Advanced Merfolology

Marphy’s expanded law.

If several disasters may occur, they occur in the most unfavorable sequence.

Extension of Murphy’s law made by Gattuso.

There is no such a bad situation that could not get worse.

Generalization of the consequences made by Shnatterley.

Even if trouble can not happen, it happens.

Silverman Paradox.

If the law of Murphy does not work, it does not work.

Farnsdick’s corollary of the 5th investigation.

After the turn of events from bad to worse, the cycle will repeat.

Lynch Act.

When the situation becomes threatening, everyone is washed away.

Law of Evans and Björn.

Whatever trouble happens, there will always be someone who knew that it will be so.

Laws of Longsam.

1. Everything is interdependent.
2. Nothing lasts forever.
3. Everything happens sometimes.

The law of exposure.

All the secret becomes apparent.

Law of Helrang.

Wait – and the bad will go away by itself.

The expansion proposed by Shaivson.

… causing the damage.

Addition Grelba.

If the situation is unfavorable, it will happen again.

Wrong citation of the law by H.L. Menkin Grossman.

Complex problems always have simple, easy to understand wrong decisions.

The Flagge Law.

There came a need to knock on wood – you find out that the world consists of aluminum and plastic.

The law of unreasonable preservation of dirt.

To clean one, you need to get a different stain.

Freeman’s expansion.

… but you can dirty everything without cleaning anything.

The law of Buba.

What you are looking for, you will find only by searching everything. Begin the search from the most improper place.

Marianne’s Law.

You always find what you did not seek.

Rules of Fleece.

If you do not care where you are, then you are not lost.

The Koith-Murphy thesis on the power of negative thinking.

You will not be surprised by the optimist’s good news.

Ferguson’s rule.

The situation becomes irreversible when it is no longer possible to say: “Let’s all forget!”.

Law of no return action.

It can not be rained by starting to wash the car.

Direct action.

You only need to wash the car, as soon as it rains.

The saving grace of Murphy.

The worst is the enemy of the bad.

The main paradox.

An optimist believes that we live in the best of the worlds. The pessimist is afraid that it is so.

The Law of Neusdra.

You can make a protection from a fool, but only from the non-inventive.

Keffman’s first law on airports.

The distance to the gate is directly proportional to the time for which you can still catch the flight.

Rogers Laws.

1. As soon as the flight attendant smashes the coffee, the airplane will begin to vibrate.

Explanation of the Rogers law proposed by Davis.

The vibration of the aircraft causes coffee distribution.

2. Whatever conveyor you have at the airport, your luggage will appear on the other.

Axus of exchange of Angus.

When you go over, the border, the currency buying rate will decrease the day after you bought it.


Upon returning home, the exchange rate will increase as soon as you exchange all unused foreign currency.

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