The most famous cats

Many people perceive cats as domestic pet animals, which are of little use. After all, not every home mug can catch mice, and even those in our apartments can not be found. And after all, some cats do not yield much to their people with their exploits. It turns out that these animals are at the head of government, play jazz and even run railway stations. Cats were even awarded medals and film awards. Below are the most famous such animals.

The most famous cats

Mrs. Chippy.

This cat is famous for his travels. And his name is feminine, because he was first taken for a cat. The history of the famous traveler began in 1914. Then his master, carpenter Henry McNish decided to earn some money in the Trans-Antarctic expedition. To do this, he got a job on the ship Ernest Shackleton. It was planned that the expedition would reach Antarctica, after which the journey through the continent would continue on the dogs. While the ship was sailing in the sea, the team became friends with the cat. After all, he showed himself to be an excellent catcher of rats, and once even jumped overboard. But Chippy acquired not only friends, but also enemies. They became the Husky sled dogs and their boatswain owner. However, the plans of the expedition went awry. Not reaching the coast of Antarctica, only a few tens of kilometers, the ship was stuck in the ice. I had to wait for the icebreaker. In the process of liberation from ice floes, one of them broke through the hull of the ship. The ship of travelers began to sink. Then the head of the expedition had to resort to extreme measures. The team began to throw personal things overboard, and the cat was shot personally by the captain. But the carpenter saved the whole team by building rafts. On them the travelers reached the shore. But after those events, Henry forever became the enemy of the captain, who killed his pet.

The most famous cats

Cat Simon.

This cat went down in history also with its ship’s adventures. In April 1949, the Civil War was in full swing in China. The Communist forces were preparing to force the giant Yangtze River, the longest in Eurasia. This was the only way to capture the city of Nanjing, the southern capital of China and the nationalists from the Kuomintang party. Then up the river was the English battle sailing ship “Amethyst”. He had to step onto the patrol instead of the ship “Consort”. But from the shore the sailer was attacked. The ship’s captain, Bernard Skinner, was killed on the spot. On the ship was also the cat Simon, whom the sailors picked up at the shipyards in Hong Kong. The animal was also seriously injured. When Simon crawled to the deck, the sailors saw that his whole body was covered with burns and wounds. The brave cat was sent to the hospital for treatment. There he underwent surgery and removed four bullets from his body at once. Despite the gloomy forecasts, Simon still managed to get better. The cat was awarded the medals of Maria Dikin, the Blue Cross, for the “Amethyst” campaign and was awarded the title of “Excellent Marine Service”. Humphrey, the main mouser.

Cats accompanied the prime ministers of England long enough. At the same time, they occupy an important place in the Cabinet of Ministers. Back in 1924, the government of the country introduced the official position of the main cat of the country. He also has his duties. The mustachioed officer is obliged to catch mice at the prime minister’s residence in London on Downing Street, house 10. Since then, many premiers and their cats have changed, but the most famous domestic animal is Humphrey’s cat. He lived in the residence from 1989 to 1997. Humphrey was guarding not only the conservative Margaret Thatcher and John Major, but also Labor Tony Blair. It is said that the predecessor Humphrey had a bad attitude towards his duties, living off taxpayers’ money. But this cat “rolled up his sleeves” began to work – to catch mice. Humphrey even turned out to be at the center of political scandals. So, in 1994 the cat became the main suspect in the murder of four birds. The following year, Humphrey disappeared from his workplace. He was soon found at the Medical College of the Royal Army. In 1997, the cat also had conflicts with representatives of the Conservative Party.As a result, Humphrey was sent into retirement for health reasons.

The most famous cats

The Scarlett Savior.

In one of Brooklyn’s abandoned buildings, this common street cat lived. This area is the most populated in New York. March 30, 1996 in the house there was a strong fire. When the firemen arrived there, the fire had already enveloped the entire building. The fire could still be extinguished. One of the rescuers heard a strange squeak. He decided to understand its cause and found a fully burned cat with two kittens. On the other side of the street there were three more kittens. It turned out that during the fire Scarlett one by one pulled her kids out of the burning house until she saved everyone. Burns prevented her from seeing, the cat just poked her nose at her children, checking to see if they were in place. The firemen brought the brave animal and kittens to the veterinary clinic. There Scarlett went through a long recovery course, she was able to survive. And the story of the cat-rescuer flew around the world. In honor of Scarlett, a special prize was created for the heroism of animals, which are awarded to those creatures who performed the feat for the benefit of people or their relatives. Tama, the station master.

