Affectionate nicknames

To have a special affectionate nickname is the lot of each person. They can reward you for anyone: the other half, a close relative or friends. It can emerge from nowhere, and also due to some occasion in your life, the line of your character or because of your name. A nickname is something personal and only one person or a narrow circle of people knows it.

But if a nickname is presented to you by a loved one, then it can even mean something. For example, it can be certain emotions and feelings that he unconsciously tries to convey in this word. Especially, it’s worth paying attention to the very sound of your nickname, as the sounds that sound in it will be able to tell you about those feelings transmitted through them. But you can not even suspect about them.

The whole point is that in every word, apart from the semantic information, there is also a lot of different sounds that affect our emotions in different ways. For example, the sound “F” is a manifestation of an acute and violent reaction. Of course, the reaction can be both positive and negative. But most often it is not very good, because with this sound there is usually a sharp discontent, as, for example, in the manifestation of not very good emotions, we sometimes rashly say “Fu.”

In addition, if you compare the frequency of the manifestation of this sound in the spelling dictionary and in affectionate nicknames, you can find that in ordinary speech it is used three times more often. Similarly, we can say about the sound of “X”, which can tell about sudden excitement, as, for example, in the interjections of “ah,” “oh,” and so on. Therefore, if you suddenly find in your nickname these sounds, then hurry to find out from your half what it can mean.

And the sound “SH” for the same statistics is mentioned in nicknames three times more often than in colloquial speech. This manifestation is very simple to understand, since for any nickname the main goal is to attract the attention of the partner, this sound answers it.

In psychology, it is believed that the effect of the effects of different hissing sounds has a “white noise effect on the psyche.” Thus, the sound of “Sh” makes one distract from everything and absorbs the listener’s attention, and indeed, when we want to create silence, say “sh-sh-sh-sh!”.

The second rather common sound used in nicknames is the sound of “K.” Often this is due to the fact that in affectionate nicknames usually there are diminutive suffixes – sunshine, ko, lapoch-ka and many others .In the emotional aspect, this is often manifested It’s easy, simple, close, and all the same, so you should be happy if you are called a nickname in which this sound is present. “Behind him comes the sound of” L. “It occurs 40% more often in nicknames , which is also understandable, since we often sing “La la la” in high spirits, and when something does not work out for us, then we say “Here it is, damn it!” So this sound means an easy way out of our emotions right from the heart. But to understand what kind of emotions – good or bad – it’s easy to understand by the intonation of pronunciation.

You can imagine that there is a science that studies the magic of sounds, called psychophonetics. What is most valuable is that we pick a certain nickname completely unconsciously.

The subconscious mind helps us to choose exactly the word that more fully reflects all of our feelings and emotions experienced by a certain person. And if your loved one wants to hide your true feelings from you, then you can outwit him by looking at the nickname he gave you.

Listen carefully to the nickname that the second half awarded you, they will tell you what is really on her mind and how she really treats you. Review the following examples of nicknames, select your own and read what it carries in itself.


– your half calls you to contact very actively.But still, the real feelings that you are experiencing are not of interest to her.


– the feelings of a loved one are absorbed only by you. He respects you, treats your person attentively and sometimes likes to play pranks with you.


– the partner does not want to complicate anything, wanting to create an easy relationship. Maybe he lacks a sense of humor.

Dear, dear

– the partner appreciates certainty and confidence in the relationship. Feelings in his second place.


– the second half will forgive you any oversight. She is very energetic and used to take everything under her control.


– your partner values ​​your relationship very much and gives them special importance. Although he may sometimes be unrestrained, he is still very afraid of losing you.

– he is playful and energetic, but he values ​​your relationship very much.

My life, my soul

– all this pathos betrays your partner as a person who is inclined to search. Perhaps he leads a double life, so be careful.

Bunny, a little rabbit

– he is inclined to passion and likes to play pranks with you. Do not think that he is so simple and naive, because in fact he is closely studying you and watching you.

Gold, gilded

– it emphasizes the value of your relationship, but still his mind prevails over the senses.

Kisa, kysik

– he does not want complicated relationships and is tuned to a close relationship.

Goat, goat, goat

– it feels complete intimacy with you. You are for him a native man, but sometimes he does not mind teasing you.

Kitty, kitten

– he has an inextricable and strong connection with you. He wants you to believe him with all his strength.


– he is incredibly energetic and is not going to walk around, but about, and will give out all his emotions at once.


– he is ready to write off any of your mistakes. He can not hold a grudge against you for a long time, although he is a little unconcerned and picky.

A doll, a doll

– he is just carried away by you. He is not in a serious relationship.

Paw, paw,

– he is very active and able to live only for your sake.


– the partner is extremely attentive to you and is 100% sure of you.

Favorite, beloved

– he is ready to act very aggressively and resolutely, and also is capable of sensual search.

Little, small, Masja, Masik

– his feelings are very deep and he is ready to be attentive and caring to you.

Baby, baby

– his feelings do not know the measures, and he just dissolves into you. Your partner expects the same from you.

Bear cub

– he is quite sensual. But, despite this, he does not want to hurry, choosing circumspection. Your partner does not want to lose you.

Sweet, sweet

– he can promise you a very strong and lasting relationship, perhaps even for life. What is especially important is that his feelings balance the mind.

Mouse, mouse

– his feelings often go beyond, although it can not be seen from the side. He may not be restrained, but he values ​​you very much.

Pusia, Pups, Puppy

– he is looking for full contact with you. But he is more interested in practical interest than feelings.


– he looks at your business relations. He is far from being a romantic and most likely pursuing practical goals.

Sweet, sweet

– he consciously emphasizes his emotions. In his heart he is completely calm and balanced.

The sun

– your second half is experiencing to you a keen interest and genuine softness.

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