Anime.Mify about anime

The history of the anime genre lasts almost a hundred years. The very term derives from the English word bikmation (animation). At the beginning of the XX century, Japanese artists began to experiment with the cartoon Western techniques. Gradually the anime became popular, spreading around the world. Special interest in the genre was experienced by teenagers, for whom they began to create whole series. It is to this category of viewers that most of the output is calculated.

Anime.Mify about anime

Anime is distinguished by an unusual manner of rendering characters and backgrounds. Subjects affect different epochs, genres and styles are mixed. The cult of anime in the world manifested itself in the release of the corresponding products: pens, rubber bands, T-shirts, notebooks with the image of popular heroes. Modern children love Pokemon and Sailor Moon. On cartoons with the anime heroes has grown for more than one generation. However, not all are familiar with this genre, it is considered incomprehensible, empty and even depraved. The main myths about anime and worth debunking.

The main characters have terrible big eyes.

It is believed that this is exactly the “chip” that distinguishes the genre from other animated styles. But the big eyes of the characters are found in almost any cartoon, from the same Disney. Simply they are more puppet. In the anime, the style is such that the eyes are not completely drawn, because of what they only seem large. In fact, it’s just a visual illusion, a game with the psyche. The Japanese believe that the eyes are mirrors of the soul, therefore through this place all emotionality of the character is transmitted.

Drawing anime is easier than other genres.

For some reason, many believe that the anime drawing is simplistic and inferior to the same Disney. But then much attention is paid to color and painting, than in other techniques. It is very important to convey all the feelings of heroes with the help of the drawing, whereas in Western techniques an emphasis is placed on the exact transfer of physics and movements. A big emphasis in the anime is also on the soundtrack. Together, this seems to be a difficult job. Anime is responsible for the accurate transfer of color, corresponding to reality. And Western cartoons do not. Thus, the transition from light to shadow and back, changes the color of the hero, which does not occur in analogues. In this case, we are talking not only about the dimming, but also about the change in the gleam and shade, and other parameters. Western animators just do not puzzle such subtleties. Reception of misunderstandings is often used intentionally, with the same purpose as the already mentioned big eyes.

Anime – the usual cartoon.

Both genres are similar. But those who sat on the anime, can not consider it a part of another, larger phenomenon. There is something in the anime, unique, elusive. But what exactly, even the fans are at a loss to answer.

Anime always makes the viewer happy.

Anime will really be fun if you watch it with a 16: 9 aspect ratio monitor and a high-quality stereo system. And on the TV with one raucous speaker, the spectacle will lose its luster. What is broadcast on television, looks quite different than in the cinema. The mood of the viewer is also important. True, this applies not only to anime, but generally to any film. It is with him and a quality series and it is worth comparing the anime, not with a short entertainment cartoon.

Anime is a part of Japanese culture.

Many also believe that anime is created only in Japan. In fact, this genre is an exotic mix of Japanese and American culture. The oriental motives themselves would look boring in the animation for the world viewer. So the Americans had an important influence on the anime. In addition, they paint such pictures in the United States and in Korea. So, the Korean “Five-tailed chanterelle Jubi” is popular. But the leader in quality and quantity of films is still Japan.

Anime has no future.

Today in the world, the popularity of anime is at its peak. At least, the genre has an excellent present. This means that a generation of anime fans have already appeared, which will provide him and the future.

In Russia, anime will never become massive.

It is quite natural that in Russia the chanson and drinking or patriotic songs will be much more popular. However, even making their way to mass television in single episodes, the anime immediately finds a lot of admirers. An example is the cartoon “Pokemon”. If our channels twisted the “alien” anime more often, then its popularity would be much higher.

Anime.Mify about anime

After watching a few seconds of anime, you can make a definite opinion about it.

Fans of the genre are convinced that in order to understand it, one must personally become acquainted with it, take a close look. Then you can already understand whether the anime is interesting or not. It is best to refuse reading annotations to cartoons or reviews, comments. This makes no sense. It is better to see everything in person and make up your own idea. Then it may very well turn out that all these reviews were garbage. Except it is possible to consider unless alive dialogue with fans and experts of anime who precisely know, about what there is a speech, and on what it is necessary to pay attention. And to choose the tape is best in the genre. If he already likes some kind of anime, then other similar films will also be very popular. Otherwise, you may have to miss by choosing an erroneous genre. Here you can compare with computer games, which are similar to anime. Those who like shooters will feel uncomfortable in logical quests. In any case, for the first seconds of the game it will be difficult to make an impression about it – you will need to spend time on it.