The crisis affected the railway. In April 2006, Wakayama prefecture in Japan reduced the number of employees. The administration decided to abandon the station wardens. Employees were dismissed, and their duties were given to representatives of small businesses from the nearest railway stations. In the city of Kinokawa at the station of Kishi, the grocer from the nearest shop became the chief. He also looked after several homeless cats. In January 2007, the man agreed on the transfer of his duties as a station warden to Tam’s cat. After all, she had already managed to greet all newly arrived passengers. The cat was given a special uniform and even assigned a small salary. Such an unusual railway employee greatly increased passenger traffic through the Kishi station. After all, everyone wanted to look at the unusual boss. This contributed to the growth of the region’s economy by as much as 12 million dollars. Cat-musician Nora.

The most famous cats

This cat started her way to glory straight from the cat’s shelter in the American village of Cherry Hill in New Jersey. Her style of performance is rather difficult to characterize. Journalists say that the creativity of the cat resembles the manner of performance of music by American minimalist composer Philip Glass. There is in this something from the style of free jazz. Other critics believe that Norah’s piano playing is comparable to the works of famous Austrian atonal expressionists. We are talking about Anton Webern, Arnold Schoenberg and Alban Berg. Nora’s musical abilities opened when she was one year old. One night the cat decided to walk on the piano keys. Since then, the animal performs solo parts daily. Even the owner himself considers it an honor to make a duet with her. An unusual way of performing music Norah puzzled not only musicians, but also scientists. They managed to find out that the cat loves to play alone, adores Bach and prefers the octave D-E-F. Cote-librarian Dewey.

The history of this cute animal formed the basis of the whole book. Biography Dewey was very interesting, bringing the author 1.25 million dollars. In fact all his life the cat lived in the library of the town of Spencer, which is in the American state of Iowa. The history of the cat began in January 1988. Then the red-haired kitten was found in a library cart with some returned books. Its appearance was similar to the Norwegian forest cat. The new inhabitant of the library was given the complex name “Dewey Readmore Books”, which means “Read more books”. And abbreviated it sounded like Dewey. Soon the cat became not only a symbol of the library, but also the main celebrity of the whole city. The image of the animal was placed on postcards, o not written articles and filmed documentary films. Already after Dewey’s death, the librarian Vicky Myron published a book about him “Dewey, town, library and the most beloved cat in the world.”

The most famous cats

All Ball, a favorite gorilla.

Gorilla Coco became known to the whole world. After all, this is a rare case when an animal could learn the language of people. Scientists at Stanford University worked for a long time with the gorilla. As a result, the animal was able to learn more than a thousand gestures from the language of the deaf. The animal also learned to understand about 2 thousand English words. With signs, Coco can describe his feelings by expressing sadness or displeasure. The monkey understands the terms “past” and “future”, she learned to even joke. Somehow Koko confessed that she knows how to fly, then telling her in secret that she does it for fun. IQ tests of the animal showed that the intelligence corresponds to the parameters of an ordinary adult person. When Koko turned twelve, she asked scientists to give her a kitten. People presented her with a toy pet. But the gorilla said that she would like to have a real kitten. Her wish was fulfilled. Koko herself did not move a step away from the baby named All Ball. On the relationship between a gorilla and a kitten, the book “Kitten Coco” was written, the author of the research was the head of researchers Francine Patterson. And over time, the monkey had another kitten, Alex.

The most famous cats

“Unsinkable Sam”.

This black and white cat began his service in the Navy in 1941 aboard the German battleship Bismarck. Some unknown sailor carried the animal to the ship. But in May the battleship was sunk by the British. Saved only 115 people from 2200 crew members. Among the lucky ones was a cat that floated on the wreckage and was noticed by the British. The British sailors of the destroyer “Kazak” took Sam to their team. But in the autumn of 1941 the ship was torpedoed by the Germans and soon sank. The cat survived and this time, after spending some time on the shore. The fleet learned about a unique animal, giving it the nickname “Unsinkable Sam.” The cat found a new home – the aircraft carrier Ark Royal. But even here he did not stay long. In November 1941, the ship drowned, the entire crew was rescued, including Sam. On the way home, the cat visited two more ships, which later also drowned. As a result, the animal was decided not to start aboard. He lived with the governor of Gibraltar, then moved to the UK. The heroic cat died in 1955.

