The most expensive houses

Everyone wants to have their own house. And when there is a lot of money, you want to have the biggest, most unusual or the most expensive dwelling. By letting and do not need those dozens of rooms, but they meet the status of the owner. And houses costing in millions today no longer surprise anyone. Parks, garages, helipads are always attached to them.

Finding reliable information about real estate transactions is quite difficult. The Internet is full of news about buying houses for millions, but how much of this information is true? In addition, sometimes it is simply contradictory. Nevertheless, it was possible to create a fairly truthful rating of the most expensive houses in the world. Of course, it can and should be supplemented.

For example, recently the daughter of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, Elena Franchuk, acquired a mansion in London in a Victorian style. However, the transaction, estimated at 161 million dollars, is not reliably confirmed. So, here they are – the most expensive houses in the world.

The most expensive houses

House of Mikesh Ambani.

The official record of the most expensive house was delivered in 2009. Then the Indian billionaire Mikesh Ambani, together with his family, drove into the only house built by Antill. Hardly anyone in the near future will be able to build a home more expensive and beat this record. After all, the house is worth 1 billion dollars! The dwelling is a whole tower, in which there are 27 floors. It is made of glass, and on the roof is a helipad. Well, the record holder outperforms competitors not only in terms of value, but also in height. The rich man takes care of his health by placing a health club right in his house. A hospitable Hindu is often ready to meet at the same time as many friends – a huge garage is able to take 168 cars at once. The state-of-the-art mansion is maintained in its proper form by an army of about 600 servicemen. Who is Mikesh Ambani? In the rapidly advancing Indian economy, he is the richest businessman. It is Mikešu who owns one of the largest petrochemical enterprises in the world. Is it any wonder that the area of ​​the new house of an ambitious businessman is greater than the palace of Louis XIV in Versailles. With all this, the tower does not look detached from nature – at each level of the building, luxurious gardens grow.

The most expensive houses

Villa Leopold.

In the French city of Villefranche-sur-Mer there is a beautiful mansion, which was named Villa Leopold. This building was built on the French Riviera in 1902 for the Belgian monarch Leopold the Second. A little time passed, and the First World War redeveloped the villa. In 1916, Leopold’s nephew, King Albert I made from her a hospital for officers wounded in the battles. Even later, the new owner of the villa was the famous businessman Agnelli, who became famous as the founder of Fiat. Interest in Villa Leopold at different times showed Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra and other celebrities. In 2008, the house was owned by Lilia Safra. Her husband was a famous Syrian businessman, a Jewish philanthropist. But in 1999 Edmond Zafra was killed by the orderly. The widow decided to eventually sell the villa, the new owner was a Russian, Mikhail Prokhorov. He bought the house for 392 million pounds, which is 750 million dollars. To make such a transaction allowed his capital of 22 billion and 24th place in the list of Forbes. Prokhorov once headed Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest producer of palladium and nickel. Now he is the actual chairman of Polyus, which produces gold the most in Russia. The area of ​​the estate is so great that only the park serves 50 people. The total area of ​​the green garden is 8 hectares, a cozy shadow for visitors here create 1200 olives, cypresses, lemons and oranges. The total area of ​​the house itself is about 2000 square meters. There are 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. Inside there is a sauna and a swimming pool. From the house you can go down the long stairs to the well-groomed lawns, the pool and the nearby Mediterranean Sea.The villa is located between Monaco and Nice, right on the shore of the Bay of Villefranche. Today it has become quite a popular phenomenon to acquire real estate here. Recently one of the local newspapers examined legal documents and stated that at least 60 local villas are owned by Russians.

The most expensive houses

House of Lakshmi Mittal.

London has its own billionaires district – the Kensington palace gardens. Among those lucky ones who owns a house on this street, there is Lakshmi Mitall. He owns three buildings at once here. In the neighborhood is the home of the owner of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone, his property is here among the royal families of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Once there lived princess Diana. The Indian “steel” billionaire bought a house in West London for 117 million pounds, or $ 230 million. A square meter in such a house costs 20,000 dollars, this is a record figure. The owner can take a swim in the 35-meter swimming pool right in the house, work out in the gym, get cut in the hairdresser’s salon. There is even a ballroom here, and a garage for 20 cars is no longer surprising. The bathroom is finished with a unique material, it was extracted from the same quarries as the material for the construction of the famous Taj Mahal.

