AdWords.Myfficials about AdWords

Google has offered an AdWords contextual advertising service that allows you to create advertising messages. This is the main advertising project of the Internet giant, which brings to it a significant profit.

AdWords.Myfficials about AdWords

True, not all users have an idea of ​​how this works. As a result, AdWords employees are faced with rather strange misconceptions, which appeared due to the Internet or some “connoisseurs”.

Rumors and myths have not bypassed this very effective, popular and profitable soil. That’s why it’s worth debunking some common misconceptions about AdWords, which experts face almost every day.

Advertising costs in Google AdWords can affect the ranking of AdWords in free Google search results.

Actually, Google AdWords does not have any connection with free search results. So with the change in the advertising budget, AdWords’s rating in the results of free search will not change. And do not be afraid that with the zeroing of your AdWords AdWords account, it will disappear from Google search results, it’s also not true.

Google AdWords can reject a credit card.

It happens that the payment from the card does not pass and the client accuses the Google AdWords service. In fact, Google does not reject credit cards, this step can be taken by the bank itself or by some of its partner, who processes payments. If there was a failure of the payment, then first of all it is worth checking whether the data on the “Billing settings” page is correct. In particular, whether that number and credit card security code is inscribed, whether the expiration date of the card is correct, whether the billing address and telephone number are correct. It may well be that the card is fixed a certain limit, which does not allow the payment. Such a problem can be solved by addressing directly to the bank or to the issuer of the card. It is possible that there is a certain credit limit or the maximum amount of a one-time operation is determined. Also, the bank can set the maximum number of withdrawals from the account for a certain time interval. A credit card can be rejected if it is prohibited for such transactions as automatic debit or internet-debit.

Ads can be clicked by competitors, but Google does not fight it.

For Google, the security of AdWords advertisers is paramount. Estimating the number of clicks on the system’s ads is analyzed using a complex three-stage evaluation system that filters out all kinds of violations. Each stage of the test uses unique new methods, which also screen out the “wrong” clicks. It is also worth noting that the company’s specialists are constantly improving the tracking technology, adjust filters and take into account the growing arsenal of indicators. Those filters that work in real time can detect invalid clicks due to certain patterns. This can be, for example, too often repeated clicks. Also, there is a rejection of clicks and impressions, which come from known sources of bad activity.

Google has a team of experts that uses special algorithms, as well as tools and techniques to identify those most invalid clicks.

It is worthwhile to know that all inquiries of advertisers are considered by experts in the quality of clicks, which check all traffic going to the account of the owner. I must say that the system for detecting invalid clicks was tested by independent specialists of the University of New York. They confirmed the effectiveness of the system, the high quality of its work and the availability of regular updates.

AdWords keywords are case-sensitive.

Actually, in this system the case of letters is not taken into account. Google Account Management specialists always use lowercase letters when creating a list of keywords.That is, “GAI” will be hammered as “gai”, “Phone with iOS” will turn into a “phone with ios”.

The CTR of ads on the Google Content Network has a direct impact on the quality of ads on Google.

To calculate the quality of ads in Google search and for advertising on the contextual network, different formulas are used. Thus, when evaluating the first parameter, a certain set of relevant principles is used. So, attention is paid to the historical indicator of the CTR ad and the corresponding keyword in Google. It’s worth noting that the CTR in the Google content network only affects quality metrics, but not in the global search, namely in the Google content network. The quality of the ads is affected by the quality of the landing page, as well as the overall account history, which is determined by the CTR values ​​of all ads, as well as the keywords. The historical CTR of URLs displayed in the ad group is also taken into account. Google pays attention to historical data on the effectiveness of the keyword for a specific search query for all advertisers. Finally, the account’s performance is also taken into account in the geographical location where the ad is shown.

The cost of clicks for certain advertisers in the AdWords program can be manually changed by Google employees.

This is not true – the company’s employees can not affect the CPCs that customers pay to the AdWords program. After all, these prices for all ads in AdWords are determined by auction ads. As soon as we enter a search query, an auction is organized. In its course, the rating of the ad is determined. This parameter makes it clear – which ads and in what order in the future will have to be displayed on the search results page for this query.

