The most unusual submarines


– a terrible and secretive weapon, which was originally in service with the military. However, over time it turned out that not only do they need a secretive means to move. It is enough to remember only Captain Nemo and his Nautilus. His submarine markedly distinguished from all that could at that time offer scientific and technological progress.

And if the military has a traditional form of submarines, performing quite certain tasks, but civilians can afford to fantasize. It is the peaceful purposes that the most unusual submarines serve. Some machines carry out unique research, while others simply serve as a way of amusement. We will tell below about the ten most unusual submarines.

The most unusual submarines


In its above-water position, this submarine quickly transforms into a speedboat. It seemed that earlier such devices were only available to super-spies, like James Bond. I think, and he would not have refused in one of his missions to use this fast boat, able to also swim under water. This device worth $ 3.5 million was released by Marion Hyper-Submersible Powerboat Design. To develop, and then create their own creation, engineers spent a full 31 years! But, going on sale, he literally turned the notion that generally should be able to personal submarines. As a boat Hyper-Sub accelerates to 40 knots, and submerged under the water the device can reach a depth of 80 meters.

The most unusual submarines

Yellow submarine.

This device is famous in itself, being sung by the legendary “Beatles”. They hardly imagined that they were singing about such a submarine. It can accommodate only two people, but it can dive to a depth of three hundred meters. Explorers of the sea landscape within the submarine will have enough air for six hours. The boat is equipped with the latest technology – there is also a halogen lamp, high-frequency radio transmitter, GPS-navigator. And inside the round glass sphere, climate control is installed to make the underwater journey as comfortable as possible. The boat seems miniature, but to pay for the “toy” will have as much as $ 2 million.

The most unusual submarines


This submarine with a technical boat is not exactly that. Nevertheless, this compact catamaran boat can travel underwater. The cab of the device is always in the underwater position, but the upper part, belonging to the catamaran always above the water surface. Such a design significantly reduces the risk of underwater travel, and even managing the device is not difficult. Such a device was created by the company Raonhaie, which says that it is possible to study the underwater world with its catamaran, even without the ability to swim. To fully ensure safety, all the windows in the underwater block are made of strong acrylic glass. The windshield is very large, as are the side windows. Thus, passengers have an excellent opportunity to view fish and corals while remaining dry. The very place of such a submarine is in the Red Sea, with its beautiful underwater world.

The most unusual submarines

Seabreacher X.

This is the second boat in the series of personal products of this manufacturer. If the first for the basis of its shape took playful dolphins, then the second preferred to use the silhouettes of swift sharks. Submarine in the underwater position accelerates to 25 miles per hour, and in the surface can swim 2 times faster. In doing so, it also jumps over the water by 4 meters. From a technical point of view, the boat is provided with the latest technology. A video camera is built into its periscope. It can transfer images to monitors inside the submarine. Naturally, there is also a GPS navigator to display the location, as well as an onboard audio system. The manufacturer has produced only 10 such “predatory” submarines. Given the interest in them, one should expect that they will not be enough for everyone.

The most unusual submarines

Super Falcon.

Who said that a submarine should be a standard pitchfork.Marine engineer Graham Hawks created his creation, making it look like an airplane. Naturally, the boat is personal, few people are able to pay $ 1.5 million for it. And it works on electric batteries. The submarine has a rear-wheel propeller, which looks more like an ordinary fan. It is he who ensures the course of the boat. The battery gives power to 48 volts. Super Falcon can take on board two passengers. Only here is the speed of moving to an insulting small – only 3.5 meters per minute.

The most unusual submarines


French engineer Stefan Rawson considered that the boat does not need any engines at all. Its movement should be provided by the owner himself, using for this pedal traction. The very same submarine is made of carbon fiber. Its task is to participate in international races of submarines of this class. Continuous torsion of the pilot pedals can disperse the submarine to six miles per hour, and it can fall under the water to a depth of not more than six meters. Let the boat and the unusual, but it certainly is the most environmentally friendly. After all, she does not need any fuel. And the rotation of the pedals can add health to some fat-swallowing millionaire.

The most unusual submarines


And this personal boat moves with the help of pedal traction. Only here its creator did not finish universities and did not receive a special education. The designer of the development was the 14-year-old Swiss teenager Arok Kraer. Having started building his own boat in 10 years, in 4 years he completed the project. To create a submarine, very unusual parts were used – iron troughs, of which pigs were previously fed.

The most unusual submarines


A boat with this name was created by the German company Nemo Tauchtouristik. Her product is personal. It is assumed that Nemo should carry 2-3 tourists. It uses a whole system of air supply, which allows you to stay under the water of the whole essence. For people to be able to better view the panorama of the underwater world, convex glass windows are used. The creators say that in such a boat tourists can imagine what Captain Nemo felt.

The most unusual submarines


And this boat is connected with the hero Jules Verne. However, in such a personal submarine, and not everyone can feel Nemo. Nautilus is a luxury device, it is launched from yachts of the same class that is unattainable for an ordinary tourist. When designing the design engineers consulted with military consultants. Now the pilot knows that if his boat suddenly finds itself in the firing zone, nothing threatens inside. And to pass the time in the underwater world, the Nautilus is equipped with a minibar and a high-quality stereo system.

The most unusual submarines


Perhaps, it is not surprising that billionaires create submarines to their liking. It happened with Richard Branson. He has his own airlines, he develops space tourism, has acquired his own island for personal use. The rich man is famous for his love of extreme travel, it is possible to mention at least a round-the-world journey in a balloon. Now he bought himself a personal submarine. Its base is the personal island of Branson – Necker. And the submarine is called “Nymph”. The author of the project was the already mentioned Graham Hawks from the company Ocean Technologies Hawks. “Nymph” can dive to a depth of 30 meters. But the billionaire himself allows to ride on it to all comers. To do this, you need to come to his island of Necker in the Caribbean and pay $ 25,000 for rent. This will provide an opportunity to explore the coastal underwater world.

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