The Most Drinking Countries

Alcohol is an indispensable companion for rest. At the same time in some countries of the world they drink purely symbolically, while in others there is a real cult of strong drinks. Among the countries where alcohol in honor can be allocated to France and Ireland. It turns out that severe Finns like to get drunk to feeling insensitive, but Italians are much more restrained in this regard.

The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development tried to answer the question about the most drinking country. According to the results of her research, 10 countries were identified, whose citizens beat all records on alcohol consumption. They do not drink there because of a feeling of thirst or solemn occasion, for this reason the reason is not needed. The criterion for determining leaders is simple – the number of liters per year of alcohol consumed per capita.

Interestingly, testing was conducted around the world, but the first 15 places belong to European states, except for far-off Australia. It is worth taking into account also the existence of a culture of drinking and a penchant for drinking. This largely determines the predisposition of the nation to alcoholism. So, where do they drink the most, at meetings, holidays, at meals and just like that?

The Most Drinking Countries


(consumption of pure alcohol – 14.2 liters per year per person). Only one beer per capita in the country is annually consumed by 35.5 liters. The image of the Frenchman is quite traditional – these people slowly sip wine, enjoying every sip. In America, the French are considered to be full of snobs, but even there they can not deny the fact that the “Frogs” have such a fine taste. In this country, in addition to wine, they are well versed in food. Generally in France, exquisite wine goes hand in hand with delicious food, these two concepts are inseparable here, like baguette and brie cheese. It can be said more simply – rarely when eating is not accompanied by wine. It is interesting that cheeses, pastries and fatty sauces are considered to be the national products in France, but the inhabitants of the country suffer from rare cases of obesity and heart disease. The reason for this – the culture of nutrition. In the same America, people usually eat fast, spending a minimum of time on it, as if participating in some kind of competition. The French eat slowly, trying to feel the full taste of the ingested products. Here it is customary after work to sit by the TV, enjoying a dinner of several dishes, wine and a cigarette. Also, the French are very talkative, without stopping to communicate even with food and drink. Thus there was even a ritual. Favorite in France alcoholic beverages quite a lot – Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Beaujolais and this list is truly endless.

The Most Drinking Countries


(consumption of pure alcohol – 8 liters per year per person). Italy is one of the countries where wine is not only being drunk, but also mass produced. As in the previous case, wine is an indispensable part of the Italian food culture. In this country, a grape drink with pleasure drink with food and even children are allowed to do this, diluting only strong degrees. Italians even encourage their descendants in their addiction to a truly national drink. And to understand the strong connection between food and wine you can only look at the local groves – here the vine adjoins with olive trees. The US Department of Commerce in 2007 estimated that the most vermouth and table wine in the country is imported from Italy. In statistics, the most diverse varieties of famous wines were taken into account. The increase in exports was a consequence of the increased demand for Italian wines, all this has improved the quality of alcohol products produced in the European country. For example, in the Chianti region, chasing not for the quantity of wine produced, but paying special attention to its quality. This area is famous for the production of alcoholic beverages exclusively from red grapes of Sangiovese variety. The variety is considered the most exquisite, and therefore expensive in the whole country. But in the recent past, Chianti was the usual red wine, to which white was added.The pride of Italy is such a spirit drink, as grappa. It is made from grape pomace, observing a string of strict conditions. The quality of the final product is affected by ripeness of berries, the way and nature of wine production.

The Most Drinking Countries

Czech Republic

(consumption of pure alcohol – 11.8 liters per year per person). But beer in the country accounts for 157 liters per year per person. And this is not accidental, because in the Czech Republic the traditions of brewing and consumption of a foamy drink are centuries old. And since the 1930s, local beer has become known and popular all over the world. The process of production of the drink here is original. Pasteurization of beer is not carried out, open fermenters are used. After the Velvet Revolution in the country, the corporation significantly increased the output volumes, which affected the quality. But all the same, the Czech “camp” and “Pilsner” are considered classics of beer varieties. Any guest who has visited this country is simply obliged to try draft beer in one of the numerous pubs. What is worth only U Fleku – the famous restaurant-brewery, existing in Prague for more than 500 years! In such an institution you can feel the real Czech Republic, get acquainted with its cuisine and of course beer. Beer of the grade of lager or pilsner is a classic of the alcoholic genre in this country. Light, dark, banana, coffee – from a variety of eyes run.

