The most expensive streets

The most expensive streets in the world can be estimated in different ways. Some ratings take into account the cost per square meter, others – the number of stores and prices in them. In the company Cushman & Wakefield, analysts have decided to evaluate how expensive to rent a square in the most elite streets. Every self-respecting company strives to occupy a central trading place and is ready to pay for this one.

In this list was and Stoleshnikov lane in Moscow. It became the most expensive street for commerce in our country. Annual rent per square meter here will not be less than five thousand dollars. And before Tverskaya was considered itself, which now “stands” only 4,5 thousand dollars. Stoleshnikov lane is located in the heart of the Russian capital and is famous for its shopping malls and fashion boutiques.

Shopping here is prestigious, but also quite expensive. And almost all the shops are on the first floors of the houses, which in themselves are architectural monuments. But even Stoleshnikov lane was not included in the top ten most, giving way to such famous streets as Fifth Avenue, Champs Elysees and others. Here is the list of the most expensive in terms of renting the streets of the world.

The most expensive streets

Kolmartt (Vienna, Austria).

Rent a square meter on this street in the Austrian capital is 4440 euros per year. Colmarmark is in the very center of Vienna. This street has long been considered one of the most expensive in the city. The reason for this – numerous boutiques of the best world brands, as well as jewelry stores. Only such clients can pay a considerable amount of rent. And the street takes its history from the times of Ancient Rome, when in this place the camp of Roman legionaries was defeated. And after the construction of the winter residence of the Habsburgs, the Hofburg, Kolmartt was next to her. That is why shops and shops began to appear quickly, and traders are not just food, but luxury. Kolmart attracts tourists not only with boutiques, but also with its sights. House number 14 is given to the classic Viennese confectionery “Demel”. And in the house number 11 at the time lived the famous composer Joseph Haydn.

The most expensive streets

Myeongdong (Seoul, South Korea).

This Seoul street is a whole block. It is interesting that here there are not only fashionable shops, but also apartment houses. Actually, they are the very same sellers who are close to going to their place of work. And the popularity of Myeongdong among local youth and tourists is due to the fact that there are shops with quite democratic prices. And although it will be difficult not to replace the boutiques of elite brands, most of the outlets are still in the middle category. On the street there are not only single shops, but also four huge supermarkets. There are also office centers here. And the most important attraction of Myeongdong, as well as the whole city is the eponymous cathedral. It was built relatively recently, in 1982-1989 and is an architectural monument in the style of the Gothic Revival. And the cost of renting a square meter on this street is 6063 euros.

The most expensive streets

Pitt Street Mall (Sydney, Australia).

Each rented square meter on this street will bring the owner 7042 euros per year. Pitt Street Street Mall is a small pedestrian street in Pit Street, the main street in the center of Sydney. It in itself is almost the longest trade corridor in the world. This prospectus is filled with many shopping centers that occupy not one floor. Rich brand clothing stores are adjacent to office buildings and jewelry stores. Pitt Street is popular with Australians with different income levels – here you can find stores for any purse and taste. And tourists love to come here, although there are no special attractions, except for the shops. Life on the Pitt Street Mall does not cease even at night – there are clubs, bars and entertainment centers.

The most expensive streets

Bahnhofstrasse (Zurich, Switzerland).

Renting a square meter of this Swiss street costs 7236 euros per year.Despite the proximity to prices from the Australian Pitt Street, tourists go to Zurich much more willingly. The very name of the Bahnhofstrasse literally translates as “Privokzalnaya”. But the glory did not come from the Hauptbahnhof station, but from the numerous shopping centers, boutiques and shops that are located here. The very same street is very clean and well-groomed. There is no obsessive advertising, beating in the eyes and modern signs, replacing the old architecture. The Bahnhofstrasse goes to the Lake Zurich and as it gets closer to it, the shops become more stylish, but also expensive. To the shopping street adjoin other Zurich streets – Rennweg and Augustinergasse. They lead to the beautiful Old Town. The length of the very Bahnhofstrasse is only about one and a half kilometers. Not far from the lake the street passes through the famous Paradeplatz square. It is home to two of the country’s largest banks – Credit Suisse and USB, as well as one of the most famous hotels in Zurich – Savoy Baur en Ville.

The most expensive streets

Via Montenapoleone (Milan, Italy).

Shopping and Milan are almost synonymous. This Italian city attracts connoisseurs of expensive and stylish clothes, admirers of fashion and style. This is the real capital of shopping not only in Italy, but all over Europe. The street with the beautiful name Via Montenapoleone, whose length is only half a kilometer, is located in the heart of Milan. Rent a square meter here will cost 7,500 euros per year. Located shopping street in the Quarter of Fashion. This area, where in Milan are all the most famous boutiques and expensive brands. By itself, Via Montenapoleone is a symbol of high fashion. The street has its own long history. Via Montenapoleone was not always so fashionable. Once upon a time there lived monks from the orders of Benedictines, Augustines and Ursulines. Even earlier on this place was just a fortress of city defensive structures. Already at the end of the XVIII century after the abolition of spiritual orders, the place of monasteries was occupied by the houses of wealthy townspeople. Under Napoleon, the street received its modern name. And from the middle of the last century, fashion designers began to settle here. They then turned Via Montenapoleone into a paradise for a shopaholic.

