarium is to clean it. These water inhabitants are not at all aggressive, the maximum they are capable of – fighting a mustache with their kindred. The myth appeared because the shrimp can observe the opening of a corpse of a dead fish or invertebrate, but this does not indicate the originator of the tragedy. Shrimp are the nurses of the aquarium, and not cruel killers.

Service staff can provide the necessary advice on the care of the pool.

A good advice can be obtained only from professionals, but the service staff performs several other functions. Indeed, they may have some knowledge in this area, but this will be information from the series “somewhere heard.” Often the lack of experience in the field of content prevents them from giving the necessary advice.

Aquarium. Myths about the aquarium

The use of wet filters and bio-balls leads to an increase in nitrates in the water.

Bio-spheres, like any porous material, are used as traps for detritus, as well as other contaminants in the aquarium. Therefore, their use is fully justified. Do not start to care for these funds, you need to regularly wash and clean them, then they will not contain biological remains, whose decomposition leads to the appearance of nitrates.

The cause of eye diseases in fish can become microbubbles in water.

This myth is quite popular among people who have an aquarium. In fact, microbubbles have nothing to do with eye diseases. The cause of the disease can be, for example, mechanical damage, secondary infections or ammoniac burns.

возбу Infectious diseases can be transmitted from one aquarium to another by air.

This would be possible if the aquariums could sneeze. While the infection from one aquarium to another occurs in a more prosaic way – through nets, hoses, accessories and decor elements.

There are aquariums that generally can not be serviced.

In a laboratory environment, closed ecosystems may indeed exist for a long time, but such systems have a very poor species composition. Usually it is the simplest algae and the smallest crustaceans. And anyway even such an aquarium needs a human presence, at least in the form of a source of illumination. Any other aquarium will certainly require care. Otherwise, its appearance will quickly deteriorate – in fact, eco-stability and the requirements of decorativity are few in what coincide.

You can create an aquarium to the ceiling.

You can create something, but with maintenance there will be big problems, since access is organized only from above. Yes, and there will be difficulties with the design of such a design, because the decorations there to put and remove it will be difficult. It is recommended to leave a distance of at least half the height of the aquarium from above.

Before, fish never hurt.

It used to be said that fish simply do not get accustomed. Although the results of this could be the most deplorable for the inhabitants. In fact, today many diseases of aquarium fish are successfully diagnosed and treated.

Aquarium. Myths about the aquarium

Dry food for fish causes allergies, so many do not have an aquarium.

Modern feeds have changed greatly, and the conditions for their spread have also become different. Indeed, the old primitive food was allergenic, but for the fish they did not fit well. Causing, in fact, their slow death. Today, sealed cans are used for their storage. In extreme cases, there is an option with the purchase of frozen food in blisters. Feeding the same live food is usually unusual for beginners and difficult. Therefore, in pet stores you can find a large variety of feeds in different types (granules, tablets, etc.), which allows you to choose the optimal diet for any fish.

You can install an aquarium instead of a window frame.

This option often comes up for wealthy people. However, the Russian winter with severe frost complicates this idea. To use the aquarium in this capacity will have to make constructive changes to the building itself. Indeed, it is possible to implement such a project, but for its implementation it will be necessary to attract builders and architects.

There are many cheap aquariums.

In the sphere of zoobusiness, competition is really high, which leads to a drop in prices. However, it should be noted that the aquarium is a technically difficult commodity, which can also become dangerous if mistreated. Therefore, the issues of support – information and technical are of paramount importance, also the reliability of the design, the seller’s warranty obligations. Of course, anyone chooses the price category and the seller, but it is clear that the purchase of a cheap aquarium will mean the use of less quality materials and components. In addition, there is a risk of contacting people who are ignorant of aquaristics, who do not know enough about all the features of aquarium production and their contents.

Aquarium. Myths about the aquarium

вполне The aquarium can be put on a vacant place.

Often the aquarium is installed according to the “residual” principle, closing the niche formed during the repair, or seeing an interesting project somewhere. Naturally, the very desire to realize their fantasies deserves praise, but often the possibilities of implementing plans rest on technical nuances. So, we should analyze whether there is electricity in the right place, what is the load on the floors, is it possible to carry the elements of the aquarium in this place when they are delivered by the manufacturer, as well as the availability of sewage and water supply, as far as possible to service the aquarium in the future. As you can see, there are many factors, the neglect of which can lead to disappointment. After installation of the aquarium without observing the required standards will lead to further problems with its maintenance, which will bring the owner grief instead of joy. Therefore, the installation of a large aquarium should still be planned in advance, after consulting with specialists in this field.

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