Anime will explode the brain.

If you watch anime for a long time and without interruption, then it really can negatively affect the brain. But a similar situation with computer games – some are so addicted that they lose their sense of reality and virtuality and even lose their lives. So for those who, in the process of playing games or when watching anime, the head starts to hurt or there is a likelihood of an epileptic fit, you should limit yourself. Anime about games is more secure, it influences like an emotional film. And much depends on the lifestyle of the person. If a person is mentally balanced, then his brain is not threatened, whatever he sees from the TV screen.

Anime is suitable only for romantic and whiny people.

But it’s hard to argue with that. In this genre, emotions do play an important role, the characters here often cry and suffer. Almost every tape involves the possibility of demonstrating additional emotions in the world of tears, discharge from the nose, or even other physiological fluids.

Anime can change life.

Anime really changes life. At one time for many, the cultural breakthrough was the creation of the Beatles group, and after all, one could continue to listen to fleeting pop music. People changed under the influence of what they listened to. In the anime, there are many internal messages, not found direct graphical reflection. It’s about philosophy. The higher the degree of a person’s ability to change and believe, the faster he can become another by watching anime. The truth is, what kind of personality, worse or better, nobody can say.

Anime will sooner or later become obsolete.

Some even believe that this genre has exhausted itself. If you look at the appearance of something new and unusual, what else in the anime was not, then it seems to be true. But similarly you can approach and computer games. About the anime also say that it degenerated old traditions, which is also correct. But it’s even good. Modern anime is very different from what was released 20 years ago, but is the retro more fans? Life is determined by change. If the genre does not develop and does not acquire new features, then it dies. That’s why anime continues to live and will outlive itself for a long time. And in return there will be something new, perhaps even better and more relevant. And it will not be anime anymore. So the thought of the demise of the genre is not at all negative, but even in some way positive.Death gives a new life, it is not worth stopping the anime’s demise, let it give rise to something hitherto unprecedented.

Anime.Mify about anime

Anime – only cartoons.

Anime is not limited to cartoons only. This genre also includes manga, colorful comics, numerous pictures, a way of life, painting, mass industry. So anime has a much broader range, continuing to expand its influence, penetrating into all spheres. This is due to the multifaceted nature of the phenomenon and the ability to cover a variety of topics and subjects. Anime is manifested in our life in many different forms. Heroes can be found on a school notebook or a pack of tea, and some fanatyut so much that imitate the grimaces and gestures of heroes, sometimes even at the cost of significant physical consequences.

Anime should be written as “Anime”, and Echchi as “Etty”.

Strictly speaking, these words are originally Japanese, we write them the way we hear them. And then we denote this with letters, as we like.

Anime is liked by those who were clearly Japanese in a past life.

Many, being inspired by the anime, will probably think that there is some connection with Japan. The genre seems too close and familiar, there is even an easy deja vu. The question arises – what does a person have in common with such a distant and exotic Japan? What in general do we have to do with this country? It seems that we are by nature Japanese and lived there in a past life. But how can this be proved? If it was, then that life was very interesting.

You can soon lose the freshness of the sensations from the anime, the love of the genre.

If you put such an alarm in your heart, then really with each viewing the fear will increase, replacing yourself with pleasure. The situation will only worsen. To love anime sincerely, we must try to be a little kid. Children do not have problems with the manifestation of their feelings, which gives them an advantage over adults. They love simply because they love, not for some reason or for fear of something.

To all fans of anime, it constantly dreams.

Many spend hours, playing themed games and watching relevant cartoons, but the scenes are absolutely real! Yes, they can have elements of anime, but they are woven into ordinary life. Perhaps, that’s why this genre is so popular.

There is too much violence and blood in the anime.

There are really films that are filled with bloody and violent scenes, this fact can not be denied. But in fact a huge number of tapes does not contain any cruelty at all. Those who are confused by the sight of blood, it is just to find another version of the animated cartoon, he certainly will. The truth is that most people like violence, otherwise it would not be shown so often. But this applies not only to anime, but in general to all the cinema.