The AdWords system is designed to evaluate the keyword for each auction, and its quality level is revealed.

Then the system starts calculating the bid required to participate in the auction. Therefore, with an increase in the quality index, the minimum rate falls, and the reverse situation is also true. If the keyword’s cost-per-click is less than the minimum required size, then the ad will not appear.

AdWords.Myfficials about AdWords

Places to place ads above the results of conventional search can be purchased from Google.

The AdWords program does not provide for the sale at a fixed price of the place to place ads. This approach also applies to the top positions, i.e. places above the very results of a free search on Google, where up to three AdWords ads can be present. Moreover, the previous myth showed that the position of the ad is constantly changing, being directly dependent on the rating of the ad for the relevant keyword. So in the top positions above the free results in the search will appear only those ads whose quality and cost of the click will exceed a certain threshold.

For large clients of the AdWords program, the same advertising agencies, there are preferential rates for clicks.

The company behaves the same way with respect to all customers and there is simply no preferential price for clicks. All customers, regardless of their advertising budget, participate on an equal footing in the ad auction. In the end, it is he who determines the cost of the click.

If you use multiple ads in the same AdWords ad group, then the ones that are most relevant to the user’s request will be automatically displayed.

If you use multiple ads in one group, the system will simply rotate them or show the most effective option, depending on certain Google settings. The AdWords system can not determine which ad text most closely matches the user’s search query. For example, there is an ad group that uses keywords: motorcycles, scooters and cars.In addition, the advertiser created three ads, which are devoted to different vehicles. In this case, Google can not guarantee that the search query “machine” will show the ad with this solov in the text. With equal probability, the text about scooters or motorcycles will be issued as a result. So it’s better to create separate ad groups for each specific case (in this context, a vehicle) and already use the relevant texts in them. This is how you can guarantee the delivery of ads that will best match the keywords.

If the click is high enough, the ad is guaranteed to be on top position.

Even a high and maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid will not guarantee that the ad will reach the highest positions. After all, a bet is not the only important criterion determining the place of an ad on a page with search results. It is also necessary to consider the relevance of the keyword, the time to load the landing page. The combination of all these criteria will give an indicator of quality. If it turns out to be low in the end, then the ad is unlikely to get to the top positions, even if the price per click is the highest.

Keyword optimization can always fix the quality score.

This statement is not always fair. With a low quality score, it is usually recommended to start with keyword optimization, but it is also possible to resort to other actions. In the previous myth, it was said that in terms of quality, the time taken to load the landing page and its quality is taken into account. If the page loads slowly, then this problem will have to be dealt with so that the keyword gets a higher quality score. Similarly, you can say about the quality of the landing page. If it is initially low, then it should be improved, and only then begin to optimize the keywords.

If you start using the Keyword Tool, you must first add all the suggested keywords to the campaign.

The options offered by the Keyword Tool can not be considered recommendations. After all, keyword suggestions only list search queries, which in the end can come in handy. It is worth to evaluate the results obtained in the context of their advertising goals. In such an instrument, it will be possible to find new effective keywords that are not yet in use, and new irrelevant terms that may find their place in the negative minus list.

If the ad on the Google advertiser sees in a low position, then its customers also see it the same way.

If a person frequently searches for his ad in the search engine, but does not click on it, he will be at a lower position than most other users. The search engine responds to each search request in a special way, sometimes changing the set of output ads. After all, if a person does not click on one of the ads offered to him and then again searches for all the same keywords, then Google will likely produce a different search result that can better meet the user’s search criteria.

In order to better determine the position of the ad, Google itself recommends using the preview tools, which can be found at, rather than trying to go “on the forehead” to search Google.

An additional advantage of this service is that when you use it, the CTR does not change and the number of impressions is not counted.

AdWords.Myfficials about AdWords

When targeting a country in a different time zone and using ad scheduling, the selected time intervals correspond to the time in the target country.

When displaying ads, all AdWords campaigns use the time zone that is set in the account, regardless of the target region.You can see these settings in the “My account” – “Settings” – “Time zone”.

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