Anabolic steroids. Myths about anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids or androgens are designated by the common abbreviation AAS. Steroids are a synthetic copy of the male hormone, testosterone. These mysterious medicines are used to achieve high results in sports. As a result, it is unclear what the records are related to – with training, or the use of additional chemicals.

Anabolic steroids. Myths about anabolic steroids

Few people actually took steroids, people usually simply are afraid of them. They warm up the situation and the media, who, for their own benefit, tell horror stories about these drugs. In fact, steroids are much more common than people think.

For several decades there have been numerous disputes about these funds. Athletes, especially bodybuilders, can not resist the temptation to receive funds that dramatically increase the amount of muscle, weight, strength and endurance. But these drugs were originally created to treat pathologies, but due to their unique properties have gained popularity in the sports world.

There are safe steroids.

Among those who believe in steroids, this myth is very common. First of all, one should realize that in principle there are no safe drugs. Androgens and anabolic steroids, however, apply to medicines. Another thing is the degree of such danger. All oral steroids are potentially threatening the liver, however exactly as far as the threat comes from other drugs – paracetamol or antibiotics. The usual vodka and that is much more dangerous for this organ. But with the cardiovascular system is more difficult. The use of steroids leads to an increase in the level of “bad” cholesterol. The only good news is that at the end of the course he will come back to normal. Yes, and “good” cholesterol will also grow, as a result, the ratio of bad to good will remain about the same. And one of the safest drugs among AAS is testosterone. It is very soft and methenolone (primobolan). Oksandrolon and stanozolol are often called safe, but they are not – the first irritates the gastric mucosa, and the second loads the liver.

All steroids are just deadly dangerous.

This myth is the opposite of the previous one. However, this time this opinion is common among those who are in every way afraid of taking AAS. One can tell about the results of one recent study. In China, 733 volunteers were taken and injected 500 mg of undecanoate per month for more than two consecutive years. And none of them noticed any deviations. Although this dose of steroids seems scanty, most athletes take just as much. Another thing – bodybuilders. To date, there is no lethal dose for steroids, not even a toxic one. In one of the voluntary experiments, the subject suffered even a daily injection of 100 grams of different steroids and androgens. Therefore, the risk of dying from tobacco or alcohol is hundreds and thousands of times higher than the imaginary danger of steroids.

Steroids lead to impotence and infertility.

Who among us has not heard the opinion that all pitching is impotent? In fact, such a statement is very far from the truth. When taking a course of steroids, the libido of a bodybuilder usually so increases that for a man, 3-4 sexual acts a day are normal, or even more. The fall of the same sexual desire can occur if the withdrawal from the course of taking the medication is incorrect. But over time, the libido will still recover. Outside the course of steroids, it will be almost impossible to reach such heights, but as a result, in those men who once took AAS, the usual and average libido. A somewhat different situation is with fertility, the ability to fertilize. Science really knows a few cases of infertility due to taking steroids. However, with regard to the number of host AAS, such cases are negligible. Yes, and competent treatment, and most importantly – the correct program for taking such funds, will help to avoid infertility. It is also interesting that many bodybuilders conceive children, as well as being on the course.And children are born completely normal, which is a kind of response to accusations of a genetic mutation.

Steroids are not needed, you can achieve the same results without them.

No one denies that records, speeds and strengths can really be achieved without the use of steroids. However, for this you need to be a real genetic monster, in the literal sense of the word mutant. After all, the indices of the average person and the record holder in the 100-meter run of Usain Bolt differ markedly. The legendary rider Miguel Indurain lung volume was 8 liters, despite the fact that even among elite cyclists this average figure is 6 liters. Heart Induraina per minute pumped to 7 liters, the riders 5-6 liters. Outstanding bodybuilder Flex Wheeler by nature has a low number of myostatin receptors, and a unique high level of IGF-1. Any normal person will not be able to achieve the results of such champions without the use of doping. Thus it is necessary to recognize that steroids and androgens nevertheless equalize the chances, enabling people with modest genetic predispositions to achieve more. And do not assume that steroids are doping. In different sports uses their own, special drugs. However, these stimulants could never replace training, if mistakes are made in this process, no doping will correct them. In bodybuilding, you can talk about errors in nutrition.

