The most famous bodybuilders

Opinions on these athletes were divided. Someone considers them handsome, and someone – ugly. Bodybuilders in everyday life are called bodybuilders. These people pay special attention to the beauty of their body. Bodybuilding is not a sport in the traditional sense. This activity involves harmony with oneself and understanding one’s own body.

People learn to improve it, and with the help of physical exercises with weights increase and develop their muscles. Also used high-energy food with a large content of nutrients and proteins. This enables the muscle fibers to grow rapidly. Today, lifting weights to improve our body has become quite popular. And the world knows the best bodybuilders.

The most famous bodybuilders

Gregg Valentino.

For all fans of bodybuilding, this athlete is undoubtedly among the main contenders for the title of the most-most. Gregg Valentino became famous for his huge biceps, becoming a real icon for bodybuilders. This man is very shocking. His sports career is very mixed. After all, he never intended to engage in bodybuilding professionally. Valentino did not claim the title of Mr. Olympia, and did not participate in other title competitions.

Valentino’s fate is multifaceted. This man managed to serve in the army and take part in hostilities, killing people. Later Valentino went to prison, serving time for the distribution of drugs. This dark side of his life almost killed him – during one of the street showdown Gregg was almost killed. Because of his addiction to drugs, Valentino lost not only his own gym, but also his wife and children. Now everything has changed – Gregg leads his column in the magazine “Muscular Development”. Every day hundreds of beginning bodybuilders, soldiers and prisoners write to him. Valentino has much to tell, because he has seen a lot in his life.

A career as a bodybuilder began in 13 years. It is noteworthy that for 23 years of hard training he managed to achieve impressive results without taking any stimulants. The athlete’s hand was 53.3 centimeters. And with the application of synthol, the biceps increased to an impressive 71 centimeters. Valentino looked like a mountain of muscles, looking quite unnatural. It’s no wonder that in modern bodybuilding Gregg is referred to simply as “Mr. Synthol”.

This drug refers to intermuscular fatty acid. This synthetic oil is injected into the muscle, wishing to increase it. Synthol is spread between muscle fibers, increasing muscle volume. However, years of constant use of steroids led to the fact that the body simply resisted such mockery of self. Bicep Valentino “exploded.”

The most famous bodybuilders

Marcus Ruhl.

This person refers to himself as the owner of the largest shoulders in the world. In the history of bodybuilding, this bodybuilder has the most impressive such part of the body. And Marcus came to this sport rather late – at the age of 19. About the career, then it did not go, just was interest. After 4 years of intensive training at the first competitions in Babenhaus, Marcus won gold. Two years later, the young sportsman wins the Hessen Championship and the German National Championship.

This German was the first in his country to receive the status of an IFBB professional immediately after winning the National Championship. Marcus quickly realized that he was still far from the titans of this sport. Since 1998 he has been on a special diet. Nevertheless, in the New York “Nights of Champions” he took only 9th place. This defeat only spurred Rula in his quest to improve. In 1999, the “Nights of Champions” won the 4th place. In 2000, Rul won the Toronto / Montreal Pro, winning silver in the “Night of the Champions”.

But at the competition “Mr. Olympia” the results were inexpressive. Marcus even decided to leave the sport, because the results did not match the efforts he invested. However, the natural ambitions and support of relatives helped to preserve the motivation.In 2002, Ruhl wins the “Nights of Champions”. The fans said that the very exit of the “German Beast” on the stage determined the winner in advance.

Till now, Marcus continues to perform. True, the title of “Mr. Olympia” he did not submit. The best achievement there – the 5th place in 2004. But the athlete does not despair, especially since next to him is Simon’s wife, who shares her husband’s passion and attends a gym with him. Ronnie Coleman.

This person literally breaks all stereotypes in bodybuilding. For example, he won 8 times in the competition “Mr. Olympia”. But this result no one could exceed. Even the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger won there “all” 7 times. Coleman was born in Louisiana, in 1964. Teenager he was quite active – was fond of basketball, football and baseball. His role was played by the genetics of the future champion – the boy was of a strong physique, and his sports results were high.

At age 12 Ronnie came to the gym, just out of curiosity. Soon Coleman joined the ranks of local bodybuilders. But training soon ceased – with admission to college, Coleman took a great interest in football. Success in this field did not inspire the athlete. Having received a diploma as an accountant, he worked for 2 years as a manager in a pizzeria. But this was not what he wanted.

Coleman enters the police school. There, his bodybuilder skills were useful. In 1990 Ronnie at the request of the owner of the hall takes part in the competitions “Mr. Texas” and wins there. A year later, Coleman becomes the world champion among amateurs and turns into professionals. Results in professional sports came only after 4 years of training. Coleman wins the Canadian Cup in 1995, in 1996 he is second in the “Night of Champions”, in 1997 he wins the Grand Prix of Russia.

