The most unusual mobile phones

In 2006, the book of sociologist James Katz “Magic in the Air. Mobile communication and the transformation of society. ” In it, the author wrote that no other technology has entered the life of people so rapidly and was adopted quickly by a huge number of users. Today’s world can not be imagined without mobile phones – they even have Bedouin nomads. It’s no wonder that everyone wants to stand out in this giant market.

Sellers, buyers, designers, cellular companies – they are all involved in the delicious “pie” section. Someone tries to fill the phone with the latest achievements of technology, someone copies the successful original, and someone comes up with rather unusual models, thus attracting the buyer. People are tired of the usual, repeating each other as if under a carbon paper, the apparatus.

The most unusual mobile phones

NeoWood Kobra Limited Edition.

This mobile phone stands out because it is made of wood. The manufacturer offers such a device for an amount of 350 euros. Such an unusual phone was the fruit of the work of Swiss designers from Thalbach Design Manufaktur. Their idea was simple – NeoWood Cobra was to be the complete opposite of the rich and glamorous Vertu. The novelty was based on a small Swedish phone Neonode N2. It appeared on sale in 2007 and quickly disappeared from the shelves – the manufacturer company declared itself bankrupt. Meanwhile, the phone was made with the traditional for Sweden elegance. If it were not for financial reasons, it would have been able to win back its part of the market. The phone was very small and weighed only 60 grams. But the baby had all the functions necessary for such an apparatus. It was equipped with an mp3 player, a web browser, could take pictures and even play video. Buttons did not have a phone at all, but there was a patented zForce system. It allowed very precisely to track the movements of the fingers. This is what made it possible to manage the phone in a very unusual way. So, to call the virtual keyboard, you had to swipe your finger from the middle of the screen to its top. To reset the call it was necessary to hold the screen from right to left. Neopode N2 has become in many ways an innovative phone. After all, at that time such touchscreens were not used at all. Only a month later, a revolutionary IPhone appeared on sale. As a result, the Neopode N2, which was worthless even for Europe money – $ 860, quickly went into oblivion. But an interesting device was noted – the unsold party was bought out by resourceful Swiss. Those created for the phone an original wooden frame made of maple and wood kirikote. It is also used in the production of some musical instruments. Neopods do not need to compete with anyone. They turned into a designer trinket today, which, nevertheless, knows how to call, take pictures, and play music. It is even believed that such a phone, thanks to the materials of the hull, does not sink in the water. Today it costs two times less than the original device, and for only 5 euro the manufacturer can apply any engraving on the case. The minus of such an unusual phone is only one. It is rather difficult to change the SIM-card in it, it is comparable to the assembly and dismantling of mechanical watches.

The most unusual mobile phones

ZTE s312.

This original phone is interesting in that it works on solar panels. Its price is low – only 35 dollars. The manufacturer, the ZTE company, is the largest in China and one of the largest in the world. However, the phone was also used by the mobile operator from Jamaica Digicell Group. The phone has a clear target audience – the poorest sections of the population of the most backward countries, who sometimes do not have access to electricity. So the phone is made so that it does not need charging and socket. It is charged using an ordinary solar battery mounted in its cover. The phone appeared on the market in February 2009 and quickly became popular in many countries of the Caribbean. Later, the device was successfully sold in China, India and Africa.On the Internet, you can find the recognition of the lucky owners of the s312 model. On them you can clearly identify the portrait of the typical owner of such a phone. So, Kenyan farmer says that he works on a farm and had to go to the market every time to recharge his phone. But the distance is pretty decent. As a result, the employer bought a phone for $ 35 to the employee so that he could hang around idly and pay more attention to his direct duties. He already does not remember when he last used a rosette. After all, the s312 is capable of charging from the sun even during the rainy season. And the savings are obvious, now there is no need to pay each time in the market for each charging of the phone. In addition to its basic functions, the phone is equipped with an FM-receiver, it can be accessed via GPRS. In general, the model ZTE s312 corresponds to the current fashion for “green” products. Immediately after its entry into the market, the phone became an obligatory member of various ratings of Greenpeace. The joint initiative of the Chinese and Jamaicans did not go unnoticed – in the summer of 2010 the phone Puma Phone appeared. It was released jointly by Puma and Sagem Telecommunications. He also received a built-in solar battery. Only here the target audience of the product is completely different, because it costs 400 euros. Today, the fashion for devices working in the sun is just developing. Similar phones have already been released by LG and Samsung. The model of the latter, Blue Earth, is also made from recycled bottles. According to rumors, solar panels can get a new phone from Apple.

The most unusual mobile phones

Stun Master 800,000 volts.

