Advertising Merfology

Foster’s first law.

Advertising is always less relevant than its creators think.

The second law of Foster.

It is much easier to create an advertisement for a Unique Offer of Implementation than a product with this quality.

The third law of Foster.

The strategy of an advertising campaign appears only after a certain period of time has elapsed since the beginning of the campaign.

Fourth Law of Foster.

Advertisers never get the end result in the form in which they expect it to be received, agencies never do all the work that they intended to do.

Foster’s fifth law.

Any costs for an advertising campaign are greater,

than a client can afford;

less than people from the creative department expected;

are about the kind that accountants were afraid of with horror.

The law of reading business publications of Foster.

Newspapers covering business are read for one of five reasons:

1. Learn gossip.

2. Check whether the invented version was printed.

3. Make sure that the true story has not become public.

4. Read the taunts at the currently held or simply fashionable campaigns.

5. See job ads.

The super task of Foster’s advertising.

Advertising is necessary to the goods, as they are:

1. There are not so many differences from each other.

2. Most people do not need.

The super task of Foster’s advertising agencies.

You can not always satisfy all people, but the business of advertising agencies is to try to do it.

Biographical addition of Foster.

Advertising people who really started with a mail processing room, always forget to mention that in those days the whole agency belonged to his brilliant relative.

Victor Foster’s winning method.

To win the award at the festival, one must become a member of the award jury of the previous year. And reward someone who can choose to be the award jury this year.

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