The debut on “Mr. Olympia” was held in 1997, then a modest 9th place was won. But since then, Coleman has already won 8 wins. Only in 2006, the hegemony of the legendary giant was interrupted. At the same time, Coleman emphasizes in every way that he never dreamed of fame in this sport. He is still engaged in his favorite business, his appearance, suppressing any conflicts possible in the work of a policeman.

Ronnie goes to the gym in the morning, then patrols the streets, in the evening – cardio training, burning fat. There remains only time for sleep. Only the question of nutrition worries the athlete. After all, it’s awkward for a policeman to eat a whole chicken while on duty in a patrol car. But there are no problems in his personal life – a bodybuilder has a wife and two daughters. In life, the bodybuilder is very calm and balanced. He believes in God, reads the Bible.

The most famous bodybuilders

Jason Cutler.

This athlete was born in 1973 in Worcester. As a child, Jason proved to be an active person. He worked a lot on his father’s farm, helped his brother in his business. This has taught him perseverance and perseverance in his work. In addition, regular physical pursuits developed his body, laying the foundation for a future career.

While studying at school, Jay traveled a lot. After all, he had to study in five cities. But everywhere Cutler was a popular person, without suffering from lack of attention. The reason is his passion for football. Jay was one of the best players in his teams. In 1991, Cutler graduated from high school and entered college, where he received an education in criminal law. In sports competitions, Jay did not participate, but to curb his energy, I decided to do bodybuilding.

The height of the athlete is 176 centimeters. According to the fashion in bodybuilding, his weight during the competition is 125 kilograms. But in the off-season, the weight can reach 145 kilograms. But regardless of this, Cutler has a magnificent body and well developed muscles. This led him to numerous victories. Jay can be seen on numerous videos about the preparation for the competition “Mr. Olympia.” Yes, they themselves established the release of films with their training methods. He also wrote a book about the art of successful bodybuilding.There anyone can learn the secrets of bodybuilding.

While Coleman won “Olimpia” year after year, Jay remained on the sidelines. They even said that because of age, he could never win at this prestigious competition. Nevertheless, it was Cutler who in 2006 interrupted the hegemony of his rival. The following year Cutler again won this title.

The most famous bodybuilders

Dexter Jackson.

Back in school as a boy he practiced different kinds of sports. In the senior classes, athletics and running took possession of his heart. Jackson showed good results and was preparing to enter college. However, the girlfriend of Dexter became pregnant, which changed his plans. Now it was necessary to take care of the family, especially the girl’s parents, after learning about the incident, drove her out of the house. The black line was still over – the couple got an apartment, and Dexter got a job as a cook.

Nevertheless, Jackson did not leave his passion for sports. When he was 20 years old, on the advice of his friends, he decided to compete in bodybuilding competitions. Preparation took only 3 weeks, and the result was a victory. In 1994, Dexter became the undisputed champion of the Southern States in lightweight. A year later he wins already at the national championship. And in 1998 he was subjected to the North American Championship. After that Dexter turns to professionals.

The sportsman is removed in many films of the series “Battle for Olympia”, he releases his own video disc “Titans”. There, Dexter talks about his path to success through exhausting daily workouts. The second victory took place in 2003 on the “GNC Force Show”. In 2004, Dexter wins the Iron Man, takes third place at the Arnold Classic, wins the Grand Prix in San Francisco and Australia. At Olympia, fourth place was reached. Jackson’s performances in this competition always attract attention.

After all, according to experts, he is the bodybuilder of the future, which should drive the masters of the past from the stage with their huge mass. The height of Dexter is 168 centimeters, and the mass is only 99 kilograms. Long and persistent preparation was not in vain – in 2008 Dexter wins at once in two elite competitions “Arnold Classic” and “Mr. Olympia”. Since then, he has consistently been among the 6 best bodybuilders on “Olympia”.

The most famous bodybuilders

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In America, the popular definition of “self-made man,” a man who made himself. This term suits Arnold Schwarzenegger as best as possible. The history of his life and career is an exemplary example not only for bodybuilders, but for all people. He became the legendary bodybuilders, a cult actor, and today he is engaged in politics, having worked as the governor of California.

But since birth, Arnold was rather weak. All the more attention was paid to his older brother, Meinhard. He was a good athlete. The brothers had to work a lot in the household, and there was also a school. At age 14, Arnold went to the gym, admiring muscular handsome men from movies. I had to study bodybuilding myself, according to the journals. During his service in the Army, Arnold won the Junior Masters Europe title. At the age of 19, Schwarzenegger ranks second in the “Mister Universe”, and the next year he wins this title. This is the youngest winner of the prestigious competition.