This unit is not only a telephone, but also an electric shocker. The approximate cost of it is small from 20 to 40 dollars. Such an invention became a sensation in America, especially relevant after the events of September 11. Externally, the device is the most usual cheap phone, but inside it hides a compact electric shock. It is powered by two lithium batteries. It is quite easy to use the protective function. It is necessary to remove the electric shock from the fuse, disguised as a volume control, and then press the silver button, which looks like a joystick. After that, between the two inconspicuous arcs in the area of ​​the alleged antenna, a powerful charge is leaping. Depending on the model, its power may vary. It ranges from 100 thousand volts in very tiny models to 2.7 million in armor-piercing SM-Multi. It is true that such a “phone” does not know how to call. On this occasion, even a special investigation was conducted by the FBI. The authorities of the airports suddenly found that mobile phones could be dangerous. In fact, thanks to this particular model, mobile phones have now become visible in American airports. Now such rules are adopted by other countries. It was this measure that made it possible to catch one Serb in his time. He was able to disguise his miniature pistol as a mobile phone. The fake antenna served as a muzzle of the weapon, it contained 4 bullets. For shots it was necessary to press the keys 5, 6, 7, 8, respectively. Relatively, Stun Master should also mention that they have to use exclusively at their own peril and risk. After all, such a device, as well as other electric shock, are prohibited in 9 US states, as well as in Canada and other countries.

The most unusual mobile phones

Ilkone i800.

This phone is for Muslims only. It costs not cheap – about 500 dollars. The world of Islam has always positively perceived technological novelties. There are even ringtones with reading sur, and they appeared almost simultaneously with the usual melodies. The growing popularity of SMS was once noted in Islamic countries, especially in South-East Asia. There appeared SMS-services, which inform believers that it is time for prayer. After all, a true Muslim should read prayers five times a day, and hearing the calls of the muezzin in noisy cities is sometimes very difficult. In such cases, SMS notifications help. More than a billion Muslims live in the world.This huge market could not be left without attention of phone manufacturers. The first attempt to enter it was carried out by LG. In 2003, she launched a phone with a digital compass, which showed where Mecca is. This model has become quite popular, but a truly “Islamic” phone appeared on the market later. The concept was created by Samcom. At first the project was small, but it turned out to be successful. A year later the company from the Arab Emirates released a much more perfect model – ilkone i800. And in it there was a place to the compass pointing to Mecca. The text of the entire Qur’an is pre-loaded in English and Arabic. There is also a lunar calendar, which helps the Muslims in determining their calendar holidays. Those signals that let you know about daily prayers can be flexibly adjusted to yourself. There is an opportunity to install a voice of a muezzin from Mecca, Cairo or Medina by phone. The ilkone i800 phone has an exact prayer time base for 5000 cities. The device automatically switches to sleep during prayer. Outwardly, this is an ordinary clamshell telephone that differs from analogues only with a bright Arabic design. Although the model was noisy, the reaction of the Muslim public was mixed. Some visitors of mosques believed that this phone makes sense when you are on the road. And is there any sense to pray daily 5 times, read the Koran from the phone screen and know where the Mecca is, if the person’s heart is unclean? Hot discussions about the phone turned on Islamic sites. It is noteworthy that in the Arab Emirates, where religious conservatives are the strongest, the phone began to sell. But officially, not one of the Muslim theologians opposed this apparatus. The company-manufacturer, in addition, before the start of sales, secured all the necessary permits and documents. The phone was certified at the Islamic University of Al-Azhar in Cairo and the Malay Department of Islamic Development. At the very start of its sales model ilkone i800 was not cheap – $ 496. Soon this niche was in demand among other manufacturers, which began to produce phones simpler and cheaper. In Malaysia, you could recoup the green phone Hadari. Its price was 222 dollars, it also had a compass and a Koran. In the same place, the Hidaya phone came to the market soon, costing only 32 dollars. Today, there are many “Islamic” phones in the world, but their concept has gradually lost its meaning. After all, almost all important reminders, texts and possibilities for a Muslim can be installed on almost any modern phone in the form of small useful programs.

The most unusual mobile phones

CECT M600.

The fact that the phone has a watch is the most common thing. But are there many hours that can serve as a telephone? It was this model that got the name CECT M600. Its cost is about 100 dollars. We can say that all the world’s spies dreamed of a phone that looked like a pocket watch. A few years ago, technology finally allowed such a dream to come true. The mobile phone became possible to arrange in a small box the size of a clock. Since the time when the touchscreen technology entered the mobile technology in 2007, several phones in the form of watches were released at once. These are LG-GD910, iCell and iMobile. Hong Kong manufacturers in the form of the M600 have already released the third generation of such a product. The previous ones bore the names M300 and M500. The latest model is also the most technically perfect. It supports three GSM bands, can play video and audio, record SMS. In short, the basic capabilities are not inferior to conventional phones. But the M600 also has an integrated 3G modem. As a result, you can try to view web pages on a tiny screen. To talk on such a phone you will have to buy a bluetooth headset. But similar devices are much inferior in design to the creation of Adam Huffman.He was able to connect the mobile phone and mp3 player into the case of a traditional pocket watch with a chain. Only now those who want to launch such a concept into mass production have not yet been found.

