Unusual Dating Sites

People have learned to earn excellent money on fear of loneliness, over the desire to have a partner nearby and dreams of simple family happiness. With the development of the Internet, many dating sites have appeared. People here not only meet and develop relations, some people earn good money on this.

Although cyberspace is changing at an impressive rate, dating sites are still very popular. After all, the desires of both sides are so natural and do not depend on technology. Probably, there will not be many such projects ever. In addition, any ideas will certainly find their user. Even unexpected dating sites are becoming popular.

Unusual Dating Sites

Face control. It has long been no secret that people are attracted to their own kind. It is interesting to communicate with intelligent intellectuals, it would be desirable to find such kind friends, and beautiful communicate with beautiful friends. Rating service BeautifulPeople.com was created just for those who above all puts external data, forgetting about the intellect and the inner world. To join an elite dating club of fine people, you will have to prove your talents in this field. When registering, a new member must upload his photo. Then the registered participants will evaluate the external data of the candidate and determine whether he is handsome enough. If a strict jury determines that a beginner is quite good, then he will have access to the full functionality of the dating site.

Unusual Dating Sites

Acquaintance of sluts.

At the present time, even youth idols can dress sloppy, this does not prevent them from being popular. And why shy of your appearance, if your second half is also not the ideal of beauty? There is a special dating site The Ugly Bug Ball. Here, as in the previous case, the guests are also greeted by their “clothes”. Only here the pass-through ticket here, on the contrary, is the exterior, different from the ideal. The motto of the site was the phrase “The real deyting for real people.” It implies that most ordinary people are not handsome in their mass. One can only guess how much criticism will be given to a handsome man, albeit with a low self-esteem, who has risked registering here. Pretty here is clearly not in high esteem.

Unusual Dating Sites


In modern society, a whole layer of real fans of the brand “Apple” has already formed. They lead a special way of life, self-identify and feel involved in the mass, but subculture. In addition, there was an opinion that the production of the company from Cupertino is especially appealing to creative people who have good taste and who want to get only the best from life. Someone argues with this, and someone tries to benefit. Thus, the service Cupitdino was born. This dating site for fans of the “apple” brand. There, Apple fans get to know each other and establish relationships exclusively with the same crazy fans. The very name of the service playfully plays around the locations of the company’s main headquarters. And you can get to this site exclusively from Apple products – you can see it on the iPad iPhone and MacBooks. Genetics for help.

Often people get acquainted with such sites not just for the purpose of short-term relations, but for creating their own family. In this case, they must be extremely attentive to their choice. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to such seemingly unromantic things as genetics. After all, this is what directly affects the health and fate of the future offspring. Genepartner is an online genetic compatibility test. He gives an idea of ​​all the risks that arise when planning a family. This resource is quite popular, it cooperates with a variety of online dating services, including the famous match.com.

Unusual Dating Sites

Dating animals.

People are social beings. However, communication and the need for friends are not only with us, but also with our pets.A site called Doggy Datting directly offers its services to those owners whose dog wants to go on a date or simply to find the same four-legged friend as herself. In the questionnaire section, dogs are told why they are looking for partners – for the purpose of playing, friendship, or acquiring offspring. In this case, the dogs also tell about their merits, for example, the presence of their own ball and a lot of bones.

Unusual Dating Sites

For those who are for …

In Soviet times, dating services were popular, “For those for whom …”. They gave one more chance to the already elderly people to find themselves a partner in life. Indeed, all ages are submissive to love. Dayting-service “For those over 50” is trying to prove that it’s really never too late to love. But all the same it’s better to hurry up, turning here for help. This is eloquently evidenced by a watch with a running second hand meeting the visitor on the main page of the site. Only such an approach can catch up on the sadness of the past years, and not the desire to seek their love here. Love in prison.

In Russia, the tradition of correspondence between girls and prisoners has a long tradition. After all, camp and prison culture in our country is very rich. But the romance of such correctional institutions attracts not only our compatriots. The site womenbehindbars.com offers to get acquainted with women who are currently serving a prison term. According to the rules of the dating service, users should not be interested in what exactly their girlfriends by correspondence are currently in prison. I must say that many people are interested in such uncertainty and are interested.

Unusual Dating Sites

Meetings of the mentally ill.

I must say that mental illnesses also unite people. Ordinary citizens are a little afraid of such patients and even shun. After all, it’s hard to say what to expect from them next? However, a complicated diagnosis in a medical chart does not mean that this person is not capable of light feelings. And to prove this fact, we can cite the statistics of many successful marriages between patients in psychiatric hospitals. And help them to meet each other helps site NoLongerLonely (“No longer alone”).

Unusual Dating Sites

Acquaintance blindly.

This kind of romantic relationship has been popular for a long time. Two people meet, never having seen each other before. Such an acquaintance is rather risky, but also fascinating. Specially for fans of this genre, the site Crazyblinddate.com was created. There people agree on meetings, while it is forbidden to share photos or videos, to exchange links to profiles in social networks or other resources. Participants try to do everything to make their date really unexpected.

Unusual Dating Sites

Clever and clever.

The project IntelligentPeople.com gained fame in 2008. Everyone was discussing this dating site for really smart people. After all, the segregation principle worked there. Intellectuals have nothing to talk with ordinary people, they need to find the appropriate acquaintances. Even getting inside this site was quite difficult – when registering the user was forced to pass an IQ test. Only those who showed high scores for intelligence were allowed into the society of the elect. A low estimate blocked the way to further acquaintance. Only here such a site lived only 3 years. Perhaps the number of intellectuals was not so great as to interest each other. Or maybe everything was even easier – the smart people are interested in communicating with ordinary people, and not listen to high-intellectual conversations from the likes of themselves.

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