The most famous cats


Cases when real cats become prototypes of literary characters are not so rare. The owner of this cat was the English writer Horace Walpole. In 1747 he made a great trip to Europe together with his friend, the poet Thomas Gray. He went down in history with his poem “Elegy”. This work was written in a rural cemetery. During the trip, Walpole’s favorite cat, unfortunately, drowned in an aquarium with goldfish. This sad event inspired Gray to create a poem “Ode to the death of your beloved cat, drowned in a tub of goldfish.” From this work a born phrase was born: “Not everything is gold that glitters.” Only the poet was so confused in the singing of sorrow that he described Selim both as a motley and as a tortoise-cat. Traveler Pillsbury.

The ability of cats to return to their former habitats has been known for a long time. But the story of this cat shocked everyone. In 1998, the cat Pillsbury 40 times traveled 40 miles to return to his old house. The hostess of the animal, Sarah French, moved from the town of Backwell to a new house. She took the beloved cat with her. However, the animal did not like the new habitat. After the move, he returned every week. But the road was not easy. The cat overcame the lively trails, streams, forests and pastures. The hostess is already so accustomed to the travels of her pet that after his next disappearance she contacted her former neighbor. She caught Pillsbury and brought it back. This case showed how much cats are tied to their home.

The most famous cats

Little Nikki.

This animal was born on October 17, 2004.Glory to him brought the fact that this is the first cloned cat, created for commercial purposes. The animal was created using the DNA of a 17-year-old Maine Coon cat named Nikki. In 2003, he died, and the inconsolable mistress decided to clone her pet. A resident of Texas paid 50 thousand dollars for this operation. She claims that Little Nikki is very similar to the late Nikki. This applies to behavior, and unusual love for water. A cat does not suffer from its unusual birth in any way, it is healthy. Cloning was made by a company from California “Genetic Preservation and Cloning”, which was later closed in 2006. This story aroused indignation in the animal welfare societies. After all, money could be spent for the benefit of millions of other living beings.

The most famous cats

Bionic Oscar.

This robot people and achievements of technology helped to get new legs. In 2009, the combine cut off Oscar’s hind legs. The cat was urgently taken to the veterinarians. They found that the young animal is great for a new operation. As a result, for the first time in the world, implants were implanted directly into the bone. The cat got new legs, though not as comfortable as before. Oscar’s story was shown in the documentary of the BBC channel.

The most famous cats


This cat was called the most famous English cat of the 20th century. And this famous cat lived in 1909-1929 in the British Museum, guarding its gates. Mike began his career under the supervision of the former inhabitant of the museum. She trained the kitten to hunt pigeons, telling that the main enemy is the dogs. For 20 years Mike served in the museum. In addition to hatred for dogs, the cat was also famous for his strange dislike for women. He allowed himself to feed Mike only to the chosen one, to those who treated him like a brother and a man. After the death of the cat, the magazine “Time” devoted a couple of articles to him, and even published his monograph. On the grave of Mike erected a tombstone, on which his merits are described.

The most famous cats

Deadly Oscar.

This animal was born in 2005. Oscar lives in a rehab center in Rhode Island, USA. The public learned about the amazing cat in 2007 from the article of one of the doctors. According to her, Oscar is able to predict the quick death of patients. Perhaps the animal can smell the dying cells. Oscar came here from an animal shelter, along with five other cats. It was believed that these animals can help terminally ill people who do not understand much about the world around them. Six months later, the staff noticed that Oscar, like doctors, does its detour. He looks after the patients, sniffing at them. Oscar went to bed about some patients. Then the doctors noticed that these people died within a few hours. The accuracy of the prediction of the cat is quite high – more than 25 such cases have been described. Usually Oscar’s family does not interfere. If he is taken away from the dying person, the cat begins mewling under the door plaintively and demands that he be admitted. Scientists put forward different versions, trying to explain the behavior of Oscar.

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