The most unusual mobile phones

Goldstriker Iphone 3GS Supreme.

This phone is interesting because it has become the most expensive in the world. Its approximate cost is 3.2 million dollars. He was able to beat off the palm tree of Le Million, who until 2008 was present in this nomination in the Guinness Book of Records. The former record holder was created by Geneva jewelers from Goldvish. Their work resembled a small horn of diamonds and cost a million dollars. It was the most common PR project, because Goldvish specializes in jewelery decoration of its own phones. As a result, Le Million became an excellent advertisement for the manufacturer. But soon the record was beaten – the new leader was Kings Buttons iPhone work by Peter Aloison. It cost as much as 2.4 million. Previously, Peter had already demonstrated the iPhone, inlaid with diamonds. But the new creation received a much larger budget, which determined its cost. For example, the only button on the phone is a 6.6 carat diamond. Today, such a race can support any jeweler – if only there was an ambitious client. Today the most expensive phone in the world is Goldstriker Iphone 3GS Supreme. He was created by jeweler Stuart Hughes from Goldstriker International. She herself pays great attention to the creation of manually various household devices and decorating them. There are in the range of gold ipads, laptops made of platinum and rose gold. You can order decorate the plasma TV with diamonds and trim them with an alligator skin. This fashion among American rappers was called bling-bling. Goldstriker is an ordinary iPhone 3GS, executed in this style. This phone turned into a heavy gold bar, decorated with 53 diamonds on the outside. And in this instance, the place of the central button was taken by a diamond, even larger than the previous record holder, 7.1 carats. Together with the phone comes a massive granite case. Unlike Le Million, Goldstriker iPhone is not an advertising tool. The creation of such a phone is a private order of a businessman from Australia. It is worth noting for those wishing to purchase an unusual super-expensive phone, that there is nothing unique in it, except for gold and diamonds. Behind them lies the most common iPhone, in which there are no special features.

The most unusual mobile phones

Xian Yan Wang XYW 3838.

Find out who produces this phone-cigarette case and failed. There is such an unusual device from 100 to 175 dollars. Chinese ingenious nameless engineers created this time something in between, a fake rolex, a cube of Rubik and an anonymous mp3 player from a cheap market. Phone Wang XYW 3838 is made in the traditional for the popular brand of Chinese cigarettes Chonghwa red and gold colors. At the same time, the phone does not just simulate a pack, but also acts as a cigarette case. In the case of the device you can place seven standard cigarettes. To do this, simply open the plastic cover. In all the rest of the phone nothing is unnoticeable. It has a color screen, and the camera is equipped with a flash at the end. As it should be for a pack of cigarettes, all warning signs of the Chinese Ministry of Health are carefully put on the phone. Phone Wang XYW 3838 quickly gained popularity in English-language blogs. The device became famous far beyond its own country. But in China itself they know little about him. The phone was first sold in Taiwan. It is also evident that Shanghai Tobacco, which owns the brand Chonghwa, did not participate in the creation of an unusual device. And do not be fooled even by the presence of VIP versions of such a phone in a special suitcase, with a branded lighter and a pack of Chonghwa cigarettes. Recently, in the wholesale markets of China, you can already find the heir XYW 3838 called Marlbara. Now the phone already imitates a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. This clearly demonstrates the place in the market of manufacturers XYW 3838.

The most unusual mobile phones

Haier P7 Pen Phone.

This original phone can also act as a pen. Its cost is about 165 British pounds. The device looks like an unnatural hybrid of a thermometer and a joystick. Haier P7 Pen Phone would be a real godsend for any private detective from the series of the 50’s. Imagine yourself – a pen that can call, take pictures and record a voice. The product weighs only 65 grams, but it contained a voice recorder with a memory for half an hour recording, a camera, albeit with a small resolution of 640 * 480. The phone has a bright display, it already has several polyphonic ringtones. In addition, the device also supports three GSM-bands – 9000, 1800 and 1900. The phone has enough battery for 4 hours of talk time. Haier company is the largest in China for the manufacture of consumer electronics. But the manufacturer decided to promote his unusual phone primarily in the British market. But the device was not popular there. All that was possible to achieve such a gadget, so this is a positive feedback in the magazines “Hello!” And “Sunday Times”. The manufacturer, in the hope of advertising, tried to give his phone to celebrities, in the hope that they would pose with him. But it did not work either – it was too inconvenient to press the small oblique buttons. Modern phones are already quite small, and there were no other significant advantages for Haier P7 Pen Phone. In addition, this “pen” does not know how to write.

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