The Strangest Races

Competitions occupy a special place in a person’s life. After all, someone wants to overtake someone, become stronger or more successful. When a man learned to move not only with the help of his feet, there were races. People competed on speed even in ancient countries. Today, there are many different races. But among them there are also rather unusual, where not always the result is put in the forefront.

The Strangest Races

Great Dorset Steam Fair, Dorset, United Kingdom.

This show takes place in late August – early September. But tickets for it can be purchased in the spring. After all, these unusual races have managed for 40 years of their existence to turn from fun to fans into the world’s largest competition of steam engines. Moreover, the same music festival and radio station with the same name appeared on the light. Concerts there are so popular that they gather spectators no less than directly on the races themselves. Organizers to describe their offspring lead two eloquent figures – 550 barrels of beer and 200 tons of coal. The list of sponsors of these races is quite impressive, even the national heritage fund took patronage over them. Nevertheless, the competition in Dorset keeps the atmosphere in love with locomotives of teenage youth. For the duration of the races in the town, the pub “Royal Oak” is rented. Of course, it is not enough for all 25 thousand spectators coming to stare at the monsters choking with black smoke. But in 1968, when it all began, there were only two thousand spectators. Today, the race in Dorset – a respectable event with a budget of 2 million pounds and 300 employees. Ironically, the race itself does not provide for the railway itself. Most of the old steam locomotives are disguised in rigid wheels from the same ancient tractors. Race on land boats, Alice Springs, Australia.

These races are actually a real parody. The fact is that this Australian regatta Hedley-on-Todd as if mocking the famous British Henley on Thames. Thus, the former colony, where for a long time exiled dangerous criminals, mocked its metropolis. In addition, the race seems to make it clear that a severe Australian drought, ruining farmers and destroying life on the mainland, can bring people and smiles. And the whole point is that in Henley-on-Todd people are chasing boats by land. And it was established by one local meteorologist, who was tired of seeing the nature of blessed rainfall. If in England, Cambridge and Oxford take part in the race, then in Australia, “Vikings” and “pirates” compete. Teams arrive in Alice Springs on every third Saturday of August. Boats in the race are of the same class as in England – aristocratic eights, yachts, oxford tubes and bath tubes. Row participants on the sand is pretty hard, but to run, lifting the boat to the waist, much easier. There are also big ships on the pedals. They move slowly, scratching the bottom against the sand and picking up clouds of dust. And there are races in the mouth of the dried up river Tod. Surprisingly, boat racing takes place at a distance of fifteen hundred kilometers from the nearest pond.

The Strangest Races

Top Fuel, California, USA.

It does not matter that the cars participating in the race have a rather bizarre appearance. The main thing here is speed. The distance is a quarter of a mile, or 402.3 meters. And on the road, there are two participants. To detect the result of participants, you must use sensitive electronics. After all, all cars are very fast and they share a fraction of a second. The peculiarity of the race is also that cars use rather unusual fuel. It is 10% composed of methanol and another 90% of nitromethane. And outwardly these cars are difficult to confuse with other cars. Racing samples are long and narrow. These are the fastest samples from all machines. Their start starts at a speed of 160 km / h, and at the finish a bar of 500 km / h is reached. It should be noted that the braking distance of the cars is impressive.At the start of the machine, a gas is immediately pulled out of eight nozzles, whose temperature is 260 degrees Celsius. Speed, like temperature, increases at a distance of 4 times. Only here the whole race lasts no more than 4 seconds. Conduct it usually in the dark, so that the fire of roaring cars looks spectacular. Race on the tarantas, Kiev, Ukraine.

The route of this race lay in the capital of Ukraine along the Dnieper descent, from the Glory square and to the Park road. Participants rode on the most unusual tarantas. Someone decided to move around at the beer can, and someone on the sandwich. The transport was Rubik’s cube, a purple shoe, an apple, a covered table, a drum set, a moonshine. Thirty other objects were not so colorful, but equally unusual. But all these vehicles had one related property – they did not have a motor. And it was necessary to move with the help of natural draft. The teams were allowed to attend no more than 4 people, they then made up the muscular strength of their transport. In the race participated athletes, dreamers from Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Sevastopol and other cities of the country. At the same time the track for the competitions was built specially – at a distance of 450 meters there was a place for jumps and kontruklonam. Mad tarantas simply must in addition to its coloring to have speed and stability. And the victory at the last competitions was won by the team of “Pekelnoy Chortyaki”. The Dnipropetrovsk team “Under cover of night” overcame the fastest of all. It took her 55 seconds to drive all 450 meters. Ukrainian competitions became the next world stage of the project “races on anything.” In Russia, you can see this in July in Krylatskoye. Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta, Darwin, Australia.