The Most Drinking Countries


(consumption of pure alcohol – 10.8 liters per year per person). And in this country much attention is paid to beer – here they consume an average of 117 liters per person per year. Is it worth it to wonder, knowing that such a drink here is not much more expensive than plain water? Germany is known for its liberalism, so spirits are sold everywhere – in newsstands, small shops and even at gas stations. The country is famous for the fact that it is allowed to drink alcohol in public places. This alone puts it at the highest places in the ranking of drinkers. So no one will pay attention if you open a bottle of beer at a bus stop or in a park. In general, Germans are very fond of arranging a barbecue in nature, and a copious amount of food will certainly be drunk with an alcoholic foam drink. Beer is dedicated to national festivals, attracting thousands of guests. The most famous of them is the Oktoberfest. It is held annually in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. The beer festival lasts as much as 16 days in October. So harvest is celebrated. At the same time, the Germans eat their traditional sausages, eat sauerkraut, sing national songs and drink beer. Even circles here are used liter volume, immediately letting you know that nobody intends to hack. In Germany, there are several varieties of the popular and outside the country of wheat beer – Weizen, Weizenbock, Berliner Weisse and Leipziger Gose.

The Most Drinking Countries


(consumption of pure alcohol – 11.5 liters per year per person). Beer in this country also consumes a lot – 90 liters per month per person. In the country in general, they are quite loyal to the use of alcohol – about 96% of Danes over the age of 14 openly drink. Not surprisingly, this small country suddenly became one of the leaders in terms of alcohol being drunk. Such statistics are quite frightening, she says that in Denmark, as in other European countries, the attitude towards drunkenness is fairly calm. In addition, in this country, cheap alcoholic in relation to Scandinavia, so many Swedes come here for drinks. In Denmark there are a lot of drinking establishments of different plan, lovers will like it in traditional wine bars vinstues, and those who want to save have to visit vaertshus. In these smoky dens, besides, it’s bad with lighting and full of suspicious personalities. Cafes in the French style are represented by bodegas, and in the taverns of kaffebars you can taste coarse fatty foods and drink liquor directly from the throat. The most famous Danish beers are Tuborg, Carlsberg and Lager.

The Most Drinking Countries


(consumption of pure alcohol – 9.8 liters per year per person).It is necessary to take into account also about 110 liters of beer, drunk per year per person. This country is the only one who does not represent Europe on this list. And the whole point is that in an era when Western Australia was only conquered, this huge continent, which was a British colony, used a strong rum as one of the varieties of currencies. Is it any wonder that the inhabitants of the colony were almost constantly in a state of drunkness? Friendly drinking and drinking were considered quite commonplace. Since then, in Australia it is considered simply indecent to drink alone. The inhabitants themselves are constantly looking for someone to share a drink with. Until the 1970s, Australia was generally among the leaders, rivaling the drunk alcohol with Ireland and Germany. But since then the infatuation with drinking has gradually lost in fashion. But there is still a tradition to order booze to all present in the bar, just wait until one of the visitors gets drunk to feeling numb. This ritual makes it possible to rank Australia among the most drinkers. One of the most famous alcoholic beverages in the country is wine made from the Shiraz grape variety. ” Berry has perfectly got accustomed on continent, speak, that taste of a drink from it sated and bright that it is impossible not to estimate to gourmets.