The most expensive streets

Ginza (Tokyo, Japan).

Japan is an expensive country. And although everyone regards it as a technological center, they also remember the fashion here. The central street of the country is called Ginza, and the annual rent on it of a square meter will cost 8152 euros. For Tokyo Ginza – this is the main podium of the country, and the main showcase. In fact, this is a whole shopping district, in which there are many specialized shops and shopping centers. It is never calm here – the street is crowded with local residents and tourists who are always in a hurry somewhere. Ginza constantly plays music, flickering lights of neon signs. This quarter was the first in the city, where there were lights for lighting and the first rails for the horse. However, as in general in Asia, tourists here should be careful when buying branded items – there are enough fakes here too. And it is surprising that among the abundance of fashionable restaurants you can find cozy and inexpensive cafes, where it is so nice to have a snack in a pause between a succession of shopping.

The most expensive streets

New Bond Street (London, UK).

For a long time London was considered almost the main trade center of the world. And since the XVIII century, the main shopping street of the city began to be considered Bond Street. Together with the neighboring Rildent Street and Oxford Street, it forms the whole shopping area of ​​the West End. Bond Street itself consists of two parts – in the south it’s the old part, and in the north it’s new, actually it’s called New Bond Street. Rent a square meter here costs 8,666 euros per year. It is on this street that all the most-most shopping centers, boutiques and shops are located, as well as cafes, restaurants, clubs and offices. And the name of the street was given by its main builder – Thomas Bond. Initially, it worked mainly antique shops, which offered both ancient and modern works of art.Over time, there began to open clothing stores and fashion accessories. For 100 years on Bond Street the head office of the auction house Sotheby’s has been opened. The street is so popular that its name has become a household name not only for Londoners but also for other Englishmen. Here it is customary to even praise each other’s clothes, as if a man had just come from Bond Street. Thus, it is made clear that the mod is consistent with all the latest trends. Tourists are attracted to the street still a monument to the “Allies”, which portrays a peacefully conversing Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.

The most expensive streets

Champs Elysees (Paris, France).

Paris – tourist Mecca. And the Champs Elysees is the most famous street in the French capital. It extends from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde. On the Champs-Elysées, there are a lot of boutiques and shops that sell jewelry, clothing, accessories, ornaments and souvenirs. It is no coincidence that annual rent per square meter costs 12355 euros. But the Champs Elysees are not only endless shops, but also tourist attractions. The street can be conditionally divided into a park area and a shopping area. And the Champs-Elysees lie on the historical axis of Paris. It starts from the courtyard of Napoleon in the Louvre, where there is a statue of Louis XIV on horseback. Then this line goes to the west through the arch on the square of Carrousel, crossing the Royal Tuileries Garden, the Luxor obelisk, the Triumphal Arch on the Place of the Star and ends with the Great Arch of the Defens. It is worth acknowledging that the Champs Elysees is not just an expensive shopping street, but still one of the most beautiful in the world. Fifth Avenue (New York, USA).

Renting a square meter on the most expensive shopping street in New York and America will cost 20,702 euros per year. Fifth Avenue is in the heart of Manhattan. This is not an easy road, but also a famous and simply respectable street. It is known not only for its exclusive shops, but also for a variety of architectural monuments and simply historical and cultural places. Fifth Avenue begins near Washington Square Park, which is in Greenwich Village. From there it goes north through Midtown along the eastern part of the Central Park. Then the street passes through the Upper East Side and Harlem and ends at the Harlem River Strait. Fifth Avenue divides the entire island of Manhattan into two parts, being a kind of reference point for many streets of New York. Those that lie east of Fifth Avenue are called East (East), and others are West (western). It is impossible to visit this main shopping street in New York and not to visit its shops and shopping centers. But even without boutiques there is something to see. The main attractions of this street are the Empire State Buildings, the Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Library of New York. Tourists highlight the Museum Avenue on Fifth Avenue. This section of the street is between the 82nd and 105th streets and there are many interesting museums.

The most expensive streets

Causeway Bay (Hong Kong, China).

This street is considered the most expensive of all possible places to trade. After all, the cost of renting a square meter here is 24,983 euros per year. And these prices in the Causeway Bay are also steadily growing. Only in the last year alone rent rose by 15%. And it’s not the first time that Causeway Bay has become the most-most. There are so many boutiques and shops here that a simple round-trip of them will take a whole day. Tourists adore this street, because here you can meet along with expensive luxury boutiques and also a very inexpensive quality assortment. On the Causeway Bay, local products are also traded. The list of products is not limited to clothing and jewelry. It is believed that here in Hong Kong you can buy everything – from souvenirs and shoes to gadgets and computers. Special interest among tourists is caused by stylized souvenir shops, where unusual products of local craftsmen are sold.And the architectural sights of the street are still modern in nature: towers and skyscrapers with countless offices and shopping centers.

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