The most strange medical professions

Thanks to medicine, people have learned to heal their bodies and prolong life. Science has always helped doctors, offering them new technologies, tools, techniques. Despite this, medicine is not always space technology and absolute sterility.

It turns out that many achievements are connected with representatives of completely unique and even strange professions. Even sniffers and tasters work professionally on medicine, which is simply not known to a wide audience. We will talk about the most unusual of such professions.

The most strange medical professions

Specialist in food flavors.

It seems that the representative of such a profession in medicine has nothing to do. His path is the food industry. Such people are generally “invisible”, whose work is constantly evaluated. But those who are responsible for this, no one thinks. We enjoy delicious sweets, wine, but do not remember the professionals in the field of food flavors. For those who are naturally sensitive taste buds – a direct road to the profession of a taster. It turns out that you can do science there and get a doctorate. Tasteful pharmacists are scientific employees who bring out and change artificial flavors in the right direction. Such specialists are in demand in medicine, because bitter drugs are not enough for anyone. Pharmacists are also needed to improve products for the skin or hair. After all, here the smell plays an important role, it can, how to scare off the consumer, and attract. In America, specialists in food flavors are a prestigious and highly paid profession, whose representatives receive 54 thousand dollars per year.

The most strange medical professions

Sex surrogate.

It is known that in America, medical students often earn extra money by prostitution. Only here it is not only about money, but also in the contribution to science. Students enter into sexual relations, giving researchers the information they need. It even went so far that this not entirely legal industry created its own International Professional Association of Surrogates. It is designed specifically for surrogate partners and doctors who work with him. The surrogate should provide the sexopathologist with an account of how the patient behaves. It turns out that with the help of a psychologist, some drugs can completely get rid of sexual problems – impotence, dependence, restraint of adult virginity. It happens that people do not know who to turn to. In this situation, help comes from the surrogate partner. It is interesting that the founders of this Association demonstratively distanced themselves from prostitution, since their profession does not always provide for sexual contact. More importantly, how the patient will respond to treatment by doctors. And the most famous specialist of this kind in the world is Cheryl Green, who starred in the movie “Surrogate.” The tape was nominated for an Oscar, the woman herself claims to have helped more than nine hundred people get cured with the help of sexual therapy.

The most strange medical professions

An exit exfusionist.

Most people are afraid of vampires, hoping never to meet them in real life. But in medicine there are equivalents of these dangerous creatures. Exfusionists are engaged in the fact that they start up blood. But this is done for transfusion, organ transplantation or simply research. And people of this profession are not attached to any one institution. An exfusionist can appear anywhere where there is work for him. It is only necessary to put the documents in order. And for a long time these medical workers spend to calm people who are afraid of needles and blood. In America, the average annual income of exfusionists is about 40 thousand dollars. And just something worth learning how not to be afraid of the sight of blood and a tool for its extraction.

The most strange medical professions

Technologist of polysomnography.

The task of this specialist is to observe the sleep and wakefulness of the person, to record and analyze the incoming data. Other words – people get paid for looking at others’ dreams.It looks rather strange. It is clear that there is a good reason. These technologists work with different polysomnography devices that determine the causes of sleep disorders. As a result, a permanent positive pressure titration is administered, or a special CPAP therapy is carried out, involving the wearing of a mask. Thanks to such technologies, the specialist, in particular, will help get rid of snoring, regardless of the reasons for its appearance.

The most strange medical professions


At the mention of the wet nurse, the Middle Ages are immediately recalled. Noble ladies did not bother to feed themselves children – for them it was done by special women of simple origin. Even in England in the XVIII century, they used the services of breadwinner, until it was found that syphilis can be transmitted to breast milk. But this phenomenon, oddly enough, exists today. Many people are not so germafobnymi to neglect someone else’s milk. In maternity hospitals of many countries there is a steady and high demand for natural milk. As a result, the volume of his sales only grows, and the profession of a wet nurse is more honorable and more profitable than ever. Man is a guinea pig.

Even for those who do not have medical education or just knowledge, you can participate in a related profession. So do not underestimate yourself. The fact is that medicine constantly needs people to conduct experiments. People with good health are invited to participate in the experiments. Who knows, you may have to deal with a new medicine that prolongs life. True, it is likely that everything will be quite the opposite. The Clinical Center of the National Institute for Health Protection offers many opportunities to prove themselves in this field. Today, the database contains almost half a million different projects. Ready to sacrifice health for the sake of science is classified, so people with even the lowest standard of living have a chance to participate in any program. Doctors often want to know how healthy a person is, whether there were any diseases or allergies in his biography. It is important to know that the results of the studies were reliable. So the “experimental rabbit” will have to answer many questions about itself.

The most strange medical professions

Donor of eggs.

There are people for whom the production of children is a profession. Being a sperm donor is even pleasant, and giving your eggs is also not particularly difficult. But the donation of eggs implies a highly professional approach, in cooperation with the medical institution and the staff. Doctors select suitable pairs of compatible donors for childless children, allowing alternative ways of procreation to occur. There is an Advisory Group on Assistive Reproductive Technologies, whose task is to monitor the medical professionalism in the egg donation industry. And the workers of this profession can be considered an expert in ethics, infertility, midwives, gynecologists and just nurses. And finding a suitable donor is not an easy task. Most couples want to see in this quality an attractive young woman with high intelligence. So, workers have to fight even with genetic bias.

The most strange medical professions

Doyar snakes.

There are no prejudices to the profession of milkmaids, but how to treat those who milk the snakes? Such work is clearly not for the faint-hearted. Doyar snake extracts from its experimental not at all milk, but poison. These people work in laboratories and are trying to create new drugs for pharmaceutical companies. For example, one of the experiments on the basis of poison obtained by milkmaids allowed the creation of new drugs that prevent blood clotting and against hypertension. It has long been known that poison in microscopic doses is even useful. A milking of snakes is not an easy task. Experienced employee Ken Darnell, says that this is much more complicated than it may seem at first glance. An unprepared person will find it very difficult to open the snake’s mouth above the funnel.Then you have to force your poisonous fangs into the milking can. But then the deadly substance will serve for the good of man.

The most strange medical professions

Professional snuffer.

A generally accepted fact – the sense of smell of people is much inferior to animals. But among people there are professional sniffers, number one among them, certainly – George Aldrich. He works at the Laboratory for the Analysis of Molecular Desorption as a chemical specialist. Aldrich with the help of the nose takes care of the American military, in fact, saving them lives. Professional sniffers identify different volatile substances that could potentially be dangerous to the spacecraft. Such a mission is the stage of verification and, if successful, the work on the project continues. And Aldrich was starting, most likely, his way in medicine as an ordinary experimental. Since then, he was repeatedly shown on the news, and he became literally Gagarin nasal art. The history of Aldrich is a good example, as it is possible to become a highly professional specialist from the usual experimental.

The most strange medical professions

Horse dentist.

You do not expect to see anyone in the dentist’s office, it’s horses. However, there are specialists who work with the teeth of these graceful animals. Of course, not horses go to the dentist, and he – to them. This specialist visits the stable in order to treat their inhabitants and provide them with dental health. A horse dentist, like any ordinary dentist, performs inspection, tooth cleaning and removal of patients. And to work for such a position anyhow it does not work out – it is necessary to undergo veterinary and dental training to obtain an unusual title of “horse dentist”.

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