Anabolic steroids. Myths about anabolic steroids

Fighting steroids and doping can clean the sport.

Those who believe in this tale or are financially interested, or is a very naive person. The fight against doping does not force him to abandon him, but forces him to come up with new, more elusive options or to improve methods of concealing doping. Today it is already widely available that almost 70% of the samples taken from the 2000 Olympic medalists in Sydney have been found anabolic steroid genobol. This drug was never manufactured industrially, so no doping tests were performed on it. The scandal was quietly hushed up, because those Olympic games were officially proclaimed the most “clean” in history. At present, many laboratories develop specific drugs, including those in the AAS class, which can not be detected. You can mention at least the famous tetrahydrogesterinone, created by the BALCO laboratory. And this drug is known only because one of the company’s top managers reported about it. And how many more secrets are hidden in laboratories, about which no one is in a hurry to tell? So doping can not be destroyed, it is necessary to clean sports by other methods.

Because of steroids, people become crazy.

This statement is by and large incorrect. There is only a chance that increased doses of testosterone will make a person aggressive. These drugs generally give the person self-confidence, but there is no question of madness. In the media there is a term such as “steroid rage”, but this is just an instrument of propaganda.

Because of steroids, people become depressed, get sexual problems, and some even commit suicide.

When you are on a long cycle, your own testosterone ceases to stand out, as the body begins to receive it from the outside. At the end of this course, an imbalance of low testosterone and high estrogen is formed. The latter can cause depression and nervousness. A healthy man suddenly feels like a 10-year-old girl. But for a few steroid cycles, you can get used to it, although it is not so easy to psychologically transfer it. People for a while begin to feel weaker and less confident. Men may have problems with erection. However, again we emphasize, these symptoms will be observed only when you exit the steroid course.In impressionable people, such periods can cause depression, it sometimes happens that at the end of the course the athlete immediately starts taking the medication again, falling from the steroids into psychological dependence.

Steroids have a bad effect on the cardiovascular system.

As already mentioned, steroids increase the proportion of bad cholesterol, which leads to blockage of blood vessels and arteries. So long-term use of steroids does not end well. On the other hand, short courses will also affect, as a large body weight will increase the burden on the heart.

Steroids destroy the liver.

And this is true. The fact is that there is a direct link between taking steroids and liver diseases and cancer. True, most rumors are still exaggerated. The same alcohol is much more destructive for the liver than steroids. And their type determines the effect on the liver. In this regard, injecting agents are safer than tableted. Also injectable steroids form a mass better, that’s why elite sportsmen use this form of drugs.

Because of steroids, there are pimples and hair fall out.

And it really is. The risk of acne on the back, shoulders and face increases several times. Yes, and hair begins to drop faster.

Steroids can be easily obtained.

There is an opinion that steroids can be bought literally in a pharmacy. The truth is that anabolic steroids are illegal and they can not be obtained without a doctor’s prescription. Of course, such supplements can be bought on the “black” market, but then the game begins with Russian roulette. At the end of the life of man and his health, because in fact, there is no guarantee of acquiring a quality product. And the very purchase of steroids without a prescription is a violation of the law.

Steroids are such essentially identical tablets.

There are many different types of drugs related to steroids. First of all, injectable and oral. As already mentioned, the first and the safer, and more effective. Different steroids have their own properties. Some allow you to increase muscle mass, others – endurance, the third – strength.

Anabolic steroids. Myths about anabolic steroids

Steroids can be taken even by adolescents.

Steroids are not a magic powder. To achieve the intended results, we need to make a nutrition and training program. And for a teenager, the use of steroids at this age is undesirable. After all, these substances can stop the growth of the body and seriously disrupt the hormonal balance.

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