3D printing

New technologies appear today, like mushrooms after the rain. Not so long ago, most people entered the daily life of printers, and today there are already models of a completely new level. 3D printing allows you to create not trivial text on paper, but three-dimensional objects whose parameters are set by the person himself.

This opens infinite horizons, but the most interesting is that these devices are already available for individual use. The technology is so interesting and promising that more and more people learn about it, some of them even buy such printers home.

Only here the owners are faced with the many myths that surround this technology. In fact, it turns out that many of its opportunities are exaggerated. Today almost all home 3D printers work on FDM technology, and this technology will be considered in this article. And although the desired future has not yet come, it is undoubtedly already near.

3D printing

3D printer can print anything.

Actually, everything is not as rosy as we would like. With a certain level of skills, you can really type a lot, but there are limitations. So, for example, the seal is limited by its resolution. It will not be possible to create parts that are smaller than the size of the nozzle. It is worth considering that if the previous layer does not have time to cool down, and it is already on top of it that the new one is laid, the geometry of the created object will suffer. This problem can be solved by forcibly cooling the previous layer with a stream of air. Another limitation is the geometry of the object and its dimensions. The model may well have overhanging elements, which will necessitate the printing of additional supporting structures. But if this support is printed with the same material as the main model, then it will be difficult to remove it later. As a result, the already imperfect surface will be spoiled. It is necessary to require a flat base in the model, otherwise it will become unstuck from the surface of the desktop. If the base is small or not flat, then a special substrate, a raft, will be needed for printing. And its removal will further ruin the surface. You should consider the maximum size of the print field. If the model will exceed it by its size, then it will not be printed at once. There is only one way out here: cutting the model and printing it on pieces with subsequent gluing of the finished parts.

You can print already assembled mechanisms.

If we talk about simple mechanisms, such as a nut screwed on a bolt, then it’s really possible to create them. But this does not apply to FDM technology, which is used in most available devices. It will not be able to provide the required accuracy, as a result of which the bolt and nut will fuse with each other. Where it will be easier to create a separate bolt and separately – a nut. True, there are models of the machine, which spin the wheels and whistle with a ball inside. It, truth, it is necessary to break off preliminary from an internal surface.

3D printers allow you to print in full color.

About to see full-color three-dimensional printing at home, while it is worth forgetting. In order to print with two or more colors, one must use either several printing heads or change the bar during printing, or paint it. Experiments were carried out on the mixing of colors, but they also did not make it possible to carry out a sharp color transition.

3D printing

The printed part will be unstable.

It is quite logical that the part created with 3D printing will not be as solid as the cast. The strength of the created element depends on where the force was applied – whether along the layers or across them. In general, the approach is similar to wood, whose strength also depends on whether the force is applied across the fibers or along it. Affects the strength and percentage of fill parts. If you print a cube with a border of 2 centimeters and a 100 per cent fill, it will be difficult to break it with a hammer. Do not forget about the printed gun.

The printed models do not need further processing.

In fact, it turns out that the surface created by using the 3D-printing model is not at all ideal. There are also nodules, and ribbing, and hangnails. Smoothing them is possible with the help of mechanical processing (barbs cut, sanding), as well as chemical treatment, it means a bath with a solvent.

3D printing is a non-waste technology.

The difference from milling really lies in getting much less waste. After all, in this case the object is obtained not by removing excess from a single piece of source material, but by building up layers. Nevertheless, no waste can not be dispensed with. The fact is that during idle time, plastic has the property of flowing out of the nozzle. And at the very beginning of the activity of a 3D-printing fan, the percentage of marriage will still be high. And with the end of the plastic reel remains a piece, which is simply not enough to print something useful. This is also a departure. Yes, and from the printed model, then cut off support, backing and skirts, which also applies to production costs.

3D printers are too expensive (or too cheap).

This myth has two extremes. Some people consider the device expensive, while others, on the contrary, are cheap. You can assemble the printer yourself, keeping within the budget 500-800 dollars. However, does everyone have time to embody such an option? In addition, it is worth remembering that some parts will have to be ordered from abroad, we simply can not find them. The cost of such devices is explained by manual assembly. But gradually the price of 3D printers is falling and will continue to do so. Yes, and the concepts of “expensive” – ​​”cheap” relative, for someone and 1000-1500 dollars for an unusual and revolutionary device is a trifle.3

D-printing is easy.

You just need to connect the printer and start working. This is perhaps the main misconception about 3D printing. Whether the printer costs 700 dollars or 5 thousand, it is necessary to suffer with its adjustment. After calibration, it will be necessary to select more and the settings of the slicer. So a good seal will require experience. Usually, users say that it takes about six months, along with constant improvements to your device.

3D printing

3D printing will help you earn.

Technology seems so promising that its business prospects seem obvious. In fact, huge profits are not to be counted, since there is not a big demand for such products. There is no way, and no sense, to compete with large-scale production. It is cheaper and easier to buy the required item in the store than to print it. And the seal is suitable for personalized objects, small-scale production, when the circulation will cost less than the form for its manufacture, prototyping. It was for this that 3D printing was originally used. And the quality of the surface, as already mentioned, leaves much to be desired. So, every detail will require additional post-processing to get the desired presentation.

Soon, devices for 3D printing will be in every home.

It seems that as ordinary printers have entered our lives, so will all 3D printers. In fact, before you start printing, you need to create a model. The user faces the question – to print ready-made models or start modeling yourself? But how many of us have 3D modeling skills? A seal of other people’s models will soon get bored, the right models will simply not be found. I’ll have to order a 3D model to print it later. So does it make sense to buy yourself a tool and make an item, if it is already available at a nearby store? Yes, and 3D-printing has a lot of problems with which ordinary users simply can not improve. So it is worthwhile to closely monitor the development of interesting technology, but also not to count on its mass character in the near future.

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