The most trendy haircuts

Modern women of fashion and fashion choose haircuts, like their idols. A successful image, shown on the screen, is instantly replicated by millions. Celebrity hairstyles become a trend that has been living for decades.

Even today, mods look for black and white gloss to find a new image. It is worthwhile to tell below about the most famous trend hairstyles, popular today. The stars were able to create new classical styles of hair styling. Bob Zelda Fitzgerald.

The classic bean is popular in the world for more than a hundred years. And it all started with the fact that the dancer Irene Castle just took and neatly cut off her long hair. After all, they prevented her from performing. Since then, the haircut “Bob” has changed many times and improved. In the “crazy” 1920s, the bean appeared at one of the first flapper girls Zelda Fitzgerald. This woman was a writer, her husband Francis Scott Fitzgerald was also a writer. Zelda could not just sit at home in that troubled time. As a result, the woman became a real secular lioness, personifying the life of flippers. These women women of fashion were feminists, invariable attributes of their image was love of jazz, driving bicycles and even cars, smoking cigarettes in long mouthpieces. By the standards of the 1920s, this was simply unheard of behavior. A bright representative of the new movement was Zelda. She was able to modernize the bean by adding soft curls to it. Thus, the classic haircut received a new life. Even today, the bean remains virtually the standard for the most extraordinary representatives of the fair sex. So says Anna Wintour, editor in chief of American Vogue, she herself has been wearing this haircut since she was 14 years old.

The most trendy haircuts

Locks of Veronica Lake.

During her lifetime, this actress became a legend. Having started her career in cinema, Veronica immediately fell in love with the audience. As a result, men went crazy about it, and women adored so much that they began to imitate the star. The style of Lake was called “pikabu”. The sexy blonde had long hair covering one eye. The hairstyle became so popular in America that it was not without curiosity. During the Second World War, the country’s government asked the actress to change the hair styling. The fact is that in military plants, many women came to work in the image of Lake, and long hair tangled in the looms. It should be noted that this image is popular today. After Veronica’s turn, Lake is the classic female hairstyle for all time.

The most trendy haircuts

Pompadour Elvis Presley.

Pompadour’s hair was invented back in the 18th century. But the best rockabilly masters in the middle of the last century could improve it. Classic hairstyles of this style belong to Elvis Presley, James Dean and John Travolta in “Briolin”. On the back of the head, her hair is smooth. At the top and at the top they are longer, but on the temples – shorter. This makes it possible to evenly separate the upper part and smoothly comb it back. You can also build a high hairstyle with a roller. The image of a sensible teenager was replaced by a daring rebel in the style of rock and roll. The current return of popularity of such a hairstyle is far from its first resurrection after the heyday of the 50’s. Fashion has an endless cycle, so the style of rockabilly periodically revived. So, in the 80’s he was again relevant due to such music stars as Morissy and his comrades. They gave a bang a second birth. Rockabilly try on themselves and women, you can mention Agnes Dane, Pink and Rihanna.

The most trendy haircuts

Mushroom hats from the group “The Beatles”.

This Liverpool four became the legislator of style not only in music, but also in fashion. Even the hair of the Beatles became popular. In the 60s musicians became followers of the style of Fashion. This word is a reduction from modernism. Musicians no longer wear t-shirts and leather jackets, they wear fashionable costumes. The final turning point is a new haircut. Long and slightly tousled hair was a kind of challenge for the stiff morals of that time.But the first appearance of the famous four in this manner became a real revolution. On both sides of the Atlantic, the trend was picked up by young people.

The most trendy haircuts

Paris frivolity Brigitte Bardot.

Even today, on a noticeably aged star, you can see why for several decades it was considered a female ideal. At the age of 21, Bardo became a real star, the ribbon “And God created a woman” brought her fame. The beauty of the girl seemed truly unearthly – the seductive curves of the body were accompanied by a thin waist and full sensual lips. But the main object of envy and admiration was the hair. This card Bardo most often tried to copy. The hair looked sexually loose, as if the woman had just got up to bed. In this manner Bardo seemed natural, at ease, light and elegant. In 1974, a forty-year-old actress was not afraid to pose for Playboy. Her body elegantly concealed her long hair, like a fairy-tale mermaid. Mowing under the elf Mia Farrow.

