The most ridiculous shoots

As soon as prisons arose, people immediately tried to learn how to escape from there. Methods of protecting prisoners have become increasingly severe, but the prisoners have not been asleep. They came up with more and more ways to escape. Some of them became classics, but it also happens that the mountain-fugitives become a laughing stock in the eyes of the public. The stories of such shoots can be based not on action movies, but on comedies. In this case, often the main characters-comedians are not prisoners, but guards. About the most ridiculous such cases of escape and will be discussed below.

The most ridiculous shoots

Bound one chain.

When in New Zealand two criminals were convicted, they decided to immediately flee. After waiting for the moment, the couple pushed their guards away and ran to the exit. They flew together and at the same speed. And how could it be otherwise, given the fact that the 20-year-old Regan Reti was handcuffed to 21-year-old Tyrannus White? The fugitives quickly ran across the road, but then a lamppost appeared on their way. The guys forgot about what connects them, and ran straight at him, hoping to round him from different sides. Of course, the handcuffs did not allow them to do this, catching the pole. The fugitives crashed into each other and fell into the bushes. Then the police arrived, which returned the couple behind bars. The next day a new trial was held, at which the prison term was increased. Short-lived adventures of fugitives were recorded by a security camera. This storyline can now be found on YouTube. To freedom in the bus.

This story occurred in March 2008 in the same New Zealand. And in this case the fugitive ruined the rush. Leaving the pursuers’ field of vision, he tried to catch a taxi. But when it did not work out, the prisoner decided to steal a bus with twenty passengers. The fugitive has directed the transport straight to the international terminal of the airport. What the bandit hoped for is unclear. Eyewitnesses said that he was shouting loudly in the bus, trying to intimidate everyone around. However, excessive nervousness only prevented the fugitive. The conclusion from the New Zealand stories is simple – escape should be carefully planned, and not rely on the case. Weight loss for help.

The most ridiculous shoots


An English prisoner managed to lose 21 kilograms for 2 years in prison. This helped him literally to seep into freedom. He only had to widen the distance between the bars. Despite losing weight, the prisoner did not weaken. This helped him to climb over a high wall with barbed wire and run away from the prison.

The most ridiculous shoots

One-legged fugitive.

One-armed bandit, but a one-legged fugitive will have to be much more difficult. However, the success of such an event can come thanks to an excellent physical form. 28-year-old Michael Hill, serving his sentence from the robbery, managed to escape at once from three guards, then climb over a five-meter-high wall, a couple of fences and hide. Amazing is that Hill had one leg amputated, and he made his escape on a prosthesis. Eyewitnesses say that the guards suffered from excess weight, smoking gave a shortness of breath. Therefore they could not oppose anything to a quick fugitive. Moreover, his task was simplified by the fact that he walked completely without handcuffs – the jailers could not assume that a person with a prosthesis can run like an athlete. On the way to the Pope.

Often the prisoner’s approximate behavior lulls the vigilance of the guards. One devout Italian, Angelo di Gennaro, received permission to attend a weekly audience with the Pope. The prison authorities allowed him to do this for good behavior. After all, the prisoner was repeatedly released home for a visit, and he always returned back. But this time the prisoner fled with three of the same exemplary prisoners. Obviously, freedom seemed to him much more expensive than a conversation with the pontiff. Escape to the underwear.

Stories of successful shoots with dirty laundry are pretty much.People hide in special baskets, which are sent to the laundry. And one Mexican even tried to hide in the pillowcase, which was revealed by vigilant policemen. And on the basis of the escape of Louis Camacho-Mendoza, one could shoot an adventure film. At first he showed his talent by making a rose from toilet paper. This creature gave the prisoner to his guard. Then Luis from a screwdriver found in the kitchen made a master key. He opened the door and ran. But the police found a talented prisoner in the nearest town, where he was hiding in a closet with linens.

The most ridiculous shoots

Kitchen escape.

