Acne. Myths about acne

Acne (Latin acne, distorted Greek akme – top), a collective designation of inflammatory diseases of sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

Acne is one of the manifestations of acne. It has the appearance of black dots, located mainly in the T-zone of the face.

In fact, they are clogged and often inflamed pores of the skin. Appear due to excessive sebum secretion.

I have acne, because I do not wash my face thoroughly.

If you wash more than twice a day and at the same time rub your skin very hard, then you not only irritate existing acne, but also promote sebum closer to the skin surface and stimulate the release of excess fat. Because of this clogged pores and acne is only aggravated. If you wash your face with water or a cleanser twice a day, then this is enough to rid the skin of excess fat and dust that can accumulate there.

I have acne, because I love chocolate, chips and everything is fried.

Many people think that their black spots are caused by the consumption of fatty foods, but studies have not revealed a connection between these two elements. Nevertheless, if you think that some foods cause acne in you, avoid them! In any case, it is always better to follow a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Stress provokes the appearance of acne.

Although stress is not the main reason for the appearance of black spots, it can contribute to the emergence of foci of this disease. Students who have a tendency to acne, for example, acne persists throughout the time of passing the exams. So you need to try to avoid stress in your life. Try to do yoga, meditation, or just find a way to relax peacefully to protect yourself from a stressful situation.

Staying in the sun helps reduce the number of blackheads.

Although the sun makes the skin darker and helps to temporarily reduce redness from acne, it has absolutely no positive effect on acne. In fact, a stay in the sun or a permanent visit to the solarium will only worsen the condition of your skin, the skin can be burned in a short time, freckles and premature wrinkles appear on it. Sunburn can also lead to the emergence of a whole bunch of skin diseases in the future.

Acne makes me say no to make-up.

Makeup based on fats can really block your pores and provoke the appearance of acne. But you can always choose non-fat products containing the inscription “does not cause black spots” on the label. Nowadays, many corrective agents and tonal bases contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, so that they can hide acne and at the same time have a therapeutic effect. Consult your dermatologist or beautician to find out more about this.

It is absolutely impossible to do anything against acne.

To start with, there is a bad news: acne can not disappear the next day. Can pass from six weeks to one or two years, until the eels gradually begin to disappear. Most people suffer from acne only at some point in their lives. The good news is that acne can be reduced or at least stopped for a while. Currently, there is a large number of medicines that allow treating acne. They are in the form of tonics or tablets. To choose the right product for you it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The fastest way to get rid of acne is by extruding them.

Even if you want to squeeze out your acne, do not try to do it yourself. Trust an experienced medical cosmetologist, otherwise you risk getting even more skin with the skin. First, after an inefficient squeezing, scars can remain on the skin, which then will be very difficult to remove. Secondly, you can bring the infection if you do not stick to the proper hygiene.Thirdly, squeezing acne, you can only strengthen the existing inflammation and not achieve the desired effect, acne will only increase. Nowadays, there are many other ways to clean the skin of acne cosmetologically.

You can not treat acne, this is an age-related phenomenon and they will disappear when the time comes.

In most cases, acne has a tendency to progress, and the more you start this illness, the harder it will be to treat when you finally decide to seek help.

A heated rash occurs during pregnancy.

It is possible that because of hormonal changes your skin itself will become much cleaner during pregnancy, but after the birth, once the hormonal background is restored, your acne will again be felt.

Acne is a disease that occurs only in the transition years.

About one third of cases of acne occur at age over 25 years. The causes of acne can be the use of substandard cosmetics, hormonal and endocrine disorders, and the like.

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