The most trendy haircuts

Actress, in addition to her roles, was also famous for her active charitable work. Short haircut Mia Farrow became a real hit of the 60’s and does not go out of fashion until now. Hairstyle, like an elf, met many stars – Natalie Portman, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Gene Seberg, Emma Watson and Michelle Williams. And invented such a haircut famous and already legendary London hairdresser Vidal Sassoon. Mia had to cut off her long hair for filming in the novel by Roman Polanski “The Rosemary’s Baby.” Shortly before this actress married Frank Sinatra. Assistant Sassoon recalled that the musician was shocked by the transformation of his wife into a “boy”. However, the barber himself, he knew what he was doing. Such a haircut “shorter than nowhere” perfectly harmonized with the clothes of that time. After all, she also became more frank. The hairstyle also perfectly emphasized the teenage thinness to the actress and singled out her beautiful eyes.

The most trendy haircuts

Afro Pam Grier.

In American cinema, the image of a strong woman appeared in the early 1970s. It manifested itself in a group of pictures shot in the genre of “blakespoluteyshn.” They were intended for viewing by African Americans. The icon of this genre was Pam Grier, to her part it must be said that she fought for the rights of the Negroes not only on the screen. The image of the actress, as well as her African-hairstyle, prompted many women to return to their cultural authenticity. The Afro hairdo is lush and very bulky, it is characteristic just for African Americans. In America, in times of slavery, the Negroes usually laid their hair in such a way as to imitate the hairstyles of their white gentlemen, near whom they lived. And Pam’s beautiful hair, in addition to the fashion trend, was also triggered by the civil rights movement of the black population of the country.

The most trendy haircuts

Dredlock Bob Marley.

Today dreadlocks or dreadlocks (the word originated from English dreadlocks – “frightening hair”) is strongly associated with rastafarianism. However, hair braided into a lot of hair is a fairly common haircut. It was used by the Celts, the ancient Germans, the Aztecs, some Pacific peoples and other ethnic groups around the world. And the most famous bearer of the dreadlocks was Bob Marley. This native of Jamaica has created many soulful songs. Thanks to them reggae style has scattered all over the world, and the singer’s hairdo has become a new trend.

The most trendy haircuts

Multi-level curls of Farrah Fawcett.

This famous model and actress became famous for her role in the television series Charlie’s Angels. It is possible that the main reason for its success – luxurious hair with cleverly laid and sometimes brightened strands. Such curls caused a real sensation in the society, they were to become the personification of the style of the seventies. Multilevel cutting was achieved by twisting the bangs out and up. But behind the long strands remained straight. The actress’s hair plays with various light shades – from golden to ashy.Women literally went crazy, trying to recreate at home beautiful waves on their hair and sunlight glare. After all, any beauty was represented by Jill Montroux, the heroine of Fawcett. She also wore high heels under jeans flared and hunted down beautiful criminals. When Fawcett left the series her role was performed by many other actresses. But no blonde and could not surpass in the effectiveness of Ferr. You can safely say that Fawcett’s hair style will never come out of fashion. After all, this hair styling perfectly reflects femininity, and the different length of the strands became a brilliant find of that time. “Rachel” Jennifer Aniston.

The role of Rachel Green turned the fortunes of Jennifer Aniston. She managed to become one of the heroines of the cult American series “Friends.” He appeared on TV screens from 1994 to 2004. All this time, Aniston’s hair was the most recognizable in the country. And the appearance of such an image the actress owes her personal stylist Chris McMillan. The volumetric haircut lies in several layers, the tips are abruptly packed. The shape is easy to change, just like the shade. As a result, the hair can shine like a bright summer sun, then repaint itself in the colors of autumn, shading with a chestnut-brown tinge. Such a haircut has become an important part of the recognizable style of the actress. Therefore, it is not surprising that the hair was copied by millions of fans around the world.

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