The most unusual coffins

It is generally believed that a funeral is not an event where it is required to shine with findings in design and to show imagination. You can walk to the diamonds at the Mausoleum. When we see off our last person in the last way, preference is given to traditional funeral options. And death is not an event that inspires and inspires fiction.

Therefore, the funeral, as, by the way, and the wedding, consist of a group of stamps, regardless of the level of monetary investment. There are no special variants of color and materials – dull zinc and wood are clothed in calm and mournful gray tones. But recently the market has decided to compensate for the age-old stagnation in the image of coffins, having presented many new options.

Not all of them belong to Russia, but most companies agree to provide their goods to our country. Unusual and bright coffins can not be perceived as an insult to the memory of the deceased. On the contrary, such a decision allows us to emphasize the uniqueness of a person, saving it even after death. We will tell below about the most unusual coffins offered today in the market.

The most unusual coffins

Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop.

The company from Ghana is one of those, thanks to which the fashion was born in this country, not unusual coffins. It happened in the 1950s. And the reason for this was the most ordinary curiosity. The fact is that in those years the local ruler decided to look more impressive in his public appearances. For this purpose, a palanquin in the form of an eagle was ordered. Fate cruelly joked about the ruler – an unusual bed came to him just on the day of his death. Relatives decided that such good can not be lost. They took, and nailed to the palanquin cover, and burying the deceased. This innovation was to the liking of local residents. Soon many in Ghana began to order curly coffins. At first they could be afforded only by the richest inhabitants, then people are simpler. Today there are more than ten workshops in the country that make figured coffins. All workshops are located in the suburbs of Accra, Tesi. From here you can get there from the capital in half an hour. The oldest of the workshops is Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop. It is believed that it was her master, Seth Kane Kwei, who at one time invented fantasy coffins. By the way, they are called “ha” in the local dialect Abebuu adekai, which literally means “boxes with proverbs”. In Ghana, it is believed that the person is responsible for his coffin. It is he who is obliged to show what the dead man was like during his lifetime – his habits, what he loved. In the end, if the deceased was a lifetime athlete, he can create a coffin in the form of a large sneaker. The driver should have a coffin-car. A fisherman can be buried in a large wooden fish, a drunkard can rest in a bottle, and an inveterate smoker in a cigarette. You can even find a coffin in the form of a chicken, there is a large mother in it. In Ghana, it is believed that for the production of such products the best way is the wood of Vava, popular in the tropical part of the continent. This material is rather soft, it is easy to process, because from it there is no pitch, not a splinter. Such a tree is also used when decorating saunas. Coffins made from harder rocks and are more expensive, they are exported. For this purpose limb rocks are used (Gibson makes it from it) and African mahogany. Each order in the work consists of several weeks, as a result, the finished product costs as much as the average citizen of Ghana earns for the year. However, relatives are not afraid of such a price, because the costs are divided into all. And the burial of a person in such a coffin means that his relatives express their respect and hope for a good life in the afterlife. Such works of funeral art are a real African folk art. He has been shown with pleasure by the world’s leading art galleries for decades. It was thanks to them that the wide world learned about the tiny workshop of Kane Kwei. Today, his creations are shown even in the Center Georges Pompidou. Nowadays, the affairs of the shop are managed by the grandson of the undertaker, who even created a Facebook page about his business.There, in particular, you can read about what form the coffin was and on what date it was ordered. The total cost of an unusual product is 500-600 dollars. The most popular variants are snail, elephant, crab, cow, tuna, spoon, machine gun, pineapple and church. There are also judicial whistles, a bottle of Coca-Cola, a piano and a microphone. Vic Fearn & Co.

It’s from whom you should not expect compliance with the traditions of Ghanaian provincials, so it’s from the proud English. However, it turned out that there are also their own madmen who called their creations accordingly. Their coffins are called crazy coffins. Vic Fearn was the first who brought the African approach to coffins to Europe. He decided to make the society a challenge, having made his way to the most unknown corners of business. For this purpose, a “probe” was launched for sale in order to analyze the possible volumes. The first-born was a coffin in the form of a pint of beer, just for someone who loved to drink during life. The novelty was quickly sold. Then the company began to produce a coffin for the victims of fast food in the form of a huge hot dog. To him, as expected, there were onions and mustards, even wooden ones. After that, sales increased sharply, very unusual orders began to appear. One of the customers made an unusual order, he wanted to have a coffin with a glass cover removed. The customer used his future coffin for a long time as a coffee table. Well, very practical. There are customers who are asking to make their coffin with shelves. As a result, the resulting design can serve as a cabinet until the funeral. Director of the company Vic Fearn says that people began to rationally treat their deaths. This worldview allows them to prepare for this event and acquire a coffin during their lifetime. And it is true, it is unclear to which coffin relatives can put you, and even if they are after death? But you can choose a rather interesting option, not faceless, like everyone else, but original, with a character. If a simple pine coffin costs 400 pounds, then an unusual custom coffin costs 5000.

The most unusual coffins

Creative Coffins.

Another English company decided to create not just original coffins, but also to make them environmentally friendly. The basis of such products is cardboard. On the company’s website you can see the entire production process. The customer has the opportunity to send a picture in high resolution. It usually shows a portrait of a person or something neutral – a bottle of wine, animals, colors. After that, the image is transferred to a sheet of dense and multi-ply cardboard. It is formed in a special way. It remains to attach to it handles – that’s ready a unique coffin. It is pleasant not only that the manufacture of the product for nature is harmless, but also that such a decision is rather beneficial for the buyer. As a result, a “green” solution will be useful for practical people. There are a lot of original ideas in the catalog – the name John, laid out with billiard balls on the table cloth, a bottle of Smirnoff vodka, a box of chocolates, a box of peas with the inscription “Rest with peas” (the word “peace” and “peas”) and other samples English humor.