The most expensive houses

House of Aira Rennert.

This businessman diligently avoids publicity. It is known that the founder of the group of companies Renko, has a billion-dollar fortune. Rennert already has a famous house – a ridiculous creation in Hempton, New York. In America, this mansion is considered to be one of the largest in its area. If ever this building will be sold, then it can become the most expensive in the country. The house of Aira is spread over as many as 26 hectares, the area of ​​the buildings is 10,000 square meters, while the main house occupies 6,000 square meters. It is there that the dining room is 30 meters long, 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms. The building is called Fairfield, because next to it is the same name pond. The owner can entertain himself by playing in a bowling alley, there are courts for squash and tennis, and the pool water is regularly heated. While the cost of this house is estimated approximately, it is 170-180 million dollars.

The most expensive houses

House of Aaron Spelling.

After the death of television producer Aaron Spelling, his wife put up for sale a mansion. It is located in the exclusive Los Angeles area of ​​Holmby Hills. On the house was hung a price tag of 150 million, at such a price at home in the US has not yet been sold. The mansion was built in 1991 and it is designed in the spirit of a French castle. The Spelling couple at one time made many corrections to the project of the building. Its area as a result was 5248 square meters, it is spread on 24 hectares. This is the largest building in Los Angeles, not far from it is located the mansion Playboy. The three-story building has ceilings of 9 meters, and leads to it a winding road. The house was not without a cinema hall, bowling alley, there is not only a wine cellar, but also a room for tasting these drinks. There is a special room for preparing gifts, in a silver room with a controlled climate, things are stored. The library adjoins the Chinese room, there is a gym, a media room, an indoor ice rink and a beauty salon. The press reports that there are only 123 rooms in the mansion, although the hostess herself claims that she does not know the exact number herself. At the same time, the Spellings could not even come up with some destination rooms at all. The attic was converted to a beauty salon and a hairdresser, the total area is 1600 squares. In the house for the staff gave their own wing. Here, in addition to the kitchen, there are as many as seven bedrooms, five fireplaces and four bars. And around the house there is where to take a walk – there are waterfalls, fountains, a spa, a common, mirrored and indoor swimming pool with a kitchen. There are tennis courts, a citrus garden, a rosary is broken on the roof, and the park is made in the style of the 18th century. Car parking can accommodate 16 cars, but immediately created a parking for 100 cars.Ms. Spelling chose an interesting way to sell her mansion. Every time a new real estate agent arrived, she brought her Madison’s terrier and watched his reaction to the stranger. If the agent did not like the dog, he was not hired. The hostess plans to sell a luxury palace by moving a two-story apartment in a residential tower in the same city. The new housing has already been bought, it cost 47 million.

The most expensive houses

Mansion Updown Court.

Architects boldly dubbed this project as the best private house built in England since the 19th century. The new Detroit Court mansion has turned out even more Buckingham Palace. There are 103 rooms in the house, there is a cinema for 50 people, a bowling alley, a tennis court protected from a bad weather, stables, a garage with a lift for 8 cars. Guests can be accommodated in 30 luxurious special rooms, with 5 swimming pools at their disposal. The total area of ​​the mansion was 3716 squares. In each of the 24 bedrooms, the floor is made of a 24-carat gold-plated mosaic, each with its own marble bathroom. The paths are also lined with marble, they pass through the estate in 24.3 hectares. Owners can directly from the bedroom to get into their own swimming pool, for which a special glass passage is created. The hall is decorated with marble columns and a wide double staircase. It was the same in the old Versace mansion in Miami. The mansion is only 25 miles from London. Neighbors of the hosts are Sir Elton John and the Queen of England, living in Windsor Castle. Here, in Surrey, entirely elite real estate. The billionaire and crown prince of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktou, owns a private residence. However, he is ready to part with the house for 140 million. The maintenance of the mansion costs half a million a month, and this is not counting insurance.

The most expensive houses

Rancho Hala.

