The most dangerous sharks

Sharks are one of the main fears of people. But are all such carnivorous fish dangerous? Known ichthyologists and scientists say that with caution should be treated to all, without exception, representatives of this toothy family, whose length exceeds a meter.

There are many species of sharks, but among them one can distinguish the most bloodthirsty and aggressive. Meeting with such predators promises trouble, they sometimes even kill a person.

These sharks have become notorious for their character. They are cold-blooded killers, who should be especially cautious. After all, no less than a lot – own life.

The most dangerous sharks

Lemon shark.

Due to its unusual color, this predator can perfectly hide in shallow water with sand. The shark merges with a light brown bottom, which is a particular danger for bathers. The creature can wait hours for its prey on the shallows, rhythmically flowing water through the gills. But any, even the most insignificant provocation, can lead to a rapid throw. Lemon sharks are very sensitive to sharp movements, these fish have an excellent memory, they are vindictive and meticulous. There is such an edentulous and short-winged creature usually in warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, not far from the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico. But it sometimes swims to the Atlantic. The lemon shark tolerates large differences in the concentration of salt in the water, which allows it to swim even in fresh water.

The most dangerous sharks

Blue Shark.

This predator also has a pronounced color, only now it is blue or blue. It is this color at the back of the shark, while the flanks are lighter, the belly is completely white. Fish is a pronounced predator with a spindle-shaped body and long pectoral fins. You can meet it in the tropical, subtropical and temperate latitudes of the Pacific Ocean. Although nature did not reward such sharks with the ability to distinguish colors, it gave instead the ability to recognize subtle contrasts and the ability to orientate in their native environment. The blue shark reaches an average of 3 meters. Although not all consider it to be aggressive and dangerous, most scientists consider it rather militant, ready to attack its adversary.

The most dangerous sharks


This shark is known for the unusual shape of its head, which gave it its name. The back of the fish is colored brownish or dark olive-colored. Such a shark inhabits the tropics and subtropics, sometimes wandering into zones of temperate climate. Meetings with a terrible predator happen not only in the open sea, but also in shallow water. It is there according to statistics and there are attacks on a human shark-hammer. The size of the dangerous creature averagely reaches 4-5 meters, but there were cases when the individuals grew to 7 meters. The hammerhead has an ancient pedigree, its terrible shape is complemented by long sawtooth teeth. The predator is famous for its maneuverability, ruthlessness and great speed. And the reputation of a dangerous enemy of the hammerhead sharks appeared not accidentally. The fact is that documented there are many happy attacks of this kind on people. The shark is especially dangerous when it starts to have offspring. For some reason, she chooses for this traditionally crowded places and beaches in Florida, California and Hawaii.

The most dangerous sharks

Sand Shark.

The length of this marine predator is 4.5 meters. This shark has a dirty white belly, dark yellow spots on its sides, and the back has a gray-brown color. Potentially dangerous fish lives in the tropics and subtropics, swimming also in the Mediterranean Sea. The mouth of the sand sharks has a lot of thin, long and very sharp teeth. They are also curved inwards. Given the size of the hunter, the victim in a duel with him almost no chance. And the sand shark has won its notoriety thanks to many attacks on humans in the waters of South Africa. Several such collisions ended in a fatal outcome.

The most dangerous sharks

Gray reef shark.

This predator is dangerous with its large triangular teeth with jagged edges. The length of such a shark is usually about 2 meters. From its name is clear and its usual habitat is coral reefs and rocks located in the Pacific and Indian Ocean and in the Red Sea. This fast predator is also quite maneuverable, which is achieved due to the torpedo shape of the gray body. On the tail of the reef sharks there is a black edging. This creature is cruel and merciless, in a frenzy they come from small vibrations of water. The shark immediately attacks the source of its anxiety. She will first start nervously circling the victim, then she will bend her back, open her mouth and swiftly attack. This is the attack of the gray reef sharks.

The most dangerous sharks

The Mako Shark.

This is a very dangerous and aggressive creature. Mako reaches a length of 6 meters. This is one of the fastest sea creatures. A powerful, dynamic shark can jump out of the water at 6 meters! And this is with a weight of half a ton. You can meet such a predator in any more or less warm seas and oceans. For people, the Mako Shark is a danger, there are cases of its attack right on the beaches. The aggressive predator is well defended, without hesitation even attacks boats that go into the open sea. In the heat of pursuit, a shark-mako can jump out of his prey to the dry land in an energetic leap.

The most dangerous sharks

Long-winged shark.

The creature is already frightened by its appearance alone. It is large, with disproportionately developed fins. The teeth of the shark are sharp, like a razor. It should also be taken into account that she is not friendly at all. So it is worth to be afraid of meeting this insistent and dangerous creature, as this can end sadly or even tragically. It’s good that long-winged sharks rarely appear near the coast. But on the high seas, they are the cause of numerous accidents, including, if it is associated with shipwrecks or air crashes. After all, then in the water there are quite a lot of floundering people. Live long-winged sharks in virtually all tropical and subtropical waters around the globe.

The most dangerous sharks

Tiger Shark.

The predator received this name because of its peculiar coloration. On her back are interwoven dark and light stripes. But with age they fade. Tiger coloration is not the only thing that distinguishes this species. The shark has a blunt short snout, a characteristic grin. Body spindle-shaped can reach a length of 4-5 meters. Most of all predators fell in love with the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Often, aggressive creatures approached the coasts and beaches. In a typical situation, sharks behave slowly, but in the event of an attack, they are transformed. Tiger sharks begin to move quickly, which practically deprives the victim of chances of escape.

The most dangerous sharks

White shark carharodone.

It was this creature that became the main character of the movie “Jaws.” It is capable of frightening one fact of its appearance. The white shark looks impressive, because in length it reaches six meters, and weighs more than three tons. This is a gluttonous and powerful creature that attacks people not only in warm, but also in relatively cold waters. White sharks should be feared both in the open sea and in shallow water. It appears suddenly and noiselessly, which has become its original business card. The white shark is pretty fast, and its jaws are huge. Scare not only the size, but also the perseverance, the aggressiveness of this creature. As a result, the shark is one of the most dangerous human beings on the planet. It can be recognized by a dirty white belly and a gray leaden back. Predator lives in the tropics and subtropics. Particularly notorious for her in Australia, where many attacks of such sharks have been recorded. It is no coincidence that they called her “White Death”.

The most dangerous sharks

Shark bull.

This shark is the most dangerous, bloodthirsty and unpredictable. On her account, a lot of unprovoked attacks on people.It seems that nature itself has not accidentally created such a perfect killer. In the shark, the gray color can change the shade, which allows it to skilfully hide in shallow water. This creature can live in both salt and fresh water. It has powerful jaws with sharp teeth, maneuverable and voracious. For some reason, the shark-bull has a special hatred for people. And it can be found in warm waters around the world – in Africa, America, Asia and Australia. Especially dangerous in this respect is the Bahamas. Yes, and the size of an animal-killer rather big – up to 4 meters. The shark is dangerous because its natural aggression overshadows the sense of danger. The attack develops according to a well-established scenario: a traditional head attack, a quick throw a strong and deadly bite. I must say that meetings with a shark-bull often end tragically.

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