What to do if the phone fell into the water

Such a misfortune can happen to anyone, and with some it happened more than once. Someone drops their mobile phone into the sink or toilet, someone launches it with clothes, and someone just sheds some liquid on it.

Does the machine not turn on? Do not be in a hurry to get upset, you can try to bring it back to life. We know how to revive a drowning phone with a few simple steps. No one gives guarantees, but why not try it?

What to do if the phone fell into the water

1. Turn off the phone.

This is exactly what you need to do right away with the device pulled out of the water. The fact is that the apparatus is not required to destroy the action of moisture, but short-circuits that appear because of it. In no case can you shake the phone, because the liquid can penetrate even deeper. If you can remove the battery from the phone, it should be done as soon as possible. If it is not removable, then at least turn off the power. If it was turned off at the time of hit, do not try to turn it on for testing. It takes a couple of days to bring the phone to a normal appearance, get ready to do without this device for a short time.

What to do if the phone fell into the water

2. Disassembly.

Anything that can be unscrewed and unscrewed on the device must be removed. It can be a back cover, sim card, stubs. Only the main thing here is not to overdo it, and then the phone will be dismantled to the cogs, it will not be assembled later. It is important to understand that a wet device requires as many openings as possible to dry.

What to do if the phone fell into the water

3. Drying.

Well, if you have a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle in the form of a narrow tip. With its help, you can try to remove the maximum amount of moisture from the wet device. It is best to vacuum each available opening for a minimum of five minutes. In extreme cases, you can use the dryer to dry. However, it is important to remember that the air stream must be cold, because a warm stream can simply melt the details. So in this case it is better to use a vacuum cleaner.

What to do if the phone fell into the water

4. Drying.

At this step, the affected device must be dried. For this, it is better to put the phone in a container with rice. The secret is simple – this croup well absorbs moisture. The main thing here is to have patience and leave the device in this state for at least two days. If after that some traces of moisture on the phone remain (this can be a misted up screen), then you can wait another day. If the device looks normal, then you can try to turn it on.

What to do if the phone fell into the water

If these steps were done correctly and in the right sequence, then the likelihood that the phone will work, as if nothing had happened, is great.

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