The Most Drinking Countries


(consumption of pure alcohol – 9.29 liters per year per person). The word “vodka” has become one of the synonyms of our country. Invented this legendary already alcoholic beverage in our country. Vodka allows you to quickly get drunk before losing consciousness, which is often done by Russians. In alcoholic dope it will be easy to get away from reality, but that’s what to do with a terrible hangover? Russia is not a country where attention is paid to refined alcoholic cocktails. Martini, popular in Europe, is just an overseas wonder. And why experiment when there is a proven national product? And it’s not just patriotism, but that vodka is really cool alcohol. In Russia, it is consumed in its pure form, without additives in the form of soda, as in the West. The most zealous experimenters even add vodka to beer or drink it with this foamy drink. Thin connoisseurs of drinking Russian understand hard, but such cocktails here is quite an ordinary thing. Not without reason in Russia they say – “Vodka without beer – money to the wind.” Vodka is served usually chilled, in small piles, and drunk at a salvo.

The Most Drinking Countries


(consumption of pure alcohol – 10.4 liters per year per person). Another 99 liters a year here is consumed in the form of beer. When the British begin to drink, they no longer feel the measures. Light or dark beer, ale, porter, whiskey are poured by the river. Not lagging behind the European Union, the country passed a law, according to which alcohol is allowed to use around the clock. Yes, and before the adoption of such a resolution, the British did not particularly restrain themselves. Now it became possible to drink beer at least for breakfast. The fact that binge drinking is a special passion for England is shown by the increase in the number of alcohol-related illnesses over the past 10 years. And where without classical cirrhosis of the liver? There was a time when almost all English pubs closed at 11pm. This fact provided quite low rates of alcohol consumption. But today, nothing prevents drunkards from hugging with a bottle sticking out in such institutions around the clock. The break is done only for the sake of sleep. It is believed that in England they love warm beer. In fact, it cools down here, as elsewhere. Just in America, the drink is generally ice-cold. Among the favorites in England, ale and light bitter beer, they are drunk from simple half-liter glass mugs.

The Most Drinking Countries


(consumption of pure alcohol – 9.9 liters per year per person). To live in this northern country is not so fun. In winter it is cold, dark and boring. The air temperature drops to minus 30, and the night gives its power to the day for only a few hours. Is it easy to keep from drinking in such conditions? Here also Finns, apparently, drink, to be forgotten and to not notice a cold.In Scandinavia in 2005, a study was conducted that showed that alcoholism is the main cause of death in these countries. Binge has killed more people aged 15 to 64 years than cancer or cardiovascular disease. The tradition of drinking in Finland is so ingrained that the authorities’ bans meet bewilderment. During the “dry law” in the country, even his hero, a resident of Helsinki Algot Nisk (1888-1954), nicknamed “the king of smugglers” appeared. All his exploits were carried out on the basis of the illegal importation of alcohol in the country, which the grateful Finns could not appreciate. The most favorite spirits in the country are vodka and Guinness beer. Strong hot drinks in fashion, as in Russia. In addition, there are many Irish pubs in the country where you can taste the real Guinness.

The Most Drinking Countries


(consumption of pure alcohol – 14.2 liters per year per person). Another 131 liters per capita is consumed in the country of beer. Sometimes it seems that a sober Irishman is nonsense. In the country, drunkenness has long become commonplace. Endurance Irish in the binge is best seen at the parade on St. Patrick’s Day. Studies conducted by the London Press Associated, showed that at least once a week alcohol is consumed by about 48% of Irish people. For comparison, in England this figure is 40%, and in France – 9%. Beer eventually became an integral part of the life of the island, mentioning now all the stories about it. The most famous brand, the pride of Ireland, was Guinness. This beer legend, the symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland. On this day, everywhere in the country there is a slogan: “Kiss me, I’m an Irishman,” and all residents wear green clothes. Unsurprisingly, in other countries Ireland appears as Celtic land, where they drink without stopping. That’s why this country takes first place in our rating. And besides the Guinness beer, it’s worth mentioning the famous Harp beer. And can we forget about the Irish whiskey, known since the XII century?

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