The Worst Airports in the World

Air travel has become an integral part of our lives. There are even special websites that evaluate the quality of airports. One of the resources, “Sleeping at the airports”, created a list of the worst places for air passengers. At the same time, all angry reviews and negative assessments of transit passengers from all over the world were taken into account.

Today they leave their complaints no longer some kind of a book of offers, but in Facebook and on themed resources. However, to get rid of stupid abuse, it was decided to evaluate the worst airports by simple parameters: convenience, cleanliness, customer service.

Recently, according to the website of “Sleeping in airports” there has been a tendency to deterioration of service in European “air locks”. People complain about poor security, lack of convenient places, rudeness and hostility of personnel, extortion, poor sanitation and much more.

When talking about the worst airports, one takes into account those with a fairly large passenger turnover. It is clear that African objects are much more dirty and terrible than those listed below. But who in a sober mind and sound memory will fly to rest in Somalia? Manila Airport, Terminal 1 (Ninoy Aquino International, Manila).

This airport got its notoriety, thanks to huge lines. Yes, and the very first terminal, which is also the oldest here, is in an unenviable condition. Yes, there was a wave of revealing articles in the press, to which the airport employees bravo reported on their readiness to improve the situation. But the technical condition of the bathrooms leaves much to be desired. Sleeping at the airport in Manila transit passengers is not recommended. After all, losing a wallet is not the most terrible adventure in this place. Here, life is valued cheaper. And if you need the Internet, then in Terminal 1 it is not worth looking for. For access to the World Wide Web, you will have to go to Terminal 3.

The Worst Airports in the World

Paris, Paris Beauvais Airport.

It happens that, like Cinderella, people need to leave their resting place in the middle of the night. But from the airport building between 11:30 and 6:30 just do not go out and enter. After all, it’s simply closed! Those who have to fly with a night change through the airport of Beauvais, you can advise you to bring a tent and a sleeping bag. After all, waiting for your flight, you’ll have to spend the night almost in the fields. Reykjavik, KeflavĂ­k International Airport.

The Worst Airports in the World


Usually, airports tend to provide comfort to passengers awaiting their flight. But this is not the case. Hospitality for sleepy guests Keflavik does not suffer. But just recently a neighboring volcano made me languish in anticipation of hundreds of thousands of passengers across Europe. Himself Keflavik extremely honestly through ads does not advise spending the night here. Of course, you can get lucky and stern guards still allow you to spend the night inside the building. Only now you can not sleep in it, leaving your eyes open. And the airport itself is not enough to look unfriendly, so it’s also cold inside.

The Worst Airports in the World

, Bergamo Orio al Serio (Caravaggio Airport Bergamo Orio al Serio).

This airport suffers from a lack of modern amenities. For passengers tired of flying, there are many places in it. Bergamo Airport resembles a humming beehive. After all, the building is crowded with people who constantly generate noise. Travelers should beware of local guards. After all, they do not stand on ceremony with guests, simply driving the crowd from one room to another, like a flock of sheep. Kiev Borispol International Airport.

Memories of passengers-foreigners who have visited here, like a book of horrors. People wonder how they could survive? One time complaints ceased to arrive. But soon the passengers again made a voice. They are not satisfied with the small number of places in the waiting rooms, poor service and a small number of services for working with transit passengers. Yes, and the staff does not shine with knowledge of foreign languages.It remains only to hope that Euro 2012 will correct this situation for the better. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

There is not much to say about this airport. In the halls there are not enough seats for passengers, and internal services are simply unsatisfactory. Hahn Airport confirms its reputation as a place that serves exclusively budget airlines.

The Worst Airports in the World

London, Luton (London Luton Airport).

Even London airport “disappointed”. The main services here are provided unsatisfactorily, even the most basic amenities here are either lacking or of poor quality. The internal premises are practically not heated, in any case, it is always cold in it. All this forces many passengers, while waiting for their flight, to sit or even lie on the floor. Airport of Pisa (Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport).

The Worst Airports in the World

When planning to rest in Pisa, be prepared for the fact that you will not see it at the local airport. The room is completely closed from 1 to 4 nights. Can you call these doors hospitable? And the guards themselves do not look serene. Why they gathered here as one, big, rude and evil. If you are going to spend the night before the airport on the lawn, then prepare yourself for awakening from an invigorating, but cold irrigation system.

The Worst Airports in the World

Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris, CDG Airport).

This airport for a long time kept the palm tree among the worst. But his reputation improved slightly with the appearance of rare positive reviews. But have those famous dark terminals changed, their dampness as if resembling the sinister bunkers of the Second World War? They say that there was a “unique” opportunity for travelers to sleep and eat in some of these rooms. And the security became kinder. But the services familiar to the civilized tourist are still inaccessible. About free Wi-Fi and a cup of coffee at any time of the day can not be dreamed. Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles International Airport).

American facilities at the very top of the rating. Los Angeles Airport creates the impression of a huge anthill – it is constantly crowded with people who make noise and fuss. But in the halls for rest the amount of space is limited. Not surprisingly, fans of passive recreation have to be located directly on the floor. Travelers are uncomfortable and overly vigilant. In every suspicious tourist she sees a potential international terrorist. So, one can involuntarily get stuck here for several years. New York, Kennedy Airport, Terminal 3 (John F. Kennedy International Airport).

This terminal topped the list of places that could spoil the whole impression of a holiday. In the damp cellar there are endless points for monitoring migration. To get anywhere drinks or goods is simply impossible. The three entrances are lost in space and there is a constant jolt. Corridors literally spit out travelers to the underground sidewalks, where a taxi is a rarity. In addition, tourists with bitterness ascertain that the cleaners must have fled in despair.

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