Anime is pornography, and even with elements of sadomasochism.

Indeed, there is an anime pornographic, but it is a separate genre – hentai. Not in every anime-movie there is a hint of eroticism, what can we talk about much more frank things. It has long been known that pornography is a profitable business. That’s why the hentai earn good money. But do not confuse this genre with anime.

In the word “anime”, stress should be placed on the last syllable.

Some people stress that stress should be placed on the first syllable, while others emphasize the latter. People correct each other, begin to learn the subtleties of the Japanese language and the rules for placing accents there. It is necessary to go from the search for formal rules to reality. Let everyone name the genre as he likes, both options are correct. There is no unequivocal solution here.

Anime.Mify about anime

Anime is fun for children.

The fact that the genre of animation is used to transmit information does not mean that anime is loved only by children. There are a huge number of paintings that even many adults can not understand, the same Evangelion. Some films remain inaccessible depths.It is worth taking anime, as a separate genre, and not as children’s cartoons. These are real movies that are created on the basis of animation. Some serials, for example, “Death Note” or “Gantz”, generally have a category “from 18 and older”.

TV companies about the anime do not know anything.

The fact that on the TV screens a little anime does not mean that nothing is known about it. Responsible for the purchase of a television product, the staff is probably familiar with Japanese animation, some even have a good understanding of its varieties. Another thing is that there is no desire to buy anime for the show. This product is very peculiar and exotic.

The broadcaster can easily buy anime for the show.

First of all, buying a high-quality television product costs a lot of money. Financial position of domestic channels in recent times is not so good. To purchase, you also need a reliable partner. The specifics of the channels work is that they prefer to deal with trusted intermediaries and take all the products from them. Directly from the manufacturer the same serials no one buys. Long-term contracts, prescribing terms of installments, and allow at least something to buy. Work with a new middleman, dealing with anime – it’s not easy. Too many details, technical and financial, are to be agreed upon. For TV channels, there is a risk in this. And international rights to the main part of high-quality anime series belong to small American intermediary firms. It is hard to work with a translation, which often goes in English and is also “exemplary”. In such a situation, those films that were on American television and already dubbed or the children’s classics are popular. Such anime is in the catalogs of the main intermediaries, from where it gets to our screens.

Anime is a girl’s hobby.

Following this myth, you can claim that cinema is also a girl’s hobby. In the anime there is a division according to genres, some women prefer the female audience, and others – the male one. True, the question is still how fundamentally different are the inner worlds of men and women. Nevertheless, among the anime fans there are a lot of guys and grown men.

Fans of anime fall in love with fictional characters, preferring them to real partners.

It is worth saying that in this situation it is not the anime that is to blame, but some other problems: loneliness, disagreements in the family, society. To take the same example with someone is not so bad. In the anime, as in feature films, basic human themes are revealed: friendship, love, suffering, honesty.

Anime imposes alien to us and strange Japanese culture.

But exactly the same way the Japanese can consider our culture strange. In the modern world, the borders, thanks to the Internet, have already erased. To learn other cultures is not just a necessity, but even an inevitability. Why not take from other peoples all the best, developing it and modernizing? The Japanese show a good example – the same anime is based on the traditions of Western animation, in the Japanese language, a lot of foreign words. There is a contact of cultures without fear of losing their identity. Every society has something special, which can be useful and pleasant. Isolated from foreign cultures is ridiculous. A confident person, on the contrary, will always try to learn something new about the world around him.

Anime.Mify about anime

Anime is an empty entertainment, from which there is no use.

What is the benefit – everyone determines for himself. There is no universal prescription here. You can list the benefits that anime brings. It helps to develop the imagination, motivates to creativity. Based on the watched films, people start to draw and come up with stories, then switch to other styles. Anime fans easily gather around themselves critics, which helps improve communication skills and even acquire fans. This hobby helps to learn languages, because watching a video series with English subtitles will be a pleasant and rewarding lesson.And some even want to watch anime in the original, studying for this Japanese language. Help in this already comics manga. The most vigorous animeshniki during the festivals improve their acting, creative and organizational skills. The watched films can become a topic for conversation, at times it will reveal new, hidden facets of the work. And just anime is a good rest, which many are generally deprived of or do not know how to organize themselves.

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