Is it possible to get frustrated by hitting an uninhabited island with a couple of boxes of beer? After all, you can arrange a whole party with a drink! And after it from the empty container you can build a normal raft. Those who do not believe in such a means of transportation, you need to know about the Darwin regatta. This race has been held since 1974. The usual regional family holiday during this time grew into an important festival, which has a place in the tourist calendar. And the idea fell on the organizers in the literal sense of the sky. Passed cyclone Tracy turned part of the Australian city of Darwin into ruins, many volunteers and rescuers came here. Before them there was a problem – what to do with the disposal of numerous containers? After all, all the liquid came here in jars or a bottle. The answer was found – to adapt it for an unusual regatta. It has become an adornment of the city and an option to fight garbage. Annually more than 60 boats built from beer bottles take part in the races. But at the beginning of the competition they were four times less. At the same time the swimming means are not small – the longest boat reaches a length of 12 meters. Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race, Baltimore, USA.

In these competitions there are no cars, their places were occupied by kinetic sculptures. Organized this race is the American Museum of Visual Arts in Baltimore. After the end of the competition, the winner is shown throughout the following year. And the race was born in 1969 in California. There, the artist Howard Brown made a five-wheeled three-wheeled bicycle. However, this transport did not allow him to win competitions. But behind the wheel of an unusual pentacycle photographed a local senator. Everyone liked the new transport, and it was decided to implement the idea at the national level. For this, a complex race track was built in California, where the Kinetic Grand Race on sand dunes began to be carried out. To this, Baltimore responded with his eight-hour race. Participants were to overcome 15 miles of mud, sand, ice and sidewalk. Initially, there were only six participants, and now the Baltimore race has become a prestigious stage of the whole International Championship.A number of requirements are provided for each participating crew. There are restrictions on the size of the vehicle and the number of crew. On board, there must also be some kind of “domestic creature made of a sock.” In this case, the garment must necessarily be old. For violation of this clause, each team of two pilots is fined for an hour.

The Strangest Races

Pattaya International Bed Race, Pattaya, Thailand.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis race can not be considered new. For 40 years, similar races have been held in English Yorkshire. After all, the love of eccentricity in the blood of the British. In Thailand, we decided to simplify this competition. Here the January race has been held for several years, it is obvious that she will live for a long time. And decided to cheer tourists and locals Rotary club, the venture justified itself. Many people came to the streets to greet the beds that rushed to the finish. There are more than 30 participants, and the mayor of Pattaya sends them out to the sports feats. The evaluation is conducted in four categories: beauty, unusualness, speed and popularity among the public. At the recent competitions the fastest were the city hall staff, they guessed to push the bed with the pilot. The most beautiful transport was in the department of special investigations, and in the other two categories local police won. At the next competitions there was a new nomination – “the slowest bed”. Losers in the competition can not be, because all the proceeds from the race go to the charitable foundation. For 3 years of the existence of this race, it was possible to raise about 30 million baht. Race on pumpkins, Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Glory to Ludwisburg was brought not by this unusual race, but by the largest exhibition of pumpkins in Europe. It is held every year in autumn after the harvest. Here, guests can see up to 500,000 pumpkins that have grown in 450 varieties. Pumpkins are shown in indoor pavilions and among them even contests are held. People lay out whole beds of fruits. And in the local Baroque garden with the help of pumpkins collect whole unusual sculptures, similar to the work of the famous Arcimboldo. The last time a porter of a huge dinosaur was made. Sculptures are also carved from pumpkins, they are participants in the local theater. Well and the most simple – fruits are a basis for numerous dishes. The most famous of these is the German pumpkin strudel. Not surprisingly, the holiday of these huge fruits could not do without racing. This way of using favorite pumpkins was mastered by tireless Ludwigsburgers. To do this, in large fruit weighing under a hundred kilograms, hollow out the driver’s seat with an oar. Then the paths in the local lake are fenced, from where an excellent view of the Ludwigsburg Castle opens. Some participants put on their heads protective helmets, made, of course, also from a pumpkin.

The Strangest Races

British Lawn Mower Race, United Kingdom.

Where can an Irishman have an original idea? Of course, in the pub! So it happened in 1973, when Jim Gavin decided to race on lawn mowers. Today these competitions have already spread worldwide. They race on this garden equipment even in Finland. In Great Britain there is a whole Grand Prix. It includes several stages that take place in different places and at different times. There is an international championship for these races. At the very first in the history of such a race came at once 80 participants. The entire population of the village decided to compete with each other. Gavin’s idea gained popularity, because racing on lawn mowers is a kind of challenge to world sports, which is increasingly turning into show business. But many people can not or do not want to buy motorcycles to race. You can also remove the knives from the instrument and compete with your friends without spending a lot of money on it. It should be noted that such competitions are fundamentally devoid of commercial component. All collected money goes to charity.Racing has become so popular that they honor the honor and honor of celebrities. So, Sir Stirling Moss twice won the English Grand Prix. Among the other champions are Murray Walker, designer of “Ferrari” John Barnard and many drivers from the British motorbike Super Bike.

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