Chilean prisoner Raul Dinmark took advantage of his official position. He was a cook and cooked food for other prisoners. Once Raul unloaded the van, which brought food to prison, cooked food and left in the car. Given the fact that he still had to serve 7 years behind bars, such a risk can be considered justified. Representatives of the prison argue that there was no collusion with the staff.

The most ridiculous shoots

Use what’s at hand.

Sometimes even improvised means, not intended for escape, help him to carry out. So, in South Africa in 2006, a dangerous criminal Ananish Math escaped from prison. He was accused of more than 50 offenses. One of the most dangerous criminals in the country could literally slip through the window 60 to 20 centimeters. And I helped him with this ordinary petroleum jelly. First, Mat, smeared, freed his hands, and then climbed into the tiny window. Freedom brought such joy to the criminal that he immediately wrote to his hated SMS guards. But in Indonesia helped to escape the prisoners helped pepper. They stirred it in the water, and then splashed it into the eyes of the guards. It happened on the way to the dining room. At the same time, the prisoners shouted: “We attack, we attack!”. The guard could not resist them, as the vision disappeared, besides, the attackers were even more. In the hot pursuit of power immediately caught 16 of the 18 fleeing. The fugitive wagon.

American Richard Lee McNair is one of the most cunning criminals in his country. He repeatedly escaped from prison, while using different methods. Richard slipped out of the handcuffs, changed his appearance, hid himself in the mail and in the ventilation. However, each time the stay at large lasted only a few months. As a result, it was decided to transfer Richard to a federal prison, since Dakota prisons simply can not keep him. Now the champion of the shoots will be almost all day in his cell.

The most ridiculous shoots

The escape in Chicago.

Former Iraqi Minister of Electricity Aikham al-Samarai was imprisoned for embezzlement of public funds. There he learned that an attempt was being made against him, which the police denied in every way. As a result, the former minister was able to somehow get out of the prison, pass the American and Iraqi checkpoints and fly off on a flight from Baghdad. Soon, al-Samarai called the journalists to share the details of his escape. When they asked how this had happened, the fugitive responded laconically: “In Chicago”. It remains only to understand what it means.

The most ridiculous shoots

Full equipment.

It is no longer a novelty for criminals to use a helicopter to escape. Usually he steals, and after landing it is simply dropped. But the equipment of the former drug dealer Giulio from Spain amazed the jailers. To him on the territory of the prison, the accomplices were to deliver on the airship mountaineering equipment, camouflage and a night vision device. It was planned that Giulio would climb over the walls, sit in the waiting car and go abroad. Nevertheless, the police prevented such a prepared escape, arresting also accomplices of the bandit.

The most ridiculous shoots

With the help of the ancients.

In 2011, 500 prisoners fled from one Afghan prison in Kandahar. And they helped in this ancient buildings. Prisoners made a tunnel under the wall, 320 meters long, which took 5 months.Then they penetrated into man-made underground communications, built in the times of Alexander the Great. The whole escape took about 6 hours of night, and to divert the security forces, the Taliban militants blew up a petrol tanker near the prison walls. Freedom in herring.

The most ridiculous shoots

The transfer to the prison of the file in the bread has already become a classic scenario. But in the Lugansk region, the vigilant police prevented the escape, which should be helped with canned herring. The grandmother sent them to one of the prisoners. In fact, she did not know the whole truth. In the banks, friends of prisoners placed everything they need to escape – explosives, gunpowder, two revolvers, cartridges and even saws for metal. However, the escape was discovered. The stolen fugitives were arrested with the help of special forces, and the Ukrainian colonies are still suspicious of banks with herring.

The most ridiculous shoots

Harmful smoking.

Sometimes criminals escape from the courthouse using a smoke break. So, in the Nagatinsky district court of Moscow, a citizen of Azerbaijan was pronounced a sentence – 1,5 years of the colony. After that, the judge retired, and the convoy went off to a smoke break. The criminal only had to calmly leave the courthouse through another door. But in 2011 in St. Petersburg, the story changed somewhat. Before the verdict, the defendant was under a written undertaking not to leave the place, and afterwards the convoy for some reason forgot to call. During the break, the criminal went out to smoke, so he did not return back.

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