The strangest books for children

What can be more beautiful than children’s books? Bright pictures, large letters, good texts … But no, authors often start up experiments in this area. As a result, strange children’s books appear on the light.

The strangest books for children

German practicality.

Pragmatic Germans believe that their children should learn order from an early age. It was for them that the book “How to Hitch-hike: An Allowance for Children” was published. The fact that children leave the house is another matter. But let them at least correctly travel!

The strangest books for children

Love of animals.

Everyone knows that children adore animals. Adults try to maximally support such an interest in smaller brothers. But sometimes it happens in a strange way. Books with very original names were published: “Some kittens can fly” (children are asked to find out which ones?) And “All cats will go to hell”. The last book surprisingly even went through several editions, being quite popular among children in America. Science and psychology.

One American publishing house published three unusual colorful books. The first one is called “Dad drinks, because you cry”. Its authors were a group of psychiatrists at once, and the book itself is quite popular among children. Other books teach children to handle electric shocks. They are called “Why can not a fork and electric socket be friends?” And “Clumsy George and the high-voltage line”.

The strangest books for children

Education of envy.

It is not completely clear what the author of the book “Things that the rich parents have, and which you will never get”, counted on. Perhaps they wanted to motivate the child for success in life. But the educational effect can become quite different. Children just start to envy their rich peers.

The strangest books for children

Self psychologist.

And a couple of books offering children to understand independently what is going on in their heads and not only. “Hysteria, as a sure way to get what you want” and “Popular Anatomy.” Is it any wonder that the second is better bought. Probably, parents are simply afraid to create from their children experts in hysterics.

The strangest books for children

Young researchers.

This work can safely claim the title of a colorful illustrated classifier of animal feces. The German children’s book is called “About the mole, who wanted to find out who had pumped him on the head.” The author of such an interesting book was the well-known good storyteller Werner Holzwars in the country, and the illustration was created by professional artist Rolf Erlbuch.

The strangest books for children

Reading at night.

For those children who fall asleep badly, publishers have prepared unusual books. It is assumed that they should calm the baby and plunge into deep sleep. A useful book is called “Your nightmares are nothing but reality.” Sellers recommend to fully achieve success with her to buy more “The man on the moon is in fact – Satan.” There, the children will be told in color that the person who can be seen on the moon actually belongs to the devil. As soon as the kid commits a bad act, he will be immediately taken to hell. Read these books to your children and see how quickly they fall asleep.

The strangest books for children

Fighting overeating.

Often parents resort to any means to adjust the weight of their child. An unusual book is called to fight with gluttony. She talks about one boy who loved to eat. Among all the paperback books, this is one of the most sold out. It’s called simply “Boy who died because he ate everything”. Why convince, when you can scare? Hike to the cemetery.

This work was released by American storytellers. In the book, the Egyptian pyramids, Tatar burial mounds and Greek mausoleums are described in an accessible language. The text can be read to children from the age of 5, so everything is clear. History in general is a very interesting topic for any age.Only here confuses the title of the book: “Where would you like to be buried”. Do you think about it at the age of five?

The strangest books for children

father’s wife.

This book is without a doubt the leader among all the strange books for children. Her name is “A new father’s wife, who’s called Robert.” This curious publication is designed to reduce the possible psychological trauma of children when parents enter into same-sex marriage. “Son, this is your new mother, he’s a new dad.”

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