Albinos. Myths about albinos

Albinism is an innate condition of the body, in which there is completely or partially missing a special pigment – melanin.

It is he who is responsible for coloring the hair, eyes and skin. Nature can “play a trick” not only with mammals, but also with reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish.

However, do not be afraid of them, only if it is not a white lion in your house, there is nothing to pity them, but to find out more about them will be interesting and entertaining.

Albinism is not a disease at all, but an anomaly transmitted by inheritance.

It is for this reason that albinism is not transmitted by physical contact, but also by blood transfusion or by airborne droplets. Do not listen to pseudo-specialists and be wary of the company of albinos. You can safely take a white frog in your arms, nothing dangerous will happen to you.

Dark pigment melanin protects the skin from solar ultraviolet.

It is due to this fact that albinos in the open sun “burn out” very quickly. For this, albino animals in zoos are even greased with a special sunscreen so that they can delight visitors without harm to their covers.

The lack of melanin in the eyes of albinos leads to increased daytime photosensitivity.

But at night, albinos, on the contrary, see very well. Their eyes catch almost all available light.

Animals albinos have red eye color due to the color of blood in the retina.

In humans, such a picture is very rare, in our eyes there is usually a shading pigment that colors the iris in a pale blue or yellow color.

Albinos develop similarly to their fellow humans, not differing in terms of health, or in terms of offspring.

A few generations of albinos can even form a genetically stable breed, as occurs in domesticated pigeons and ferrets.

Albinos have a sun-sensitive skin, so they have a much higher risk of developing malignant tumors.

It is from skin cancer that the unique gorilla albino Snowball recently died in the Zoo in Barcelona. This male was the father of 22 young, but none of them was an albino. Snowball lived 40 years, which is quite a lot for a gorilla.

Animals albinos have a low percentage of survival in the wild, since their whiteness helps in hunting predators.

In the wild, most albinos die in their youth, even without reaching puberty.

In civilizations with a low level of culture and tolerance, albino people are doomed to be outcasts, they are blamed for imperfect actions.

Unfortunately, such cultures in the world are almost half. In Africa, Negro albinos have the status of animals, and the amulet from their skin protects from spoilage and evil eye. White Negroids are considered damned in Jamaica. It’s sad, but a person is usually much more tolerant and loves albino animals with great love.

The most famous albino on the planet is the humpback whale Migaloo, who lives off the coast of Australia.

Acquaintance with him happened in 1991, the last large photos of the whale showed that he suffers from sunburn and skin cancer. Migalu has the status of a sacred animal and is protected in every possible way by the state. Approaching him closer than 500 meters is prohibited under penalty of a penalty.

The white color of an animal does not at all mean that it is an albino.

An example is a rare white peacock, although many are sure that he is an albino. In fact, it’s just such a breed. Yes, and the famous white tigers are not albinos. The fact is that cat-colored cats, including lions, suffer from leukemia. With this disease in the skin of animals, there is not enough of all pigments, and not just melanin.

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