Advanced Merfology

Kon’s Consequence to Murphy’s Law.

If something does not work out, then this is just the beginning.

Consequence of McDonald to the law of Murphy.

In all circumstances, the right course of action is determined by subsequent events.

Addition to Murphy’s law.

In practice, in the expression 1 + 1 = 2, the symbol “=” means “rarely” or “never”.

The principle of Murphy’s uncertainty.

Only after an uncountable number of errors are made, it can be said with certainty that something has gone wrong.

The rule of Fonstock’s failure.

If, from the very beginning, you failed, destroy all evidence of your attempts to succeed.

Kaiser’s remark to the Zimerga law.

Never open a can of worms unless you are going fishing.

Murphy’s mathematical axiom.

1. If a digit is followed by a figure greater than five, it is rounded to two.
2. If the number followed by a figure is less than five, it is also rounded to two.

Dyud duality law.

If there are two evils, more will occur.

Remark May West.

Man is prone to make mistakes, and this is divine.

The law is a mystery.

Nature despises people.

Barkovsky’s Law.

You can not protect yourself from accidents.

Principle of Peruzzi.

With a bad start, troubles increase with exponential speed.

The number factor.

The amount is inversely proportional to quality.

Ken’s Law.

A flying object will tend to hit the nearest eye.

Law of Allen.

Almost everything is easier to screw, than to unscrew.

Fourth Law of Frotingham.

Urgency is inversely proportional to the degree of importance.

The Rockefeller Principle.

Always do everything so that everyone will see: you work.

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