The most unusual coffins

Natural Endings.

This English company offers a different ecological option – a rattan coffin. The customer has the opportunity to choose the form. It can be traditional angular or round, like a huge basket. In this case, the coffin itself can be bought separately, or it is possible – together with a whole package of appropriate ritual services. The company offers them in a package with their product, which then will be given a discount. To make an order it is necessary to leave the following information: the weight and growth of the deceased, which way of burial is planned (cremation or burial), what should be written on the plate, the address where to send the order and how the payment will be made (by check, bank transfer or card). Employees of the company say that each of us is unique. Similarly, the funeral of each person should reflect his character, interests and successes.The company can fully organize a funeral ceremony. In this case, religious rules can be used or not. It is possible, to make a cortege or to conduct a ceremony in an open field, in a pub, hotel, on a sports ground or in a forest. Those who find it difficult to express the idea of ​​a future funeral, the company on its website provides an opportunity to see the portfolio. This material will provide an opportunity to see what others have come up with and draw their own ideas from there. The minimum cost of a rattan coffin is 430 pounds, an additional set of services only increases this amount.

The most unusual coffins


There is no doubt that it was the British who overtook everyone in the ideas for ecological coffins. The product of the company Ecopod is the prettiest in this series. After all, it’s made from recycled paper. Here there is minimalism in design and color. The coffin itself turned out to be anatomically correct, pleasing to the eye. But the outlines of the product are so natural that it does not look so much like a burial vault, but as a shell of a shellfish. It is curious that all coffins are made exclusively from the Times and Sun, put in junk. They are faced with mulberry pulp. Inside the coffin there is a mattress made of cotton. For additional money, masters can decorate the bed with feathers of heavenly, red, white or cream color. Belts are made of bamboo and metal. It is possible to remove them before burial or cremation and return it to the manufacturer. Ecopod offers two sizes of coffins. The first is designed for a dead person up to 1.6 meters and weighing up to 95 kg, and the second – up to 1.8 meters tall and weighing up to 114 kg. Together with the production of coffins, the company also mastered the production of urns for ashes. They are created in the form of colored acorns. Such urns can be gold, green or dark red.

The most unusual coffins


For those who appreciate the high style, the German company coined the coffin Cocoon. Against the background of other products, this looks just like a Ferrari. An unusual coffin could even get to the pages of the virtual almanac Coolest Gadgets. After all, it has a round shape that resembles either an egg, a huge pebble stone, or a futuristic spaceship. Designers believe that this form should inspire calm and a sense of security before the inevitable meeting with death. At the very site of the company about the funeral there is not a word. The design is quite minimalistic, the fields are decorated with tiger lilies, and the text is rather stingy. The experience of the workshop from Ghana was contagious, the Germans also began to carry their “Cocoon” for various exhibitions. The futuristic product is made of jute, and the top is covered with water-based enamel. Such a duet, according to the assurance of the coffin makers in the soil, will disintegrate completely after 10-15 years. To buy an unusual coffin will have to pay 3,500 dollars.

The most unusual coffins

Capsula Mundi.

The project with this name was organized by two Italian designers. They decided that it was enough to hang bans on the ritual topic. It’s time to give it a new concept. As a result, the funeral container was made of bioplastics. Its shape is simple and ingenious – an egg. The deceased is put in such a coffin in the embryo pose, which, by the way, is quite natural for a person. After this, the egg is planted in the ground like a huge flower bulb. At the top of the capsule is a tree sprout. It will constantly grow, receiving fertilizers in a natural way. As a result, a person’s death will allow the life of a plant. The idea of ​​the Italians is that the burial place will eventually turn into a memorial garden.

The most unusual coffins

Bert and Bud’s Vintage Coffins.

This American company once had two friends, the undertaker, but now there is only one owner – Roy “Bud” Davis. He decided that you should not keep coffins for future use. Each client wants a product for him to be made individually and with the use of manual labor.Admirers of retro Gothic are offered a blue-black vintage coffin, IKEA fans can get the product of a collection of religious fanatics – a coffin made of cypress in the form of a trapezoid. It was in this that John Paul II was buried in 2005. Bud gladly takes up unusual orders. In his gallery there is a coffin in the form of a bottle of Budweiser, there is a coffin-shelf with a present crystal set, a coffin bench with binding pillows, a coffin-steamer and a coffin with Santa Claus. But the funniest are the urns for cremation. One was made in the form of a glass of “Martini” with olive floating inside, another – in the form of bananas with peppers, there is an urn with a cucumber lid. The country lacks fans to make the funeral original. Enterprising Bad also trades T-shirts and sweatshirts, which depict the advertisement of his company. What is not an alternative to the bored “GAP” and “Nike”?

The most unusual coffins


The glory of this American company brought a gold coffin for Michael Jackson, which became one of the most expensive products of its kind in the world. The King of Pop was so inspired by the funeral of James Brown in 2007 that he decided to also order Prometheus himself. It was this model that was the last refuge of the soul legend. Naturally, the coffin is not completely gold. Precious is only a 14 carat finish. The very same product is made of bronze, inside the upholstery of blue velvet. The company generally offers a standard set for its customers – stainless steel, bronze and copper. Those who prefer warm materials are offered luxurious coffins made of walnut, maple and mahogany, poplar, pine or pecan. In addition, the company’s customers are offered to place a drawer inside the product. There you can put memorabilia and farewell notes, on the shelf you can put a picture of the deceased, his favorite items, a vase of flowers and a book for the last wishes. The simplest model of “Prometheus” will cost 25 thousand dollars.

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