In 1968, when the athlete was only 21, he moved to the United States. There he continues to study and in 1970 he wins his first title “Mr. Olympia”. Since 1969 Schwarzenegger begins to act in films, having earned his own Star on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame”. Among his many victories in the sport, Arnold himself distinguishes the title “Mr. Olympia” in 1980. After all, the bodybuilder returned after a five-year absence and found that the number of real competitors has increased significantly.

In addition, the age that required more careful nutrition also made itself felt. Today Schwarzenegger returns to the cinema. Its capital exceeds $ 200 million.In 1988, the legendary bodybuilder founded his own competition “Arnold Classic”.

The most famous bodybuilders

Lu Ferrino.

This athlete is considered the strongest opponent of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The glory of Ferrino was brought by his numerous appearances on television. He became a famous actor, repeatedly appearing in both art and documentary films. And his post is deputy district sheriff.

When Lou was three years old, he got an infection in his ear. Because of this, he lost his hearing by 80%. Such a trauma led to a love of reading and bodybuilding. At the age of 13, Ferrino started lifting weights, trying to be like Steve Reeves – the main bodybuilding icon of the 50’s. Ferrino himself recalled that if it were not for hearing loss, it is not known what would have happened to him. After all, it gave him the incentive to make the most of all his opportunities.

Since 1971, Ferrino begins to perform in youth competitions in bodybuilding. In 1973 and 1974, the absolute champion of “Mr. Universe” and “Mr. America”. However, after a succession of successes in 1975, the career slowly slowed down. Ferrino still participated in the competition for the strongest man in the world in 1977, where he took 4th place. Then the film career Lou began. In the early 90’s, Lu tried to return to bodybuilding, but quickly became disillusioned and finally retired in 1994.

The most famous bodybuilders

Lee Haney.

This man won the title of Mr. Olympia more than anyone. He was born in 1959 in South Carolina. For the first time in training, he got into school. At age 19, he won the title “Mr. America” ‚Äč‚Äčamong teenagers. In 1984, Hayney won his first title “Mr. Olympia.” His last, eighth similar title, the bodybuilder won in 1991. In the same year he excelled at the Arnold Classic.

Today, Lee has not participated in active competitions for a long time. But his business is inextricably linked with bodybuilding. He has several gyms, he trains and teaches. In the administration of Bill Clinton, Haney served as chairman of the Council for Physical Culture and Sports. Lee has a wife and two children. He publishes books and food supplements, is engaged in charity.

The most famous bodybuilders

Reg Park.

This athlete is rightfully one of the most-most. He was born in 1928 in English Leeds. At 21, Park won the title “Mr. Britain”. He was recognized in the United States, where the name of the young bodybuilder began to develop. In the competition “Mr. Universe” Park won both as an amateur and as a professional. In 1952, the athlete moved to South Africa, where he opened a network of fitness centers.

Another passion of the Park was the cinema. In the sixties, Reg withdrew immediately in four ribbons about the adventures of Hercules. The bodybuilder harmoniously blended with the image of the ancient hero. Those films inspired many for bodybuilding classes, one of the fans of the park was Schwerzenegger.

The meeting of the teacher and pupil on the podium took place in 1970. Then Arnold cleanly crushed his idol, which he recently admired. The last success of the park dates back to 1973 when, at the age of 45, she was second on the “Universe Pro”. The legendary bodybuilder died in 2007 at the age of 79 years.

The most famous bodybuilders

Steve Reeves.

This legendary bodybuilder was born in 1926 in Montana. Lifting weights Steve began at the age of 14, having devised his own program for this. In 1944 Reeves got into the army and managed to fight in the Philippines. After resigning from service in 1946, Reeves immediately resumes his training. In three months he becomes “Mr. West America”, winning prizes at the same time for the best hands, legs and chest. A month later, Reeves became the youngest winner in history, “Mr. America,” surpassing 35 rivals.

Since then, for almost 20 years, Reeves has become the main star of the “Muscle Coast” in Venice, California. On the beaches, he simply stuns people, unaccustomed to such a pumped up body. Behind him go crowds of fans.Reeves takes part in the most prestigious competitions, he becomes the “Mister of the World”, and in 1950 and “Mr. Universe”, bypassing the idol of Schwarzenegger, Reg Park. After that, Reeves decided to switch to the cinema.

This bodybuilder paved the way for the big screens of the representatives of his sport. Thanks to the tapes about Hercules, many people learned about the existence of bodybuilding. On the set, Reeves was injured, refusing to continue his active sports career. In the late 50’s the bodybuilder and actor moved to Europe, filming mostly in Italian tapes.

And in 1968, Reeves also left the movie, engaged in breeding horses and business. Thanks to the work of this legendary athlete, the whole world learned about bodybuilding. After all, in those days this sport was new and unknown to the broad masses. The name Steve Reeves for a long time became a synonym for a strong man, eventually replaced by Arnold.

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