The most unusual holidays in the world

People who are accustomed to their culture, the holidays of other peoples seem surprising, and often strange. To understand the traditions of other people, you just have to try not to limit yourself only to your culture.

However, in a series of holidays and competitions, peculiar to one or another people, there are truly amazing and unusual, which will be discussed below.

It should be noted that many competitions are so unusual and cheerful that they remind more of the festivities, because the victories in them are not so important, the participants are much more interested in having a good rest and just chatting. International Day of the Pirate.

The most unusual holidays in the world


This holiday, although born in the United States, has spread through the Internet all over the world. Now, on September 19 each year, people in bandanas and bandages in front of eyes who speak an unusual pirated language, intermingling the words with familiar “piastres”, “a thousand devils” can be found in different parts of the earth.

The most unusual holidays in the world

World Rug Championships.

And again the festival was invented by the English, and it is held in the city of Egremont. Some data suggest that the competition originated as far back as 1297, at the crab fair held here. The holiday has come to our days, becoming international and annual, passing in September. Legendary champion is a certain Peter Jackson, who, for the sake of owning the title “the most terrible face” pulled out all his teeth – it gave him the opportunity to build new horrible grimaces.

The most unusual holidays in the world

Monkey banquet.

This festival is held in Lopburi, Thailand. Each year, about 600 monkeys take part in it, who are invited to dinner. The feast in honor of the god Rama consists of a variety of vegetables and fruits. According to the legend, it was to this god that the monkeys helped to defeat many enemies.

The most unusual holidays in the world

Festival of colors in New Delhi.

This Indian folk festival is dedicated to the coming of spring, as well as the revival of life and the expulsion of evil. It is held in the new moon, and it lasts 2 days, because according to legend, it was on this day that Holika, an evil demon, died. On this day, celebrations are held in each city, they are lit bonfires, which symbolize the end of winter and the death of evil spirits. On fire, the effigy of Holikov is burnt, the fruits of the seasonal harvest-coconuts, grains, etc., are thrown into the fire. In the morning, the fun begins: people go out into the street and start pouring colored colored water on each other and throwing bright colored powders at each other.

The most unusual holidays in the world

Feast of the naked.

In Japan, it is customary to celebrate this day, starting from the year 767. For this purpose, about 3,000 people are dressed in the Saidaji temple only in the loincloths of men. The purpose of this holiday is to attract luck to yourself, since the belief says that all misfortunes can be given by touching a naked man. That’s why naked people after purification in the temple go march through the streets of the city, where anyone can touch them. Usually such people who are looking for luck, quite a lot. Only here the day is held in February, so you need a lot of courage to go undressed on the street, it is not surprising that participants drink a lot of sake.

The most unusual holidays in the world

Olympics among gentlemen.

It takes place, naturally in England. Annually, representatives of Chap and Hendrick’s communities hold an annual open-air competition among gentlemen in one of the London clubs. The purpose of the festival is to preserve the traditions of English gentlemen.

The most unusual holidays in the world

Festival Summer Redneck Games.

Held annually in the state of Georgia, USA. The apotheosis of the holidays is a competition for plump into liquid clay. Fans greet each next loud participant’s dive into the liquid with loud cheers, not frightened by the dirty rain irrigated by them.

The most unusual holidays in the world

Marsh Zombies.

On this day, the center of Boston (Canada) is given to “dead” creatures, as if they are looking for their victims.The variety of images is amazing – some people choose rubber masks, some use bloody wedding suits, many depict living dead, using the motions from the 1983 Michael Jackson video “Thriller”.

The most unusual holidays in the world

Feast of worship of their ancestors called Tapati.

It is noted by the inhabitants of the Chilean Easter Island. For this, the islanders dress up in special costumes and arrange dances. Also between men, and between women are running competitions with a bunch of bananas. During the celebrations, the Queen is chosen, which, together with beauty, must also be hardworking. Contestants tell a strict jury about how much they caught fish and weaved cloths.

The most unusual holidays in the world

Feast of Aphelion in Scotland.

In the town of Lervik, a 9 meter model of a Viking ship with a traditional dragon on the bow is built for the festival. The townspeople dress up Vikings, make a torchlight procession through the city, trumpet into the hills, and the ship is carried to the sea. In the squad there are usually 40 Vikings, but they are accompanied by about 900 participants, respectively, and beautifully dressed. Ceremony by throwing 900 torches into the ship in a designated place sets fire to a wooden boat, following the ancient burial of fallen soldiers.

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