The name of this house sounds like “Ahalan”. In Arabic, this means “Welcome.” Ranch is also called Starwood. This is the largest house in the west of the United States, and in the world its area is the third. It occupies 38.4 hectares of land in Aspen, Colorado. Useful area of ​​the house itself – 5202 square meters. The Arabic name of the estate is associated with its current owner – Prince Bandar bin Sultan. Once he was the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States. Now the prince has received the post of national security adviser in his homeland, so he decided to sell his house “only” for 135 million. The scale of the ranch is amazing – only the central part is the most of the White House in the capital. The house has 15 bedrooms, each of which has its own patio. Near the master bedroom there is even a spa. Guest rooms overlook the courtyard with a swimming pool and even a waterfall. Guests can relax in one of the 27 bathrooms. Up and down you can move on a special elevator, admiring the interior design of mahogany. The owner loves horses – stables are created with heating. You can go in for sports on the tennis courts, and in winter – on the private ski slopes. For cars there is a gas station, own sink, and sewage is processed on a small factory. For the first time the house was put up for sale in 2006, then the prince asked 135 million. However, in December 2007 for 36.5 million a small guest house with an area of ​​1337 squares was sold. This price was the highest paid in Aspen for a single-family house. But soon the prince again put up for sale the remainder of the ranch.

The most expensive houses

Mansion Flower of the Lily (Fleur de Lys).

The cost of the mansion is 125 million dollars. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it was originally built as a copy of the palace of Louis XIV in Versailles, which is near Paris. For 5 years, the house was built with an area of ​​4000 square meters. The project was carried out on lands in Beverly Hills, USA, acquired by Suzanne Sapperstein in the 1990s. The castle has authentic attributes of a structure of this kind. So, the walls are covered with special imported and hand-sorted French limestone.In the interior there are many ornaments of 24-carat gold, in the rooms there is real antique furniture. Among her there are quite a few museum items – Napoleon’s favorite chair, Maria Antoinette’s personal curtain. According to rumors, in March 2009, the singer Mariah Carey was interested, but it is still on sale. This house was built by Texas billionaire David Seperstein for his wife, who is now the owner.

The most expensive houses

Donald Trump Mansion de L’Amitie (Friendship).

This house is well-known businessman Donald Trump acquired in 2004. Then he paid 41 million dollars for elite real estate. This price arose as a result of auction bidding on the sale of bankruptcy property, the former Minister of Health, Abe Gosman. Magnificent dwelling is in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. In it you can find a ballroom, a theater, an unusual swimming pool for a length of 30 meters. Right before the front of the house there is a huge swimming pool. 140 meters of the ocean coast are “attached” to the mansion. But Trump is not in vain famous for his instinct for real estate deals. Today the house is sold for 125 million already – is there a house on the coast more expensive? Originally, the house at this price appeared on sale in 2006, but then the real estate market collapsed rapidly. As a result, the house was sold in 2008 to Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev “only” for 100 million. For this money the owner received 7432 square meters of the house itself, a separate guest cottage and an indoor tennis court. You can buy in 15 full bathrooms or in 8 half-baths. The house has 15 bedrooms scattered throughout the house. A big role is being given to the security of the owners. The house is built with a very sophisticated tracking and monitoring system, which will allow not to think about outside intrusions and kidnappers.

The most expensive houses

House of Joel Horowitz “Calm” on Lake Tahoe.

Once there was an empty place, but Joel Horowitz was able to erect here his own house “Calm”. The home is located on the other side of Lake Tahoe in Nevada, which is not taxed. The main house has an area of ​​1800 square meters. The unique wine cellar stores 3,500 bottles. Inside the house there is a private swimming pool, a portico and a cinema for 19 spectators. There are 9 bedrooms, full baths 14, 5 more half-beds. There is a private lake with docks and two golf courses. The house would be considered by many to be excessively ostentatious, but it has a charm that reminds of an old Europe. In the living room there is a high ceiling decorated with carved rays. Manually on it created images of animals that live in the vicinity of the house. The windows are also large, and the antique fireplace is cut by hand. The floor in the dining room was once the decoration of a French castle, the cover was made in the XVII century. Today the house is on sale, it costs a round sum – 100 million.

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